Top Red and Pink Moscato Wines: All Wine lovers Must Try

People loves to drink wine while celebrating the happy moments of life or to enjoy quality time with friends. There are different kinds of wines available in market right now. Now days people gifts wine to their loved ones on occasions or while on for party.  But Moscato wines are getting popular because of its taste and flavor. In this post I will discuss about top red and pink Moscato wine that are liked most by all

Top Red and Pink Moscato Wines

Here is the list of best red and pink Moscato wines that must try. I am sure you will love these wines

Top Red Moscato Wines

Check out the list of Red Moscato Wines

Red Electra Moscato

The first most tasteful and popular Red Moscato is Red Electra Moscato. As this Moscato is made from Black and Orange Muscat grapes and lush with peach, cherry, berry and slightly sparkle in nature.

The fermentation of this red Moscato wine is done very slowly at low temperature to keep its flavor delicious. We can try this wine with all kinds of cheese, dessert, fruits, cookies and truffles. The taste of this wine is just like bowl full of cherries.

Here is the link to buy this Red wine from Amazon Red Electra MoscatoTop Red and Pink Moscato Wines

Rex Goliath Red Moscato

Rex Goliath is worldwide famous wine brand. This wine is called with name of king of sweet that has flavor of majestic jam and strawberry punch.  Best way to serve this red wine with fruit or cheese.
Top Red and Pink Moscato Wines

Gallo Family Red Moscato

For enjoying your summer and refreshing yourself this red Moscato is best option for you. The taste of this wine is sweet and citrus and filled and brings flavor of peach and red berry. Top Red and Pink Moscato Wines

Barefoot Red Moscato

This red Moscato wine is refreshingly sweet and filled with all the right fruits. Barefoot red Moscato wine contains refreshing flavor of juicy red cherry, and raspberry and has sweet citrus taste until your last sip.  This red wine becomes perfect partner with soft cheese, fresh fruit and spicy things. Click on link to buy this Red Moscato from Amazon Barefoot Red MoscatoTop Red and Pink Moscato Wines


Sutter Home Red Moscato

This red wine is best option to enjoy romantic moments. Sutter red Moscato wine has creamy and bold flavor of berry and rich cherry and make this wine a perfect Moscato wine. Serve this wine cold and pair it with warm berry pie to enjoy its flavor.Top Red and Pink Moscato Wines

Top Pink Moscato Wines

Now it’s a time to discuss best pink Moscato wines you will love. Here is the list of top pink Moscato wines that will make your life sweet and enjoyable with its taste and freshness

Pleasure Party Pink Moscato

The pleasure pink Moscato is very delicious and fresh and the color of this wine is very shiny and bright. It has aroma just like floral and citrus scent and there is perfect balance of sweet sugar and tangy acidity in this wine.

It not only gives flavor of honey and cinnamon baked apples along with this you will get flavor of vanilla wafers and oranges that surprises you. Simply we can say that there is perfect taste of sweet oranges, limes and apple.

This wine is best option for weekend brunch, picnics and best for ladies night. Here is the direct link to buy this pink Moscato from Amazon Pleasure Party Pink MoscatoTop Red and Pink Moscato Wines

Innocent Bystander Pink Moscato

Another best pink Moscato is from Innocent Bystander and this wine is prepared from Gordo and black muscat i.e. muscat from Hamburg. For full fruit of flavor there is consistency in alcohol, sugar and acid level.

It has sweet smell of pink grapefruit and mandarin. The bubbles of fresh pear and berry freshens you with ultimate freshness. Link to buy this pink Moscato wine from Amazon Innocent Bystander Pink MoscatoTop Red and Pink Moscato Wines

Laguna Canyon Pink Moscato

Laguna California Pink Moscato wine is best way to start and finish sweet. We can serve this wine that is made from strawberry, apple and apricot having fragrance like rose on any occasion.

We can pair this pink Moscato with chocolate dipped strawberries, peaches and cream pie and enjoy your time.Top Red and Pink Moscato Wines

Mad Housewife Pink Moscato

Mad Housewife is really a crowd pleaser i.e. one part of this wine is pink and sweet and other part is full with taste of fresh watermelon and strawberry that gives crispy finish to your palate with every sip. Try it once to taste this pink Moscato. Amazon direct link to buy this pink Moscato Mad Housewife Pink MoscatoTop Red and Pink Moscato Wines

Here is the complete discussion on top red and pink Moscato wines. So grab your favorite best Moscato wine and share your experience with us about its taste and everything. If you have list of best pink and red Moscato wines please share list with us and don’t forget to share post with your friends.


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