List of Human Food Not to Feed Dogs

Before becoming the owner of new dog you should completely aware of food that you should never feed to your dog that can disturb the health of your dog. In this post List of human food not to feed dogs I will discuss on foods that are dangerous for your dog

List of Human Food Not to Feed Dogs


Chocolate is very dangerous for your dog so don’t offer or take away your dog from this human food. The chocolate contains theobromine just like caffeine that is very poisonous in nature for your dog.

The quantity of theobromine depends on kind of chocolate as in dark chocolate is maximum. Theobromine directly affects heart, kidneys and of course on nervous system.

After eating this deadly food symptom of ingestion can be seen within 4-24 hrs that results in vomiting, diarrhea and many more other problems.

There is no antitoxin available to cure this poison. In most cases veterinary doctors will make your dog vomit and can also use I.V fluids drip medication to control blood pressure, heart beat.List of Human Food Not to Feed Dogs


As mostly dogs are prone to dental problems. The reason behind this problem is that we offer food that contains sugar that is very dangerous for dogs. With increase in level of sugar in your dog diet it also increase the obesity level and along with this you dog become diabetic like human being. So try to maintain amount of sugar to minimum level that helps in making your dog happy and long live.List of Human Food Not to Feed Dogs

Chive, Garlic, Onions

These vegetables and herbs are very dangerous that results in gastro problem in stomach and gut that in turn damage red blood cell of your dog. As for pets like dogs and cat onion is very toxic and after consumption of onion you can notice sign of poison in your dog. Raw onion, cooked onion, cooked garlic, and dehydrated onion or other form on onion can be bigger problem for your dog health.List of Human Food Not to Feed Dogs

“Don’t feed these 10 human foods to dog that are too dangerous for your dog health”


Our pets are not intelligent like human being to determine that this food or beverage is injurious to health. So we should take care of this thing and keep all the things out of reach from our pets. Alcohol is very deadly for dog and consumption of any kind of Alcohol or alcohol good products results in vomiting, diarrhoea, breathing problem, depression, blood acidity, coma and even your pet become dead.

List of Human Food Not to Feed Dogs


Avocado is very useful best healthy fruit for humans. But this is very toxic to animals like dogs, cats, fish, birds, horse and rodents. As our researchers reveal that Avocado leave contains Persin after consumption of this fruit results in gastrointestinal irritation, vomiting, respiratory problem, congestion, accumulation of fluid around tissue of heart that becomes the reason of death. So always try your best to keep this fruit away from your dog.List of Human Food Not to Feed Dogs

Raisins & Grapes

Most of people don’t know that consumption of raisins and grapes are very harmful to dog. The toxic level of these two can results in failure of kidney and urine problem but the toxic substance contained in Raisins and Grapes are not identified yet. But for our pets these are very dangerous so don’t offer these to your dog.List of Human Food Not to Feed Dogs


After doing research I found that Milk or other kind of dairy products are very harmful for dogs. As milk products contains lactose and dogs are intolerance to lactose that becomes the reason of diarrhea, vomiting and indigestion. So don’t add milk, ice-cream, yogurt in diet.List of Human Food Not to Feed Dogs

Corn on the Cob

Some dog owner adds corn on cob to dog diet as healthy vegetable but this thing is wrong and it is not easy for dog to digest corn on cob that results in blockage of intestine due to its large size and shape. If by chance you pet swallowed corn on cob results in vomiting, diarrhoea, discomfort in abdominal, faeces problem and many more other problems.List of Human Food Not to Feed Dogs

Macadamia Nuts

Macadamia nuts contains thiamin, vitamin B6, Manganese, Iron and phosphorous and this nut is good as usual as Almonds and Cashews that can be easily digested by human beings. When it is consumed by dogs it becomes toxic results in weakness, paralysis within 12 hours of ingestion. To cure from these diseases minimum time is 24 to 48 hrs and don’t forget to consult with your vet. Mainly symptoms are joint pain, intense abdominal pain and muscle shivering.List of Human Food Not to Feed Dogs

Yeast Dough

Consumption of Yeast Dough in dogs results in disturbance in the digestive system of your dog. Yeast is kind of fungus that becomes reason of fermentation and results in blockage of stomach, intestine. So don’t add this human food to your dog that is not good for health.List of Human Food Not to Feed Dogs

Here is the complete discussion on List of human food not to feed dogs that are very dangerous to your dog and sometime leads to death if not treated properly on time. So keep away all these human food from your dog.



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