How to Bypass Online Surveys

Today everything is available on Internet like music, videos, download files; software anything but there is trend of online surveys when we visit sites to download contents.

This online survey becomes a big trouble for all. Almost in all cases we have to complete this online survey to download particular contents from a website.

Every time after completion of online surveys we think of how to bypass online surveys? The main purpose of these online surveys is to lock the files, audio files, video files, and softwares you are requesting.

So to get the direct or complete link of requesting content from these sites completion of online survey is necessary.

For completion of online surveys on different sites user have to provide information they are asking and in turns provides access to the contents we are requesting.

After completion of online survey successfully these sites get some money. Sometime people leave websites that asks for online surveys because it is time consuming and there is no guarantee that you will get original link.

But there are some sites that provide original link after successful completion of these surveys along with this these sites sends spam mails on your e-mail address and promotional messages on your phone number.

Cleanfiles, Fileice, Uploadables, Sharecash etc are most popular online survey sites. To get rid from this headache I am going to add various methods in this post that will assist you on “How to bypass online surveys”.

How to Bypass Online Surveys

Just follow these methods to bypass online surveys:

Method 1: Use Online Survey Remover Sites

This is one of the simplest method to bypass online surveys. Just visit this site once to get rid from this problem.


This website stands first in category of best online survey remover sites. This website is safe to use and doesn’t contain any kind of malware and completely ad free site.

Most people use this site to remove surveys from links and files with ease. Within few seconds you will get original link of your requesting content.

Surveybypass is used to bypass survey of plunder, youdownload, scriptmafia and many more. The user interface of site makes it easy for everyone to access.

Just follow the below mentioned steps to remove online surveys.

  • First of all visit at SurveyByPass to start this process.How to Bypass Surveys Online 2016
  • Copy the link from your browser address bar of the file or link you want to bypass online survey.
  • Then paste this URL in the box available on the SurveyByPass to start the process of bypassing.How to Bypass Surveys Online 2016
  • After completion of bypass you will get original link of your content you are requesting.

Method 2: Survey Remover Tool

The benefit of using Survey removal tool instead of online Survey Remover site is that some time these sites doesn’t remove surveys from links completely.

To overcome this problem Survey Removal Tool is best option to remove all types of surveys and can easily get original contents with ease.

The reason of popularity of these sites is that these tools are free from viruses and malwares and are safe to use. I am going to add list of 5 survey removal tools that completely remove surveys and you can download the files easily.

The above mentioned tools are easy to use. Just download these tools on your system to start removal or bypass of Survey.

Method 3: Browser Extension to Bypass Online Surveys

If you don’t want to use any kind of site or tool to bypass online surveys then this method is best for you i.e. use different browser extensions to remove surveys from requested link or website.

Later on I will add list of various extension for chrome and FireFox that are used to remove surveys and provides you original content.

These extensions automatically remove surveys from sites you visited to download original contents.

Survey Removal Extension for Chrome

Survey Removal Extension for FireFox

The main purpose of survey remover extensions is to detect surveys on a particular site and block these surveys automatically after detection.

These above mentioned extensions are available on browsers stores for free. For your convenience I have already add direct link. Click on these links and add these extensions on your browsers to bypass survey online.

Method 4: Disable Java Script

Another best and useful method for easily bypassing of surveys is by disabling of Java Script option in your web browser.

Steps to Disable Java Script in Chrome:

  • First of all open your Chrome browser and click on settings
  • Then click on Advanced settings
  • In privacy tab click on Content Setting button
  • In Java Script tab click on Do not allow any site to run JavaScript.
  • That it you have successfully disable your Java Script.How to Bypass Surveys Online 2016

Steps to Disable JavaScript in FireFox

  • Click on Options in FireFox Browser.
  • Then select content tab to open settings of FireFox browser.
  • Then find JavaScript in your browser and disable the Java Script.

Here is complete discussion on various methods of How to bypass online surveys. These are common method like use of survey removal tools, online survey removal sites and by using browser extensions that are easy to use for everyone. I hope after reading this post you can use any of the best method to remove online survey with ease. If you need any kind of amendments on this post please write us and don’t forget to share this post.



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