Top Facebook Tricks

Today 99% of people around the world are using Facebook. Facebook is an important part of life because people share status, videos and message and life events among people around the world.

But still there are lots of things that common user doesn’t know about Facebook. With the help of these facebook tricks a common man can make Facebook more exciting.

In this post I am going to add some useful top facebook tricks that will use the new Facebook hacks 2016 which will make Facebook more useful.


Facebook stands first in the category of social networking websites that helps people to connect with friends, family around the world. With Facebook many user run their business. The list of new user is increasing day by day on Facebook and is available in more than 70 languages.

Sometime we feel bored while using Facebook. To make Facebook more interesting use these below mentioned working facebook tricks.

Top Facebook Tricks

Here is the list of best 2016 Facebook Tricks

#Trick1 Download Facebook Video:

People from different regions upload videos on Facebook on daily basis and while watching video you liked video so much and think about download.

For this user go online and search Facebook video softwares, Plugins and Online tutorial. But all these things are not worth. Sometime it contains harmful viruses or malwares that can damage your computer.

But with the help of Facebook video downloader without paying anything user can download videos on Facebook. Just follows these simple steps to download videos on Facebook:

  • First of all you have to login on Facebook. Then click on the video you liked most and want to download it on your system. You will see the video link in your address bar. Here is the example for your reference 2016 best facebook tricks

If sometime user does not get video link there is another way to get the video link on facebook.

  • Click on down arrow available on video and user will find three options. Then click on Embed button
  • Then user will see pop-up screen with two options. Click on Advanced settings tab.Top 2016 best facebook tricks
  • Advanced Setting link will direct user to another page where user can get link of video.Top 2016 best facebook tricks
  • Next step is just copy this link and paste in new tab. Then change WWW to m and rest of the link remains same.
  • Then play the video for few seconds and then press right click on your mouse and user will see save video as option to save video on system.Top 2016 best facebook tricks
  • When user click on this link pop-up screen will ask for location where user wants to store video. After selecting this facebook video downloader will start video on your system.

# Trick 2: How to Hide Message Seen on Facebook?

Sometime we are too busy in doing sometime and we don’t have time to reply a message on Facebook chat but you want to read only message without replying.

After reading message on Facebook it will mark a “seen” tick on message and gives conformation to sender that receiver has already read your message

To overcome this problem I am going to add Facebook trick that will help user to hide message seen on Facebook. The best solution to this problem is download/installing chrome extension i.e. Facebook Unseen extension available on Chrome app store.

# Trick 3: How to delete Facebook Account

  • First of all I would like to tell you that deleting account on Facebook will delete your entire data of your Facebook Profile. But Facebook helps user to download entire data before deleting Facebook account.
  • First of all login on Facebook account and then click on settings. At the end of this page there is a link of Download a copy of Facebook data by which user can save entire data with ease.Top 2016 best facebook tricks
  • Deleting account may takes up to 90 days to delete the entire data you have posted on Facebook profile. Just click on this link to permanently delete Facebook account and next page will ask you to enter your profile password to complete the process.
  • Don’t login on your facebook account after requesting permanent deletion of account. Sometime this will prevent your facebook data from being deleted from your account.

#Trick 4: Block Game Request On Facebook

  • Log in to your Facebook account where you want to block game request.
  • On left side of your profile home page click on “Games” link in APPS section to move further on.Top 2016 best facebook tricks
  • Then click on Activity tab to check out the all Games request sent by your friend on your 2016 best facebook tricks
  • If you will click on “x” button this will decline request to play game on facebook but still you will receive notification from same person.
  • After this a new Yellow box will appear on your screen with more options where user can Ignore all request from person that are continuously sending games 2016 best facebook tricks
  • To confirm the block game request click on Block game name link in Yellow box. A new box will come and then click on confirm button to block game request on 2016 best facebook tricks

#Trick5: How to stop Facebook Auto Play Videos

If you are Facebook lover then you have already noticed one thing that Facebook plays all videos automatically even on your phone also. To stop annoying videos and to save your Internet data this best Facebook Trick helps a lot.

  • GO to settings and then click on Videos link available at left side of your profile page. This link will show you two 2016 best facebook tricks
  • First option is to select quality of video whether user wants to watch SD or HD quality videos. Second option is to enable or disable Auto-Play videos on Facebook.

#Trick6: How to Turn off notification on Phone

Every time Facebook sends notification of all the activities on your profile. To get rid from these notification user can stop all these notifications. Turning off notification does not stop message notification on your profile still user will receive all the notifications but not alerts.

For Android User:

Go to Facebook App>> Click on Three lines available on upper right corner>>First option is Notification>>Turn off all the notifications by turning off the notification button.

For Apple User:

Go to Apple settings>> Then Go to Notification corner>>Click on Facebook>>Turn off all the Facebook notification option.

#Trick 7: How to post Blank Status on Facebook Profile

This Facebook trick is awesome with this user can post blank status on Facebook profile without using any software or extension. If user will try to post blank status normally user will get notification to write something and will not post anything on your 2016 best facebook tricks

Here is the trick to post blank status on Facebook. Press alt button and type 0173 together and then click on post button to post blank status.

#Trick8: How to Schedule Facebook Status

With this trick user can schedule Facebook status using Buffer application. This application enables user to schedule status on Twitter, and Linkedin also. This app is available for android user at Google Play Store and for Google Chrome also.

Android User: Buffertop 2016 best facebook tricks

Google Chrome User: Buffer

Here is the complete description on Top Facebook Tricks. I am currently finding best facebook hacks and will update you more in future. Please share this post with your friends so that they can enjoy these Top 2016 best Facebook tricks.

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