Top RPG Android Games

Now a day’s every smartphone user like to buy android based smartphone because these phones has brilliant features and we customize our smartphone with various applications available on Google Play Store in both free and paid versions.

There is wide range of Games available on Play Store. As we know there are different categories of games like Action, Puzzle, Racing, RPG, and Arcade etc. In this post I will discuss in details about Top RPG android games.

RPG: RPG stands form Role Playing Games. In these types of games player assumes the role of characters and player take responsibility of acting out these roles and results in winning or losing in the game.

There are different kinds of RPG games like LARP, MMORPG. Later on I will discuss about these forms.

Top RPG Android Games

Here is the list of Best RPG Games for Android

S.O.L: Stone of Life EX

S.O.L comes in category of best RPG and best old school RPG because it has 3 million active users. The Stone of live game is revolves around a stone that have ancient spirits powers.

The war is between two groups one is protecting stone from Necrosis and other one wanted to take control on this stone. This game is full of action and you will enjoy countless challenges for various missions. Try once on your android smartphone.Best RPG Games for Android-2016

Dungeon Hunter 5

In this game bounty hunters can protect the world from deadly dragon. So players of this game acts as a bounty hunters who has to send this monster back and protect kingdom of valenthia from darkness.

This game has both singleplayer and multiplayer mode by which players can join together on journey of vengeance and fight against monster. The graphic quality of this game is excellent.Best RPG Games for Android-2016

MARVEL Future Fight

Another best RPG android game in which greatest hero united together from Marvel Universe for fight in future.

The director of SHIELD Nick Fury has sent a call to all superheroes that multi dimensions are collapsing for fighting and now its duty of heroes to protect humanity from disaster.

So players build your team with avengers and upgrade them with weapons and use your skills to protect entire universe at any cost.Best RPG Games for Android-2016

Kritika: The White Knights

This is most exhilarating RPG game in which players work together to defeat powerful bosses and monster using different actions.

Players in this game can also use Auto-battle feature to clear the stage quickly. This game supports multiple languages so it becomes easy for players from different regions to play this game with ease.Best RPG Games for Android-2016

Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy is best RPG game in classic style. Players play a new tale of crystals by doing battles and combine magic abilities to overpower your opponents and save the world from black shadow. The animation quality of Final Fantasy is awesome.  Best RPG Games for Android-2016

Inotia 4

Inotia 4 is improved version of previous series with improved graphics and storyline. The story line of Inotia 4 is out of breath chase and run story in which two super heroes meet enemies and monsters and killed the assassin and become the master of Inotia.Best RPG Games for Android-2016

Mage and Minions

Mage and Minions is best offline RPG game and this game got 4.7 stars rating on Plat Store. This is fast paced RPG in which player moves forward to stop the Ragadam’s apocalyptic plan by battle against robots, beasts, aliens and dragons to protect the world from impending doom. Players can use their powers to control the battle and can easily upgrade with armors and weapons.Best RPG Games for Android-2016


SoulCraft is very popular RPG game in which players play a role of legendry hero and fight against dragons, cleared crime from city, fight for hope and maintains peace in entire world. This game has lots of features and brilliant graphics.Best RPG Games for Android-2016

Blood Brother 2

This game is sequel of blood brothers and has been installed on more than 25 million android devices. The storyline of this game is that you have to fight with blood brother against vampire armies and return peace to people of Arnashia. Create you strongest army with weapons and train them for battle.Best RPG Games for Android-2016


BattleHeart game is best pocket sized RPG android games. In this game players make their own team with heroes, and lead them in battle against deadly monsters that are continuously increasing their powers. Use your touch commands to control your army and craft them in to battle force.Best RPG Games for Android-2016

Here is the list of best 10 top RPG android games that are all time favorite RPG games. If you like post please share this with all your friends so that it becomes easy for them to choose best RPG games for android. Keep supporting us.

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