Guide on Conversation Starters

Here is the number of questions for starting conversation. There is numerous conversation starters that helps you how to start conversation and the list of questions arise in our mind according to topic. You can start questions on any topic which you like most and search questions regarding to your topic. To know about more how to start conversation, just read questions which are listed below and you can start your conversation.

There are different ways which you can use these questions. Here I am going to write various conversation starters that help you a lot to start your conversation with someone on different topics. I am sure after reading this post you can ask questions in group or to an individual. Don’t be panic about your conversation questions you can elaborate them whatever comes in your mind related to your topic. Our main goal is to help people and make their conversation more effective and enthralling. Moreover people feel more confident after read these questions.

This conversation starter guide has more than 200 questions on different topics which make you more convenient and will help you everywhere to start conversation.

Random conversation starters

  • How you can rid of your stress?
  • What was the previous comedy video you saw?
  •  Could you please suggest the pet name?
  • Which entertainer you like most (comedian, musician, actor, etc.)?
  •  Is that anything which you like the most? What is that?
  • How did you spend your last weekend?
  • What would you like to do on this weekend?
  • Which famous thing makes you annoy?
  • Where did you travel on your last vacation?
  • When did you do last incredible work?
  • Would you like to do rest in your free time?
  • What would you like to do when you hang out with your friends?
  • Who is your childhood friend?
  • What is significant of your name?
  • Which would you like to share your best/worst thing with your friend?
  • Would you like to listening songs?
  • One people in your life you admire most. Why?
  • Which pet you like most?
  • Which animal you choose to look after as a pet?
  • Describe yourself in three words?
  • Which weekend you like most of the month?
  • Would you like make tattoo on your arm?
  • What’s your favorite pet? Why?
  • Did you do something for animals for save their lives?
  • Would you like to give suggestion to someone?
  • What’s your favorite color? Why
  • What kind of business you would like to open?
  • Are you social worker?
  • Have you give seminar in front of large gathered people? How did u start?
  • What’s your favorite TV serial?
  • Do you have any disputable opinion? What is that
  • Did you ever dream of strangest thing?
  • Have you visit any beautiful place ever?
  • Is someone in your life that brings happiness for you?
  • Who is the person behind your success?
  • Which habit of someone makes you annoy?
  • Whenever you free then where you spend your time?
  • What’s your favorite weather? Why?
  • How many times you wake up till 3 am?
  • Would you like to buy a great car or great house? Why?
  • In which year you passed your elementary class?
  • Which animal or insect you want to destroy?
  • Where are you live? Is any beautiful place near your reside?
  • Which thing you need to bring with you whenever you go somewhere?
  • Which disgusting habit you hate most in people?
  • What work you do on internet? How much time you surfing it?
  • Have you ever seen amazing view of sunset? When and where?
  • Which recent news story you liked most?
  • Which thing makes you annoy but most people like it?
  • In case you want to change your name, what name you would give to yourself?
  • Have you ever been to worst place? Where you have been stuck for long time?
  • Do you know any successful person? How success can be measured?
  • When you were younger? Which instructions you did follow?
  • How many times do you curse?
  • When you spend time with your friends? What advantages you could bring for them?
  • What is the scariest fear you have?
  • Which time period of your life was beautiful? Would you like that time period should be in your whole life?
  • How you change your mood when you feel not good?
  • What is your secret that you are hiding in dark?
  • Which wishes you want to fulfill before you die?
  • Which room you liked most at your home? Why?
  • Which is best place to take date?
  • Do you like someone? Who is popular now? Why?
  • Have you ever help to someone? How do you help them?
  • Which action makes you nervous?
  • Do you have weird or useless talent? What are they?
  •  What makes you confused?
  • Who else like your parents had impact on your life?
  • Have you seen funniest TV series? Which one?
  • How was your experience with best and worst person to be stuck in elevator?
  • Which TV shows changed over the years?
  • Which one is best sitcom past or present?
  • What do you think about game show? Which one is your favorite?
  • Tell one cancelled TV show that you want to bring back?
  • Which TV show makes your life more effective?
  • Which ongoing TV show is best?
  • Which TV show is most underrated or overrated? Why?
  • Which reality TV show you like most? Why or why not?
  • When you child which cartoon channels did you watch?
  • What’s your opinion about popularity of reality TV show?
  • How will be the TV shows in future? Share your views.


  • Do you like to watch sports? Which one?
  • What is your favorite sport to play?
  • What is the name of your favorite athletes?
  • Which sports make you exciting? Which sports make you boring?
  • Should authority give high salaries to athletes? Why or why not?
  • Name three greatest athletes of all time?
  • What’s your opinion about video game tournament? Is it a sport?
  • Is old sports still played by people?
  • Do you know the toughest sport to excel at?

Movie Conversation Starters

  • Which movie did you seen last? How was your experience?
  • Would you like to watch movies either in theater or at home? Why or Why not?
  • Do you share the worst movie name seen recently by you?
  • What is the unusual movie recently watched by you?
  • What is the best ever movie?
  • Which genre of movie do you like most?
  • Which movie scene frightened you most?
  • Are you interested in documentaries? Why or Why not?
  • When was the last time you watched movie in theater?
  • Can movies have same strength like books to change the world?
  • Which is your first preference from books or movies?
  • Do you like to watch movie in theater alone? Why / Why not?
  • Which horror movie do you like the most? Why?

Book Conversation Starters

  • DO you read book? What was your last book?
  • What book has biggest influence on your life?
  • Which book was your favorite in your childhood?
  • Which way is best to read books physical or eBooks?
  • Do you share last longest book you have read?
  • What about your best book during school time?
  • What is your favorite book genres do you like to read?
  • What is your first preference over fiction or nonfiction books?
  • Do you know any book that has had biggest impact on modern world? What is that?
  • What is the average ratio that people read books now than previous years ago?
  •  How fast can you read?
  • How many times do you visit library in a week?
  • Now self publishing has gone easier, have books become worse or better?

Music Conversation Starters

What song makes your mood good?

Which music do you prefer first either popular or unknown music?

Do you remember your last listened song? What was that?

From which movie do you like your favorite music track?

Which movie soundtrack do you like most?

Are there any song that makes your eyes wet?

Are there any songs that make you emotional?

Do you like to be part of any music concert? Why/ Why Not?

Which music source like Records, Tapes, CDs and MP3s did grow up with you? Share your good and bad experience

Which music type is your favorite while doing exercise?

Do you like Hip Hop music?

What is the best way that help you most to find new music?

Has technology plays an important role to changed the music industry? What is that?

Who is your favorite music band or musician? Why do you like them?

App Conversation Starters

  • What are the five excellent app in your phone?
  • What is your favorite game that you have played most?
  • Name the application in your phone that does something different?
  • How many apps stored on your phone?
  • What is the most disgusting application on your phone?
  • Which app you tried first time on your phone and seems like magic?
  • What is the unusual app suggested by your friend?
  • Which app is best suited for society?
  • Which app on your phone helps you most?
  • What apps have directly impact a lot on your life?
  • What app makers do that annoys you most?

Phone Conversation Starters

  • How many times do you check your phone?
  • Do you always wish for latest phone in your pocket?
  • How did you feel when you got your first smart phone?
  • What is the worst thing you don’t like about your phone?
  • Do you need protective case for your phone? What kind of it is?
  • What is your maximum call time and text time?
  • What will be the future of phone in next 10 years?
  • How is your experience when you feel your phone is vibrating but it was not?
  • Have you encounter any problem if by chance you forgot your phone at home?
  • What are your expectations from your phone if you are planning to buy new phone?

Restaurant Conversation Starters

  • What is the worst restaurant that you have eaten last month?
  • What is your favorite restaurant where you eat maximum?
  • Do you eat most at restaurant?
  • What is the best fast food restaurant in your area?
  • Would you like to eat food at restaurant that was dirty but food was delicious?
  • If you are planning to open new restaurant in your area, what kind of food would you present.
  • What was your favorite food and restaurant when you were a child?
  • What kind of interior can give excellent look to restaurant?
  • Have you visited any themed restaurant? How was your experience? How was the food?
  • What is the costliest restaurant you visited for eaten?
  • Do you know any most disgusting thing that has happened at a restaurant?

Education Conversation Starters

  • How is education system in your country?
  • What is your view on online education?
  • What is the role of government in making education more efficient?)
  • What is your opinion on standardized tests?
  • How can we use technology to improve education?
  • Are government or private schools are better? How?
  • Is it possible that teaching skill can be taught?
  •  How can we make the future of education much better? Share your views.
  • What is your view on homeschooling?
  • How has the education changed your life?
  •    What was your favorite subject during school time?

Food Conversation Starters

  • Which food is your favorite?
  • What spicy food do you like? Why / Why not?
  • Do you hate any food?  Name that food?
  • Do you know what food you shouldn’t eat but can’t stop yourself to eat?
  • What is your opinion about buffets?
  • What would like to eat your last meal when you were on your last time of life?
  • How do you feel after eating food that looks disgusting but taste was delicious?

Travel Conversation Starters

  • In which countries have you traveled? How was your experience?
  • Have you visited the most relaxing place? Where it is?
  • Have you visited most awe inspiring place?  Where it is?
  • Do you like to travel alone or with a group?
  • What are your views on Group tour packages?
  • Have you met any interesting people while traveling? Talk about them.
  • Where would be your next place to travel?
  • Have you traveled to most over hyped place? If Yes. Where it is?
  • What is the most convenient way for traveling? (Bus, Bike, Plane, Car etc)
  • What is the worst and good thing about traveling?
  • Do you agree that traveling to different countries changes a person? How?
  • What is your longest car trip taken by you?
  • What is your view on stay-cations?
  • Do you prefer to go off-roading while traveling?
  • What is your experience in best and worst hotel while traveling?

Technology Conversation Starters

  • What is your favorite gadget in technology you like to own?
  • What piece of technology is of no use?
  • What do you know about best invention of technology in last 50 years?
  • Do you know how technology makes our life complicated or simple?
  • What is the most emerging technology for which you are waiting?
  • What problems would be created by technology in next five years? How technology will help to overcome problems?
  • Can technology save human community or destroy it?
  • Could you identify which part of technology seems like magic or a miracle?
  • Do you know which piece of technology can make the world worse? Which part of technology has made the world better?
  • What part of technology would you like to have from science fiction movie?
  • Do you want the future to be like any sci fi movie or book?
  • Do you have any idea about future technology?

Clothes / Fashion Conversation Starters

  • Do you update yourself according to fashion? What type of clothes you like to wear according to current fashion?
  • Do you remember your best pair of shoes you have purchased? Share your views.
  • What is your favorite trouser?
  • Do you remember worst piece of clothing you have?
  • Does fashion can change society?
  • What kind of fashion you want to discontinue from society?
  • Which part of society has affected most by fashion, actors and actresses, musicians, fashion designers, or consumers?
  • What old fashion is again appearing in society? How?
  • Do you remember your most comfortable piece of clothing? What was that?
  • How clothes can change the views of opposite sex person?
  • Who is your favorite fashion designer? Why?

Goals Conversation Starters

  • Do you want to achieve any craziest, most outrageous thing in life? What is that?
  • Have you already achieved some goals in life? What is that?
  • What is your personal goal?
  • What do you expect to get in your professional life?
  • How do you stay yourself motivated and complete goals?
  • Have you failed to complete your goals in life? What was that goals?
  • What do you want to do in your life after retirement?
  • Have you set your goals for the next two years? Share your goals.
  • What is your planning for the future?
  • How we can make world better with our plans?

Season conversation starter

  • Which thing makes you refresh on hot summer day?
  • What do you want to do on cold winter day?
  • What thing you like to eat or drink in winter?
  • Have you been fall into nicest place? Where it is?
  • What is your first preference over summer or winter activities?
  • What’s best thing to do in spring?
  • Is your family took seasonal holidays?
  • Which season do you like most?
  • Do you spend biggest holiday with your family?
  • Do you want your holidays should be less or more? Why?
  • Which holiday do you like most?
  • On holiday, which kind of meal usually you like to eat?
  • Do you have any knowledge about history of holiday?
  • Would you like to live in one season stays up most of the year or four year season?

Here is the complete post on Conversation Starters. This is our first post on how to start conversation on different topics. We will update you more on different topics. Stay tuned with us.

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