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For entertaining purpose watching movie is all time forever activity all around the world. People love to watch movies because of their huge collections of genres, and you can choose according to your mood and choice. In previous time due to lack of technology people used to watch movie in theaters or by buying CD’s from stores.

Now time has totally changed everyone is too busy in their life and they don’t have time to watch movie in theater for this user can download movie but it will consume lot of time and you have to search multiple sites to find link to download free movies.

So there is an alternate solution i.e. streaming movies online or we can say that watching movies online. There are lots of free movie streaming websites available right now on internet that allows you to watch free online movies without paying or downloading anything.

The problem is that almost all free movies streaming websites does not provide high quality movies and some of these provide malware or virus which is extremely bad for your laptop or PC.  So to overcome this problem we designed this post that helps user to get secure and best free movie streaming sites 2016.

Through this post we are going to about the best free movie streaming sites that are absolutely free to watch online movies and no registration is required. First of all I would like to discuss the merits of watching movie online on free movie streaming websites and then will add list of these sites.

Merits of watching movie online –Free online movie streaming websites

Let’s have a look on benefits of watching free online movie.

Time Saver: This is the most important and beneficial benefit of watching online movie is that it will definitely saves time. How? If you like to prefer offline movie in this situation you have to download movie first and it will take near about 4-5 hrs and another option is watching movie in theater for this you have to buy tickets sometime have to spent hours in queue and if you don’t like movie then it is just wastage of time.

To avoid all these things the best option is to watch your movie on free movie streaming websites. You can stop anytime and resume whenever you want to watch movie and much more.

Money Saver: These free movie streaming sites saves some amount of money from your income/salary. For watching movie we have two options either we have to spend money on DVD’s or in theaters. Sometime theses sources cost so much and via these free sites we can watch latest movies and are much cheaper than DVD’s and other resources.

Easy: Internet has an important role in our daily life. There is only one requirement of watching free online movies i.e. Internet. In just one click we can easily find our favorite movie and can watch movie online.

Privacy: Sometime we want to watch movie alone, with family, and with loved one in this situation free online movies streaming sites plays an important role. This thing is impossible in theater.

These are the merits of watching movie online. Now it’s a time to add list of various free movies online sites without downloading where we can watch free movies online without paying.

Top Free Movie Streaming Sites- Free online movies websites


Putlocker2 is a great place to watch online movies for free. Putlocker2 provides latest movies on daily basis by updating their database with high resolutions. This website provides movies via third-party servers to watch free online movies.  We can also watch our favorite movie on our phone because of good quality.

There are two ways via which we can search movies on this site i.e. search by genre and search by year. The interface of this site is very easy to use so it is easy for user to find movie with ease. One important thing there is no need to create any account before watching free online movie on this site.Top 2016 Free Movie Streaming Sites- Free movies websites

New Movies

This website is best free 2016 online movie streaming site. On this site we can easily find movie from year 2014 to 2016 from 19 different genres.  This site also provides two links that help user to find best popular movie and new release movie. To watch free online movie on this best streaming site just click on it and list of different links will shown to you. Click on any of link to watch movie. This website also provides star rating given by IMDb.Top 2016 Free Movie Streaming Sites- Free movies websites

Haloa Movies

This Haloa Movies site is new but has great collection of movies this is best to watch free movies without paying anything.  On this site user always find latest movie that are released recently worldwide. From this site we can stream movie in HD and can download free movie in HD format.

This site provides movies from year 2011 to 2016 and can be selected easily from 20 genres. Due to huge collection of movies search bar will assist you in finding your movie.Top 2016 Free Movie Streaming Sites- Free movies websites


This is another best online streaming website.  This site provides complete information related to TV shows and movies. This site provides all movies streaming links from 3rd party sources. Because of 3rd party some videos are of low quality and some are in good quality.

There are near about 25 genres from where we can watch free online movies according to our mood and choice. The one thing about this site is that there is a separate section i.e. article section on this site that contains last movies added, top 5 movies you can watch on this weekend, top 5 comedy movies on this weekend, and best 5 healthy snacks to eat while watching movies. Top 2016 Free Movie Streaming Sites- Free movies websites

Watch New Movie

WatchNewMovie websites database is too large that contains movies from 24 different genres. We can watch free online movie without signup on this site. There are different sections on this site that make it easy for new user to access this site with ease.

  • In Cinema: This section contains all the latest movies that are currently running in cinemas.
  • Latest Added: This section is updated on daily basis with all the latest movies in HD quality
  • TV Series: This section contains all the latest TV episodes in good quality.
  • How to Watch: This section assists you if you still fell difficult to watch movie on this site.
  • Search: Search section help in searching movies. If sometime you didn’t get the movie you want to watch you can request for the movie on Facebook page of WatchNewMovie site and you will get your requested movie ASAP.Top 2016 Free Movie Streaming Sites- Free movies websites


I am big fan of this best online free movie streaming site The picture quality of all movie on this site is awesome.  It is very easy for everyone to choose movies from 25 genres starts from year 2011 to 2016. There is a criterion of searching movie from 11 different countries.

There is a great collection of TV shows available on this site for your convenience we can use filter to search TV shows according to our need. We can even download movie from this site. This site provides short description on every movie so that before watching movie you can judge whether this movie is worth to watch or not.

There is even a facility of sending request to watch movie or TV show that is not available in database of this site. Top 2016 Free Movie Streaming Sites- Free movies websites


WoloTube is great search engine for latest movies and TV shows. It provides only HD quality prints and provides lots of links to watch movie or TV shows free online on this site.  It also updates you with the upcoming movies available on this site.Top 2016 Free Movie Streaming Sites- Free movies websites

 Snag Films

After visiting personally lot of best trusted movie streaming sites I found one of them i.e. Snag Films to watch free online movies. There is huge collection of movies available on this site from 34 unique genres. So it becomes too easy for everyone to watch online movies here. Along with movies we can watch all the TV shows free on this site without any registration or paying any money to watch movies.Top 2016 Free Movie Streaming Sites- Free movies websites


Here is the complete description on top free movie streaming sites that are very good for those who prefer to watch movies online without downloading it first. There are lots of free movies streaming sites available online but I tried to give details on the all time favorite online movie sites that offer you latest movies with excellent picture quality. After visiting all these sites one by one I am sure you will automatically refers these sites to your friends as best 2016 movie streaming sites. If you like this post please share it for others.

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