Top 2016 Malware Removal

We are part of 21st century and technology is developing fastly in all fields. Today Internet is growing very rapidly and without Internet it seems that we are living out of world. Internet is best place to find anything like download movies, songs, games, softwares, and much more.

Beside lots of benefits of Internet it is dangerous for human race also. Now a days hackers are finding way to insert harmful malware on your computer through Internet to get complete access of your system and collect personal information you stored.


Malware is short term of malicious software. It is just software used to interrupt computer operation, collect sensitive information, and displays unwanted advertisements on user system. These softwares are highly dangerous for systems that are used for professional work. So we have to take care of this thing and need protection for our system from these malicious softwares.

Presently various companies are working and design various malware softwares to eliminate virus from your system. For your convenience I have already found top 2016 malware removal and will give you complete description on the features of these malware removal applications.

Top 2016 Malware Removal

Here is the list of best malware removal 2016


This software is best in the category of Malware protection. It comes in two versions Free and Premium.  You can pick any one according to your need and how much protection is required to your system. Here is the list of various features of Malwarebytes:

  • Malwarebytes has powerful industry leading anti-malware and anti-spyware scanner that completely eliminates malware likes Trojans, Worms, Spyware and more.
  • Malwarebytes comes with latest Anti-rootkit technology completely fix rootkits in your system. Rootkits is extreme form of malware.
  • Malwarebytes is tested regularly to make compatible with all popular antivirus vendor.
  • Free version of Malwarebytes use same database of Premium version.
  • On daily basis you have to scan your system manually to find and remove malware present in your system as automatic removal of malware is available in Premium version.
  • There are still lots of feature in Premium version like Blocks Malicious sites, Real time protection means detect malware automatically, Hyper scan mode means remove all active threats first by scanning fastly, Prevents your system from malware modifying activities. All these features are available in free version also but for 14 days only.
  • But for normal system free version is best 2016 malware removal


After reading reviews about SPYBOT I found this is best malware removal software for removing malware for system. It is available in three versions Spybot free, Spybot Home, and Spybot Pro. It provides tons of features in free version. Here is the list of features

  • SPYBOT works on criteria i.e. first search and destroy by finding the location of existing Malware in your system.
  • Malware is very intelligent and uses rootkit technology to hide and sometime it is difficult to find malware and Spybot detects rootkit form of malware easily. Rootkit scanning scans the critical location firsts and also checks entire file system, registry and process related lists where malware can hide itself. It is completed in few seconds and completely removes malware.
  • Spybot Proxy feature completely protects our system from powerful malicious websites and cookies. Spybot makes a place between browser and server that hosts the site requested by you and perform quality check before arriving on requested system.
  • Spybot prevents your system from sites that contains malicious data, and blocked cookies that can attack on best 2016 malware removal

Ad-Aware Free Antivirus

It is also very popular in list of best malware removal. It provides exclusive features in free version that are sufficient to protect your system from malware attack.

  • It comes with superfast antivirus engine that works with anti-spyware technology and first block malware and then completely destroys malware from system. Due to Ad-Adware there is no need for separate security software because it provides powerful protection without slowing down your system.
  • With this user can download files from internet from any source like from torrents, P2P networks that are loaded with malware without any worry. Before downloading files on your system these files are checked by Ad-aware and warns you that it contains malicious contents and prevents system from damage.
  • It automatically updates latest malware definition files and other important updates in background and protect you system from attack.
  • It provides real-time protection to your system and along with this their Legendry Antispyware knows how to stop billions of attack and intelligently stops cyber best 2016 malware removal


SuperAntiSpyware falls in the category of best malware removal tool. Both free and paid versions are available. Let’s look at the features provided in free version

  • It detects and removes malware by three different scanning methods i.e. by quick, complete and custom scanning and scan hard drives, Removable Drives, Memory, and Registry.
  • This app not only remove malware it also removes Spyware, Adware, Trojans, Dialers, Worms, KeyLoggers, Hijackers and other types of threats.
  • It has unique repair system that repairs broken internet connection, Desktops, task manager because of malware attack.
  • SuperAntiSpyware database is updated with latest definition of new threats and immediately detects new threats in system.
  • This malware removal tool investigate system and check what is running on your pc and checks all applications, and all browser plugins and provide you detail of modification done by malware in system.
  • Paid version of this tool provides real time blocking to threats, automatic updates, and scheduled best 2016 malware removal

Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft also provides best malware removal tool for free with excellent features. This tool is available for window 7 and available also for previous versions of window.

  • This tool provides real time protection against malware, rootkits, spyware and viruses.
  • It also provides online and offline scanning and cleaning of system against malicious attacks.
  • This malware removal tool comes with Dynamic signature service.
  • Built in Window defender service is available only for Windows 8 or for above versions that provide more advance features to protect system from attacks and along with this there is availability of Enhanced protection against rootkits and bootkits to Window 8 best 2016 malware removal

AVG Antivirus

AVG is known for providing best antivirus for systems, mobiles and tablets. But it also provides protection against malwares also. It is also available in both free and paid versions. Let’s have a look on features of AVG

  • AVG free antivirus blocks malwares, viruses and spyware and ensures proper security to your system.
  • It provides remote protection facility by which user can scan & removes virus from system using mobile.
  • It has feature like link protection by which it scans all the twitter & facebook links that can install malware in system and blocks these malwares immediately.
  • But AVG provides excellent features in paid version like Online shield, encrypt files, advanced Firewall, with real time best 2016 malware removal

I think these malware removal tools are top 2016 malware removal tools that provide high level security against malware attacks. Pick the right one from the list that is best and do install on your system. If you liked the post please do not forget to share this post for others.

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