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Today time is time of digitization and need of Internet is growing day by day for every person. Internet is just like oxygen to human beings right now. To get complete access of Internet user need a good browser.


A web browser is kind of software application that is used for collecting, presenting and travelling information resources available on web. The information resources available on web are recognized by URL/URI i.e. uniform resource locator/identifier.


In web browser user will enter the URL address of website to whom user wants to connect and it will automatically connect to particular website via browser. A good browser can fulfill all the needs that user wants while using web browser.

Beside connecting to internet still there are lots of features in web browser like download manager, password manager, and document viewer. Now day’s companies are designing fast browser and these browsers don’t take extra time to load the page.

These browsers provide security features that are must while surfing Internet. Now the main point is how we can choose best Android Browser from tons of browser available on Google Play Store. But it is very tough to select top android browser with good features. So we have made list of best android browser 2016 for your phone that will never let you down performance and security wise.

Top Android Browser

Here is the list of best android browser

Google Chrome

Every time Google Chrome stands first in the category of best android browser. This powerful browser is developed by Google and is available on Play Store for free. Features of Google Chrome are:

  • Synchronization: It has feature like one click synchronization by which user can access and open tabs from Laptop, Tablet and Mobile.
  • Data Saving: While using this browser it reduces usage of mobile data by 50%.
  • Fast Browsing: It supports fast browsing by which user can quickly access previous visited pages on chrome.
  • Voice Search: It supports voice command to search anything without typing.
  • Translate: It gives an option to translate page if your reading language is different and automatically translate page into your regional language.
  • Privacy: It maintains privacy via Incognito mode by which browser will not save your browsing history.
  • Material Design: Its new material design is excellent and makes this browser easy to 2016 best android browser

Opera Browser

The second most preferable android browser is Opera. The reason behind the popularity of this browser is its excellent features. Here is the list of features:

  • Opera in-built ad blocker blocks all ads that always slow down phone while surfing on web.
  • Opera save your mobile data while watching videos online. Just turn on video compression feature in settings.
  • User can add shortcut of website on homescreen directly to access favorite website quickly.
  • It also supports Incognito private tab that will not save anything from your browser history.
  • The discover feature in Opera browser always keeps you update with latest news, tech, sports, and other important news on 2016 best android browser

UC browser

The 3rd most popular best android browser is UC browser that is known for downloading contents on browser. The feature list of UC browser is large that will compel you to download browser on your android smartphone.

  • UC browser never hangs and has fast and stable navigation.
  • UC automatically compress data and in turns navigation speed goes up and saves your mobile data also.
  • It also block down all ads from main sites automatically.
  • It has smart downloading feature by which it continue downloading even in the situation of dropped connection by stabilizing connection speed.
  • By using Facebook mode feature UC browser speeds up Facebook if you have slow internet connection.
  • User can watch various movies and TV series on UC browser.
  • To control brightness, volume, and download progress user can control all these things using different gestures.
  • Night mode feature enables user to read comfortably at 2016 best android browser


Maxthon browser has been continuously getting award of best browser from consecutive three years due to its performance, security and more important its features.

  • This browser supports a new feature i.e. Cloud Push by which user can easily send your last browsing tabs to other devices easily.
  • User can customize this browser by adding favorite websites at finger tips for quick access.
  • New Bites feature keeps user up to date with top news from around the world.
  • Passport feature enables user for cross-device browsing with ease
  • It supports private mode without leaving traces of your browsing history.
  • User can browse internet smoothly with Adblock plus feature that automatically blocks annoying ads that comes from your favorite sites.
  • The browsing speed of this browser is excellent and has good user 2016 best android browser


FireFox is designed by most trusted internet company known for its privacy. For experiencing fast, smart and personal web this browser is best option for all android phones. Check out various features of FireFox

  • FireFox intelligently provides multiple results of your search what you want by tracking your previous search from search engine.
  • Time to time FireFox privacy has been upgraded by blocking web pages that may track your activities while browsing.
  • FireFox users can synchronize their FireFox account anytime on any device and can access previous history and bookmarks and with this no need to remember your password across different devices.
  • User can open maximum number of tabs without any worry of losing track of open tabs because FireFox Intuitive Visual numbered tabs helps user to find tabs in future.
  • There is huge collection of Add-ons available on FireFox store to take complete control of web.
  • User can send Web and video contents from phones, tablets to TV’s that supports streaming 2016 best android browser


Dolphin is famous because of its clean UI and fast navigations. This browser got award of best mobile web browser because of its cool features. Here is the full description on great features of Dolphin browser

  • Dolphin supports flash player for best video and gaming experience. This feature is not available in other browsers.
  • With dolphin user can block pop-ups, ads, banners and ad-videos easily by installing AdBlocker add-on on browser.
  • There are separates add-on for sidebars. If user will swipe screen from left edge to right edge it will show you your browsing history and bookmarks. By swiping screen to left user will enjoy add-ons for videos downloader, translator etc.
  • It also supports Incognito browsing mode i.e. private mode.
  • User can download videos fastly from Internet with video downloader.
  • User can use or create different gestures to open websites. For e.g. drawing on screen letter B will open Bing and F letter will open Facebook.
  • Sonar feature allow user to use voice to search and share from social networks and even from different search engines like Yahoo, Bing and many more.
  • Use different themes and wallpapers to customize 2016 best android browser

After searching various websites and thoroughly reading of reviews about android browser these above 6 android browsers are best android browser. There are still more and I am going to  add list of rest best 2016 android browser that have almost same features as I have mentioned above.

That’s all about top android browser that makes your browsing faster and secure. If you like post please share for others. For any queries please write us directly.


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