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As we know Android is an operating system designed by Google for Mobile. Android O.S. is based on Linux Kernel and runs on all smartphones.  This O.S. is touch based and its user interface supports swapping, tapping, pinching, and reverse. Now Google has more than 1 Billion android customers right now.

Now day’s android is mostly used operating system worldwide. Now one question comes to mind what unique or special thing makes Android world best operating system. The reason behind the popularity of Android is Google provides latest version and always comes with latest features, security.

It allows user to customize your android device according to your choice like you can change themes, launcher, lockscreen and many more things that will makes your android device cool and good looking.All these applications are provided by Google to their customers free of cost via Google Play Store.

The purpose of this post is to introduce all my friends with latest and all time forever top lockscreen for your android that customize your lockscreen with new look and lots of features.


I know it seems unprofessional to give information on LockScreen. All android users are familiar with LockScreen. I think this information will work for few who are unfamiliar with Lockscreen. Lockscreen is an interface for user on Android.

The purpose of this interface is to provide access to user by performing some action like entering pin, unlock pattern, swiping lock and password. In layman language we can say that when you will start your phone this is your first screen that will provide you access for your phone.

There are lots of features of this Lockscreen on Android phone. Previously this screen was used to lock on unlock your screen. But with latest version of android O.S. Google has added multiple features on this screen like alert you via notification related to your missed calls, message and events, provides shortcuts of application like Camera, Phone etc on this screen for your convenience.

Sometime people get bored from basic design of Android Lockscreen. Through this post we will give you list of Top 2016 Lockscreen for android that will give a new look to your phone. Let’s have a look on the list.

Top LockScreen for Android

Here is the list of best 2016 lockscreen for android phones

CM Locker

The first position grabbed in the list of best lockscreen app for android is by CM Launcher.

  • CM locker secure you phone via Pin and pattern lock security from intruders. It also supports fingerprint locking.
  • It has lot of features like power saving, phone booster which can speed up your phone up to 40% by killing the applications run in background.
  • CM launcher helps user to lock apps that you want to protect and keep personal from others.
  • Anti-Theft feature of CM locker has excellent response. User can link facebook account with CM locker by which user can lock device remotely and get location of device.
  • There is a new feature in this locker is Intruder Selfie. Sometime if an unknown person tries to unlock your phone by entering unlock code multiple times then front camera of your phone will take picture of intruder who is trying to unlock and along with this you will get notification on your email address about this.
  • By this locker we can give a new look to our lockscreen by using HD wallpapers, themes, and password modes in personalization section of CM locker.
  • It also forecasts weather information on your lockscreen just set your location and you will get info on Wind, pressure, humidity and UV index.
  • Handy toolbox by sliding your screen in upward direction gives you shortcuts for Flashlight, calculator, recent apps, brightness and many more like in IOS.Top 2016 LockScreen for Android

C Locker

C locker provides lots of features and available in two versions paid and free. After reading all the features I think free version is providing tons of features that are sufficient for your phone. List of features in free version:

  • Locker Profile: In this option we can set different profiles according to our choice Default, Music and Location.
  • There are five types of default widgets on lockscreen and get notification of Missed calls, SMS, Gmail, Facebook, Google+, and whatsApp.
  • 5 unique Unlock style: It provides 5 unique Unlock style from which user can choose and  that style will show on your screen every time when you will unlock your phone
  • User can hide status bar, set wallpaper on lockscreen(Home screen wallpaper/Live Wallpaper or from picture gallery)
  • User can enable app notification bar and set list of block apps that user don’t want to get notification alerts.
  • There is facility of backup and store on this locker and still there are lots of feature that will force you to download this app on your phone.Top 2016 LockScreen for Android

Echo Notification Lockscreen

Here is another best 2016 Lockscreen and is loved by millions of users in more than 50 countries.  This app has lots of features and check out the details of various features.

  • Notification: This lockscreen app will show you full notification not just the summary. So by this feature you never miss your important notification
  • It has minimal design that has no effect on your battery performance.
  • User can control music on this lockscreen without unlocking.
  • Auto Group: This feature is excellent. If sometime you will receive multiple notifications/messages from Instagram this app automatically group Instagram alerts into social group and your Email alerts in your work group. In this way it would be easy for you to checkout your alerts/notifications at once.
  • Snooze: This feature will help you to set snooze notification time that will show you notification on your pre decided snooze time.
  • Security: This lockscreen will protect your phone via Echo Pattern Lock.
  • Personalize: By this user can set lockscreen design with different wallpapers and adjust other notification settings according to need.

Go Locker:

This lockscreen is most secure, stable and compatible with more than 8000 kinds of phones. This has been downloaded by 100 million users and gets 4.4 star rating. This app provides huge collection of themes with different unlocking styles. It also provides facility to set shortcut on screen to get directly to applications and settings. User can read message directly on lock screen by this Go locker. User can easily switch on to left screen and this app cleans the apps that are running in background and of no use to boost up your phone speed. It provides lots of other application for this locker so that user can add apps according to need.

L Locker

  • L locker or Lollipop locker is highly customizable and responsive screenlock. L locker is style locker of Lollipop and Marshmallow O.S. Locker with lots of enhanced features.  This lock supports both PIN and Pattern Lock for proper security.
  • Quick control panel enables user to launch favorite apps quickly by providing config locker shortcut option where user can add maximum of 6 apps shortcuts on locker for quick launch.
  • Show notification of missed call, message, on screen and also supports delayed lock (means delay for how long since screen off to active screen lock) and reduce unlock times feature.
  • It also supports lockscreen wallpaper with parallax 3d effects and transparent status bar.
  • L locker is ad free app, because of its excellent design it does not affects on performance of battery and phone.Top 2016 LockScreen for Android

SlideLock Locker

SlideLock Locker is very powerful and simple locker for your screen with excellent notification features. You never miss your notification on this locker.  Here is the list of features

  • Just swipe the screen in right direction to unlock screen and swipe to left to start camera.
  • To check the detailed notification shown on your screen just double tap to open notification or swipe it to dismiss notification.
  • It provides security via PIN and Pattern lock.
  • It has customized settings for each application and notification banner show notification when device is in unlocked mode.
  • Beside all these features it doesn’t consume large amount of battery.
  • Another important feature is user can set reminder based on your location and time.Top 2016 LockScreen for Android

Locker Master

This locker has lots of new features that forces you to install on your phone.

  • DIY editor enables user to create beautiful and complex lock screen theme.
  • User can share and download creative lockscreen themes on Locker Master Community.
  • Show unread message and missed call notification and notification from Google +, Facebook, Twitter, WeChat etc on lock screen.
  • It supports 2K+ high resolution wallpapers and themes for your lock screen that gives an excellent look to your lock screen
  • If you are unable to unlock your device there is a new feature i.e. Urgent Unlock Mode Volume +,-,+,- to unlock device.Top 2016 LockScreen for Android

Here is the list of Top LockScreen for Android phones. These are best lockscreen apps in terms of features, and security. If you have information about these types of lockscreen app please share with us so that we can update this post with all best ever lockscreen for android. If you like please share this post for others.

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