Top Android Widgets

Now day’s android widgets plays an important role to make an attractive look to android phone. These widgets not only give attractive look but also help in making our work faster by searching thing via android widgets. There are various types of android widgets available on Play Store like Weather forecast, news, clock/alarm, Fitness apps, and many more.

These widgets provide complete information on anything what you want on your fingertips without going on websites. For example: News widget keeps you updated with latest news from all over world without visiting any website.

Most of the widgets are paid but does not provide features you are expecting after buying paid version. After reading reviews on different websites I found that these widgets consumes lots of RAM and makes your android phone/tablet slower.

Now main point is how to select best android widgets available on Play Store? So pick widgets that should be clean, speedy with irresistible design. For your convenience after lots of research I have found top android widgets for your phone with excellent speed, features and good interface.

Top Android Widgets

Here is the list of all time best android widgets from different categories that must be available on your phone.


DashClock is best home screen clock android widgets with additional of lots of features. The widget also works with lockscreen also. This widget comes with lots of extension that displays status of current local weather, unread text message, missed call alerts, next upcoming calendar appointment, unread Gmail inbox and next alarm. The android widget works well on Android version 4.2+ phones and tablets.

top 2016 best android widgets

Power Toggles

This is another best android widget available on Play Store for free is Power Toggles i.e. advanced widget to control power.

Power Toggles widget is used to control basic operations like WiFi, Mobile Data, Flashlight, GPS and many more on your home screen in just single tap.

There is facility of selecting different toggles from out of 40+ toggles available on this widget. By using this user can save much time by placing mostly used operations at one place with the help of this widget.

It also supports notification widget on higher version of android operating system. User can customize color, themes and icons of individual toggles.   top 2016 best android widgets

Google Keep

The next best android widget in this post is Google Keep developed by Google and is available for all android user for free.

  • User can easily add notes, lists and photos on Google Keep and record a voice memo for all these documents and all these documents are transcribed automatically and make it easy for user to search.
  • User can share ideas, plans with friends and family easily.
  • For quick access of what user saved previously. Add color and labels to notes to organize them properly so that this will make your search hassle free.
  • Google Keep works flawlessly on phone/tablet/computer/ Android wears. Whatever user will add to Google Keep all these devices are automatically updated if linked to Google Keep.
  • Google keep widget supports a unique feature i.e. location based reminder. If user want to purchase anything from store and made list and this feature automatically retrieve list made by user when user get to the store.
  • This widget has excellent look with excellent features to store all notes, and do to lists at one 2016 best android widgets


Zooper is other best android widgets with tons of features. This widget makes your homescreen attractive and good looking of your phone and tablet. Check out the list of various features

  • Zooper comes with inbuilt list of templates that gives unique look to homescreen. User can creates its own templates easily using different styles and can change everything like color, text, shapes, position and many more.
  • User can easily customize date and time in different formats like day of the year, week number, number to text and many more.
  • It provides complete information of Battery usage, weather forecast from multiple locations for next 5 days, uptime information, next alarm, and SD card space.
  • Give notification of unread text message, email and missed calls and lots of other features.
  • Just download once to know more about this top android 2016 best android widgets

DIGI Clock

 The digi clock widget is best android widget in the category of clock widgets with lots of customizable features.

  • User can check preview of widget during setup.
  • Long press of widget loads various applications like alarm app, widgets settings and many more.
  • User can select color for time and date according to choice.
  • There is huge variety of customizable date formats available for user to select according to choice.
  • There is facility of customizable background with different colors, and pictures.
  • There are around 40 fonts available for time and date on this widget.
  • It also works on lockscreen of android 2016 best android widgets


Flipboard is best news android widget where user can get latest news from different fields, photos, videos and many more. Flipboard is like personal magazine where user can add different topics and collect information on magazine. User get daily edition of news with stories on Flipboard widget. Flipboard is available in 24 editions. On home page Flipboard team updates you with latest news to inform what is going on around you.

Here we have discussed various top android widgets by which user can give awesome look to homescreen and get everything at finger tips after installing these widgets on android phone. I am going to add list of few best android widgets that will boost your phone speed by killing apps that are not in use, best android flashlight, and many more useful android widgets that are same like above mentioned widgets with extra 2016 best android widgets


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