Top Android Hacking Apps

Android O.S. is used worldwide in almost all branded smartphones because of its Customizable feature and millions of free apps on Google Play Store. Every android user knows that android O.S. is Linux based and Linux is best option for performing hacking and penetration testing.

Linux developers have developed many tools for Linux O.S. to perform various amazing tasks. Now days hacking tools are available for android phones also. But some of these android hacking apps contain harsh viruses and some are not useful. So the problem is still there how we can find top android hacking apps from millions of apps. Don’t worry my friends I have already made list of best hacking apps for android that are safe to use and has lots of features.

Top Android Hacking Apps

Here is the list of best android hacking apps for your smartphone


The first best android hacking app to use is Hackode. This app is used by penetration testers, cyber security professionals, IT administration and Ethical hackers to perform various tasks. Here is the list of different tools provided by this app:

  • Reconnaissance: This tool is used by attacker to gain information about networks or target computer that is used to exploit target system. There are two types of reconnaissance attacks i.e. passive and active. In passive attack attacker detects host traffic that helps attacker to get information about how capable it is. In active attack attackers scans ports and O.S. before attack.
  • Google Dork: It is like an employ that inadvertently upload sensitive information on Internet and create backdoors for attackers to attack and get access of this sensitive information.
  • Google Hacking, Scanning of network, Traceroute, DNS lookup, MX records, DNS dig Exploits and many more other hacking tools for free.Best Top Android Hacking Apps 2016


APKInspector is best app to analyze complete details of apps installed on your android device. Applications properties are hide in android internal package manager and is not available to system default user interface. This information is about app version code, Target SDK version, source dir, data dir and package name. Best Top Android Hacking Apps 2016


DroidBox app is used for dynamic analysis of all Android applications. After completion of this analysis it will show results about hashes of packages, information about network data consumed by apps i.e. incoming/outgoing data, information about DexClass Loader, Circumvented operations, Cryptographic operations, list of all broadcast receivers and many more other useful results.

In the end it also generates two graphs to analyze behavior of package. These graphs are used to check similarity among analyzed packages.


BurpSuite is best android hacking app that is used to perform security testing of web applications. This app contains various tools that works together to complete entire testing process that includes initial mapping of app, analysis of app attack surface, and check all kinds of security vulnerabilities. Due to its easy to use interface enables all users to use this app without any problem.Best Top Android Hacking Apps 2016


The purpose of DroidSheep is to test the security of your accounts. There are two types of apps available for android users from Droid Sheep i.e. DroidSheep [root] and Droid Sheep Guard.

  • DroidSheep [Root]: is used to hack your personal computer or smartphone in just one click without informing you. You can easily steal anyone user id and password. Please don’t use this app in wrong way.
  • Droid Guard: This app helps in detecting attacks from various apps like DroidSheep, Faceniff and other handmade attacks. This app intelligently monitors your phone ARP-table. If any attack is identified it will warn you to disable your Wi-Fi connection immediately and protect your accounts from attack.

Shark for Root

Shark for root is best android hacking app that has excellent traffic sniffer that is used to detect and records personal information and gain access to files and network and works well on 3G, WiFi and FroYO tethered mode. This app is used to run tcpdump and for dump opening use wireshark or for preview of dump on your phone use Shark reader.


FaceNiff is best android hacking app that is used to sniff and intercepts profiles from mobiles connected over Wi-Fi. This app will work when Wi-Fi is not using EAP mode. FaceNiff is commonly used to sniff Facebook id’s that are login on same network.

 User can easily read username and passwords of different sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Tumblr, Amazon, MySpace, Blogger and many more that are connected on same network.

Network Spoofer

Best android hacking app by which it is easy for everyone to change website on someone computer using your android phone. I am requesting you not to use this app on unauthorized network because this app is listed as malicious hacking tool by network administrators.

This app has excellent feature like automatic Flip picture/text upside down, redirect website to another page, replacement of words on website with other words, change all pictures, and many more other features.

Penetrate Pro

As I have mentioned above that now day android devices are used among penetration testers for penetration testing. This is best android hacking app to get access of secure Wi-Fi network from your android device. This app smartly calculates WEP/WPA key of Wi-Fi routers and enables you to use this password to connect to Wi-Fi network.

Penetrate Pro is security-related tool and some antivirus app considered this tool as a virus but this app won’t affect your android device. This app supports various routers like Thomson, DLink, Orange, Eircom, Verizon FiOS, Tecom, Infostarda, SkyV1 and many more other popular routers. Please only use this app for testing purpose not for performing any kind of hack.


dSploit is best penetration testing tool for Android O.S. that is used by all professional IT security experts that helps them in performing network security assessments over Wi-Fi network. This app is also used for mapping of network, cracking down of password, and vulnerability scanning.Top Best Android Hacking Apps 2016

Fing-Network Tools

Here is another effective tool that is used to scan whole network to know who and what is connected in just few seconds. With this tool we can judge the security levels of network, detect intruders, and other troubleshooting issues.

With this tool we can analyze scanning of port, trace route, Wake on Lan, search open ports in few seconds, automatic and reverse DNS lookup, check status of device i.e. offline or online, and many more other options.  Top Best Android Hacking Apps 2016


inSSider is best tool to optimize Wi-Fi network. This tool gives complete description of Wi-Fi environment looks like in terms of logically and physically. Along with this it also identifies overlapping of signals, channel conflicts, and configuration issues that are deteriorating your Wi-Fi performance. Try it once on your phone to discover more.Top Best Android Hacking Apps 2016

WPS Connect

WPS Connect is best app to hack Wi-Fi password with ease. Using this app you can easily connect to Wi-Fi network whose WPS protocol in enabled. WPS connect apps comes with list of master keys to determine whether your Wi-Fi router is vulnerable to default pin and connect you to available Wi-Fi network. As this app is designed for educational purpose and no one is responsible for any misuse.Top Best Android Hacking Apps 2016


SSHDroid app is use to add extra layer of security when user is connected via remote machine. SSHDroid app is SSH server implementation for android devices. By using this app you can connect your android device from your PC and can execute commands like “terminal” and “adb shell” or can edit files through SFTP, WinSCP and Cyberduck.

Some other useful features like extended notifications control, Shared-Key notification, Wi-Fi autostart, automation with intents support and many more other features.Top Best Android Hacking Apps 2016


Nmap is best app to discover network and security auditing. Professional network administrator use this app for monitoring host, service uptime, network inventory, and managing service upgrade schedule.

This app is used to determine what hosts are available on network; types of services offered by host, type of O.S. used by host and many more other characteristics. Now Nmap is available for android O.S. Nmap gives excellent results when used against single hosts.

Here is list of 15 Top android hacking apps that are currently used by android users. We can use these apps without knowledge of hacking. I request you not to use these apps for any kind of fraud and just use these apps for practice purpose. So enjoy these apps on your android phone and don’t forget to share this post with your android friends.


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