Top Root Apps- Android Rooted Apps

Have you heard about rooting your android device? If yes then you know the benefits of rooting your device. If no then I will give you complete description on rooting of android device and best root apps for android.

Rooting allows smartphones users to get root access or privileged control over lots of android subsystems. As we know android is using Linux Kernel after rooting android device will get access to UNIX like O.S such as OS X and FreeBSD.

Rooting of device is similar to jailbreaking as we are running other O.S. Jail breaking refers to modification of operating system, installation of non-officials apps, and other types of modifications.

After rooting the battery life will boosts up and increase in performance of phone by installing these apps. In layman language we can say that rooting android phone results in customization of phone for best use.

After completion of rooting process user can access not only certain apps, user can remove apps that are not in use, can make our android phone clever and faster and other customizable features that are not available in non-rooted phone.

I would like to share one thing with you that before using these rooted apps don’t forget to take backup of your android device.  As with these rooting apps we can install latest version of android operating system on our device.

One important thing rooting device also removed your device warranty provided by manufacturer. In this post I will add best ever Top Root apps- android root apps that will root your device easily and quickly. First of all I will add the benefits of Rooting

Benefits of Rooting Android Device

  • Boost up performance
  • Latest versions of Android Operating Systems
  • Increase speed and battery life
  • Excellent Backup
  • Supports Free Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Full access on blocked features.
  • Complete control on Kernel
  • Installation of custom firmware for better control on rooted device
  • Great collection of new apps to download

Top Root Apps- Android Rooted Apps

Here is the list of best root apps for android


Greenify comes in category of Top 3 Best Root Apps. Here is list of advantages offered by Greenify:

  • After installation of lots of apps with Greenify your android device will never slow down and never eat your battery.
  • It automatically identifies apps that are not in use and put them in hibernate mode and make your device faster and boosts battery performance.
  • This app will not collect your personal information just automate things to access services faster and smoother.
  • It is very light app and takes only 5MB ram space and never effects on your CPU performance and battery life.
  • This app works both in rooted and Non-rooted devices.
  • To use automatic hibernation to work properly don’t forget to disable lockscreen and bind accessibility servicesbest root app 2016-rooted apps

Xposed Installer

This app works only on rooted device. Xposed installer can give a unique look to your device without installing other complicated installer on device. Xposed is kind of framework that works for module that can completely change the working of system and all apps without doing any change on APK’s.

We can say that these module work for different versions and doesn’t affect original code too much. The changes made by this module are in memory and we can easily undo all the changes made by this installer.

Simply deactivate this module and restart your system to roll back to original position.There are still lots of features of this app. Try once on your device to take complete advantage of this app.

Rom Manager

For all android root users this app is must. This app helps in installing ROMs from SD card on your device. With ClockworkMod Touch feature we can manage ROMs with easy to use User interface.

By using this app we can easily organize our device and can perform restorations and backup of device anytime. It also supports installation of ROMs over the air and completely changes your device. It has been installed over more than 10 millions root app 2016-rooted apps

Device Control

Device control works on rooted device and is best app to control various features of your device like wireless file manager, App manager, Entropy Generator, Tasker and many more. With this app we can edit or adjust the mechanism of our device.

  • User can adjust frequency of CPU; adjust governors and Input/output schedulers.
  • This app reduces screen color temperature; reduce LCD power, Vibration strength, and many more.
  • This app also controls voltage, and also enables fast charging.
  • It also customize kernel extra features like power scheduling, power efficient workqueues, mpdecision toggle, msm dcvs toggle and many more.
  • This app also monitors your CPU time in state, battery temperature, maximum/minimum/current frequency of CPU.
  • User can adjust CPU frequency to very less value to save battery when phone screen turns off and then again set value when phone is in use root app 2016-rooted apps

Terminal Emulator

Terminal Emulator enables user to type Linux commands and do changes according to need. By using this app user get complete access on Android in-built Linux command shell by which we can perform several hack on Android.

This is one of the best app from list of Best root app. User can write various other commands besides from in-built commands using command line utilities.

It also provides various launcher shortcuts that make it easy for user to use. It also supports UTF-8 text means supports commands in multiple root app 2016-rooted apps

That is all about on complete discussion on Top Root Apps-Android root apps. These root apps are best root apps and gives full control on your android device by which user can change device according to choice. If you have any other query on these apps please write us directly. For more updates please bookmark our page.

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