Samsung Galaxy Note7

As smartphone market is continuously growing day by day. Smartphone companies are trying to provide best smartphone with excellent features. Now day’s people like to buy smartphone that thinks big. Samsung, Apple, Motorola, One Plus, and HTC are big giants that are in race of providing high end phone with unique features.

Samsung is giving tough competition to all smartphone brands from economical models to High end model. Now Samsung has launched Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in market in 2016. This phone has excellent features you can say that this phone is impressive package for smartphone lovers.

In this post on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 I will discuss feature in details and later on I will add specification table of Galaxy Note 7 in this post.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Here is the list of various features that make this phone unique and excellent from other high featured phones available in market and you can easily transits between work and play


Note7 comes with 5.7- inch amoled screen and is first phone in Note series with dual-curved screen that make it easier for everyone to hold phone. The large display of Note7 is being protected with Gorilla Corning’s Glass 5 and metal on the back. There is perfect symmetry from all sides i.e. top to bottom, side to side, and from back to front.

Excellent always on display enables user to get information without waking up your phone. User can customize display with 5 different modes and able to change the color and style according to your choice. It enables to set signature or pin a memo to this always on display that give notification to user for all kind of events.Samsung Galaxy Note 7

On edge screen you can easily place your favorite apps and other important things at a flick of the finger with easy customizable features.Samsung Galaxy Note 7


If you are big fan of stylus then Samsung S PEN will never let you down and you can easily express yourself by writing and drawing effortlessly,

Now Samsung has reduced the thickness of previous stylus from 1.6mm to 0.7 mm for smoothness and precision. The pressure sensor level of Galaxy Note 7 is 4096 that is best for all kind of creative work.Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Using S Pen you can easily jot down note without unlocking your phone or even can write note on blank panel when display is off and then use this note as stick note on always on display screen.Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Smart Select GIF feature enable you to create your own image from section of videos make it easy for you to either share with your friends or on social networking sites directly. By using stylus converts your words in to images by using this stylus.Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The best thing about S PEN stylus is that this is water and dust resistant. Just take out your pen and set for work without any worry.Samsung Galaxy Note 7


For entertaining point of view while you are watching movie or playing games you feel you are living the story and completely forget that you are watching it on smartphone because of crystal clear and large display.

This mobile comes with HDR feature that make it possible to play HDR streaming videos on board. The benefit of HDR (High Dynamic Range) is that it maintains contrast and true colors of image without compressing. Samsung Note 7 enables you to see the real world using HDR mode.Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Check out the difference between Mobile HDR compatible phone and Non-HDR phone.Samsung Galaxy Note 7


Before buying any phone security is our main concern because we store all our personal and confidential data on our phone. With Samsung Note 7 user can use new IRIS scanner technique to lock our contents and phone. Even there is facility of Fingerprint, Pattern Lock, Password Protection and PIN protection.Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The working of Iris Scanner is based on pattern of our IRIS. As the patterns of our IRIS is very complex and both IRIS are not same have different pattern. This scanner is best method to authenticate the authorized user and it is too difficult for intruder to replicate or to do any change in phone.Samsung Galaxy Note 7

There is facility of placing documents, videos, photos and even apps in separate secure folder to keep away from prying eyes. Using this secure folder it seems like using two separate phones on one device. Because using different login accounts we can create our separate gallery and managed our apps easily.

How Iris Scan Works?

Just follow these 5 simple steps to start IRIS scanner on your phone. I am going to add screenshots on how to set or enable IRIS scanner and customize things.Samsung Galaxy Note 7


Before buying any Smartphone the most important feature we checked on high priority is Camera quality and various features of Camera. The camera of Note 7 is designed so smartly and will never let you down while capturing best moments of your life.

This camera works just like human eyes and focus on objects quickly and accurately. Samsung Note 7 comes with 12MP dual pixel sensor with brighter lens i.e. F1.7 lens that enables user to take photo in any light.

By enabling PRO mode we can manually tweak the settings we can easily get control of the shoot and make it easy for you to take professional photos. Here is the list of PRO mode features by which we can do settings manually according to light or any kind of weather around you for professional shoot.Samsung Galaxy Note 7

There are three different focusing modes available in Note 7 camera by which it is too easy to focus on background and foreground and take perfect shot and completely change the game.Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Now comes to video quality of this camera. As the camera of Note 7 support 4K video. So my friends turn on 4K mode to record every moment and then take savor of these beautiful moments on your big TV screen and Computer without compromising the quality of image.

The camera of this phone is so intelligent while taking video in slow motion mode it automatically sense your change in speed, change in direction and capture every moment in slow motion very smartly and make perfect video.


Galaxy Note 7 is high on performance as it can handle everything as you expect from this phone. As basic internal memory of this phone is 64GB and has facility of expanding storage via microSD card up to 256GB in hybrid SIM tray without turn off your phone.Samsung Galaxy Note 7

As this is best device for both work and play so you need a powerful battery so that no need to charge phone again and again. Samsung has completely overcome this problem by providing more powerful battery of 3500 mAh in Galaxy Note 7. Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung also provides wireless charging feature for fast charging. Now come to the most important point i.e. discussion about CPU, RAM etc. As new CPU of Samsung Note 7 is 31% more powerful and is same as available in S7 and for smoother performance this phone is occupied with 4GB ram and has excellent GPU.Samsung Galaxy Note 7

As this phone is using Type-C port by which don’t think about which side up because both sides work and it enables you to plug it directly and begin charging your phone. You can directly plug your Samsung Gear in to this Type-C port.Samsung Galaxy Note 7


Here is the discussion on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 for all who wants to buy this smartphone and before buying this phone they just want to know little bit more about this killer phone. I tried to discuss important features that make it unique from other phones of same flagship. I think after reading about this phone you can say that this phone is best in class and giving tough competition to other brands. So don’t wait and grab your phone and enjoy your time.

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