Top Android Cleaner

As we know the market of Smartphones is growing day by day. Almost all smartphones are supporting android operating system as it is highly customizable with the help of tons of free apps available on Play Store that gives unique look to your smartphone.

After few months of usage we realized that our smartphone become slower. The reason behind slow working of phone is applications junk files, caches, garbage files and other temporary files that cover extra memory of phone and thus make it slower. To get rid from this I am going to add list of top android cleaner for your android smartphone that will boost your phone speed by cleaning all junks files stored over storage.

Top Android Cleaner

Here is the list of best android cleaner

DU Speed Booster

DU booster is best android cleaner that performs various tasks like boosting system speed, ram booster, clean junk files, game booster, optimize battery and best app manager. It has been installed by 230 million users. Let’s have a look on various features of this app in details

  • With single one touch DU booster boosts device speed and release memory by closing all the background apps that are not in use.
  • Junk File cleaner feature of this app checks all the cache and residual files with accuracy and delete all these files and in turn increase system memory, speed and performance.
  • DU speed booster also provides security against viruses, malware and Trojans by scanning all apps stored on phone.
  • Application manager feature enable user to transfer files, apps, and games from phone storage to SD card with ease.
  • CPU cooler feature monitors apps that are consuming large memory and that result in increase in phone temperature. By turning on cooling progress this app tries to maintain the temperature of phone.
  • This app boosts charging speed of your phone by 2016 top android cleaner

 C Cleaner

If you are looking for android cleaner that keeps your android phone clean and fast then C cleaner is best option for your phone. Let’s take a look on various features provided by C Cleaner

  • C Cleaner speeds up phone performance by cleaning junk files, application cache, browsing history, clipboard contents, download folders stored on phone storage that are responsible for slowing down performance of phone.
  • Increase phone valuable storage by fast and easy removal of unwanted applications stored on device.
  • It has simple intuitive user interface that make user to navigate easily and optimize android phone in just few clicks.
  • It also works efficiently in low memory and high CPU usage.
  • On timely basis it checks your phone internal storage space, ram, battery level and battery temperature and inform you in case of slow 2016 top android cleaner

CM Booster

  • CM booster is world’s smallest booster that can boost up your phone speed in just single tap. It just take 2mb of your phone space to install and rest of your memory is for storing videos, photos, and other data.
  • Its CPU cooler immediately stops all unecessary apps that are running and keep your phone cool. It increases storage space by cleaning cache and residual files available on internal storage.
  • CM booster keeps your phone screen clean and clear and doesn’t disturb you with annoying 2016 top android cleaner

The Cleaner

Another best android clear is The Cleaner that comes with beautiful designed interface that won’t block your extra memory and keep your phone faster and cleaner.

  • Memory booster boosts your phone speed by killing unecessary background tasks running in background.
  • Delete all the junk files, cache files and APK files and free up some more space on your phone.
  • While playing games it automatically boosts your game performance by removing all unwanted tasks.
  • It maintains privacy by removing all malicious apps that have unnecessary permission for Calls, SMS, Location, camera and many more.
  • User can quicky boosts performance of phone in just one click with the help of homescreen widget.
  • User can customize look by using different 2016 top android cleaner

Avast Cleanup

The android cleaner app from AVAST is highly effective for cache and junk removal stored unnecessarily on your phone. It cleans up your phone time to time and makes your phone works faster. Let’s take a close look on features of this app

  • AVAST clean up analyze your storage space intelligently and clears all unnecessary data.
  • With Safe Clean feature in just single tap this app cleans up system caches, installation files, unused files and APK’s. This will automatically improve performance of your phone.
  • Advanced cleaning feature gives complete details of data and apps stored on your phone and enable user to free up system space in just one single click.
  • User can easily customize storage and apps using this app that in turns boost its 2016 top android cleaner

Android Booster

A multifunctional tool that improves speed and performance by eliminating data and apps that is not in use for long time.

 The benefits of using this tool is that it comes with new user friendly interface that is easy to use for user and it also supports lower android operating system and flawlessly works on small screen phones.

Here is the list of features of this excellent tool

  • It automatically removes all cache and junk files and release memory that results in speed up of your device.
  • This app on regularly basis analyze your phone and closed all unnecessary background apps and results in increasing performance of your phone.
  • User can add list of most used apps in Whitelist and other unnecessary apps will not run in background.
  • By Power saving mode feature user can choose 4 different modes to increase stand-by 2016 top android cleaner

APUS Booster+

APUS booster + is best android cleaner for your smartphone with tons of features that will increase your phone performance.

  • Memory booster cleans unwanted background apps and free up RAM that will make your android phone faster by 50% and increase life of your battery. It also prevents installed apps to start automatically.
  • Cache cleaner accurately detects and clean cache junk files, memory caches and increase system storage.
  • It automatically detects and clean apps that are responsible for overheating of phone. In just one click it cools down your phone in short span of time.
  • This is root free app that clean cache and boost speed without root permission.
  • This app takes just 2mb of your phone space to install and is available on Play Store for 2016 top android cleaner

That’s all about Top Android Cleaner that truly improves your phone performance and battery life by eliminating all the unnecessary data or files. These best android cleaner never let you down and makes your phone cleaner and faster. If we have missed anything that is must for this post to be added please share your reviews with us. Your reviews mean a lot to us.


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