How to Fix IN Windows 7 “This Copy of Windows Is Not Genuine”

This post means a lot for all Window users who have installed unregistered version of Windows 7. Every time they have to watch pop-up window on desktop that “This copy of Windows is not genuine”.

The reason behind displaying this pop-up window on your screen reminds you that license period of your Window have expired. Actually license period of unregistered Window is for 1-2 months only.

After completion of this period either you have to buy package of original Windows7 or have to install some other version of O.S. Sometime it is not possible for everyone to buy original package of Windows and looking for solution to Fix this Pop-Up box. Don’t worry my friends for every problem there is a solution.

You can easily overcome this problem by following this post. In this post How to Fix IN Windows 7 “This Copy of Windows Is Not Genuine” I am going to mention 3 easy methods that will completely fix this pop-up window on your system without paying single penny.

First of all I would like to share benefits of Genuine Windows:

Benefits of Genuine Windows

There are lots of benefits of using genuine version of Windows.

  • Protection: All Genuine Windows 7 users can download latest security solutions provided by Microsoft that protects your system from any attack and maintains privacy.
  • Performance: As performance of genuine windows is more in terms of security, and works faster in comparison with unregistered versions.
  • Reliability: With Genuine Windows 7 you can do your work faster and easier in just few clicks. You can search things and browsing faster with genuine versions.

How to Fix IN Windows 7 “This Copy of Windows Is Not Genuine”

Method 1: Using CMD Prompt

  • First of all turn on your PC and click on Start Button.
  • Type CMD to open command prompt or just press Window button+R button together to open run window and then type “cmd” prompt window.How to fix this copy of windows is not genuine in windows 7
  • Make sure that the command prompt opened by you is “Run as administrator”.
  • Then type command i.e. “SLMGR-REARM” in your command window to start execution of this process.
  • After few seconds new confirmation window will pop-up on your screen ask you to restart your system to complete this process.How to fix this copy of windows is not genuine in windows 7
  • That’s all my friend you have successfully stopped pop-up screen of window is not genuine on your system.

Method 2: Use of Window Activator

If first method doesn’t work then you can use this method to fix this problem. There are several Window Activator tools are available online but these tools are not worth to use as some contain viruses and malware.

So my friends I am going to add Windows 7 permanent activator software that is safe to use and free from all viruses and malware. Install this activator on your system and your Window 7 will be activated in short span of time and pop-up box will disappear from your desktop.

Click on the below link to download this activator to activate your Windows 7 as newly purchased window.

Method3: Delete file from Window Updates

  • First of all open your control panel and click on “System and Security” and click on Windows Update.How to Fix the copy of windows 7 is not genuine-2016
  • Then click on Installed updates option available at left bottom side of your screen to move further on.How to Fix the copy of windows 7 is not genuine-2016
  • You will see list of installed updates on your system. Then search for file i.e. “KB971033” and uninstall it immediately. Wait till uninstall procedure completes.

Note: I know one question comes in your mind what is “KB971033”. This file checks whether your Windows is genuine or not. After removing this you will never get pop-up window of Windows is not genuine.

  • After this again navigate to Windows Update and click on Turn automatic updates on and off.How to Fix the copy of windows 7 is not genuine-2016

Then on next window click on drop-down menu and select “Never Check for Updates” and press ok to confirm.How to Fix the copy of windows 7 is not genuine-2016

  • Restart your computer. After this you will notice that message of “Window is not genuine” completely disappear from your screen and never irritates you in future. Now you are using activated version of Windows.

These are all time best and easy to implement 3 methods that works well to fix in Windows 7 “This Copy of Windows Is Not Genuine”. But according to my experience I recommend you to use last method first to fix this problem. Because some time 1st and 2nd method doesn’t work properly in some cases as the success ratio of last method is 100%. If you like post please share post that are still facing this message of “This copy of window is not genuine”.

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