Are You A Sigma Male?

This is the question that you are asking. How do you know if you are a Sigma male? There are numerous definitions for the Alpha male and an equal number of definition for the Beta male found online and in mainstream media – but where is the guide for identifying with the Sigma male?  It is not surprising that there is very little material on the Sigma male.  Sigma males are elusive. This is why so little is known about them. Their style is indicative of silence and grace as opposed to loud and forthcoming. People seek to define Sigma because they are naturally mysterious. Silence is their weapon. They patiently lie in shadow waiting; like a coming tsunami that disrupts the balance of power – a “sigma shock.”

To examine the Sigma is to look at wolves. The wolf pack is the unit of a wolf. The leader of the pack is the Alpha. When a wolf challenges the alpha, this means rejection of leadership; by rejecting leadership, this wolf also rejects servitude as beta. This wolf chooses his own path. The wolf will often leave the pack to hunt for itself.  The Sigma is the lone wolf. The Sigma wolf lies in the fringes. The fringe (the path) is a place that is cold, dark, and wild. This is the natural habitat of the Sigma male. Here the wolf develops its bite. This is the animal representation of the Sigma male.

In human terms, the critical distinction rests in rebellion and redefinition. The sigma is a renegade in the sense that he trades a life in the fringes instead of serving as a beta in an alpha slave camp. Existing at fringes imbibes his growth. In the process of living in the fringe, maybe as a start-up where the odds are stacked against him heavily, the Sigma morphs into a powerful male. They are replete with dark energies that give them an edge in survival.

This books means to explore the masculine type of the sigma. You may either identify with the Sigma or choose an entirely different path. You are free to internalize what is useful and discard what does not work.  It is written in a perspective of this sigma writer. The book then goes into growth and development by delving into the masculine aspects of the killer, the builder, and the king. The final summation of what this book hopes to give is to align the reader with his ultimate mission: freedom.

Shall we proceed?” – Crion

The Sigma Book

What is the Sigma male? How do you tell if you are a Sigma male? Are you the type that will leave the Alpha roost and dictate life in your own terms or will you fall into the trap of the beta? The lone wolf lifestyle begins..

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