Bigg Boss 10-2016 Contestants Name List,Start Date-Oct16,2016, Show Time, Host Name

As we know Bigg Boss 10-2016 TV Show is in queue for broadcasting on Color Channel. This is one of the most popular TV show in India as the format of this show is same as Big Brother show broadcasted in Netherlands.

This Bigg Boss TV Show has been broadcasting from last 10 years. Till now its 9 seasons has been already broadcasted. The basic format of this house is that the house has unique architecture and properly decorated. It usually has one or two bedrooms, gym, swimming pool, kitchen, activity area and for enjoying huge garden.Bigg Boss 10 2016 Contestants Name List, Show Time, Start Date, Host Name

The contestants of show are called as housemates. After entering into the house the contestants are kept separated from world and stayed in house under cameras that always watch them and note down their activities.

As per our sources Bigg Boss 10 is starting on Oct16,2016

Every year bigg boss house is looking attractive and is built away from Mumbai. There is an activity of nomination every week in bigg boss show for removal of contestants. The bigg boss contestants with maximum votes are nominated.

Then these nominated contestants appeals to public for sending votes for them so that they remains safe in the bigg boss house and the contestants with minimum votes gets eliminated from bigg boss TV show. Then this process continues every week and the final contestant is selected based on maximum votes received by contestant from public.

The main aim of this reality TV show is entertainment and every time the contestants of bigg boss are from field of entertainment and entertain the entire world from and people can observe their favorite celebrities as like normal person.

News Related to Bigg Boss 10 Contestants

As I have already mentioned above that Bigg Boss Season 10 is going to broadcast in few weeks and people are excite about this show. This is one of the best show that got huge attention from millions of people before its starting because of its entertainment level. The basic reason for its popularity is people are curious about the people who are going to be part of this reality show.

I would like to share one thing with you this time the CEO of Color TV channel, Mr. Raj Nayak has already announced that there is ratio of 50-50 between celebrities and common individual this time in Big Boss Show.

There is also a buzz from producers of this show if this concept will be successful then there might be two seasons every year one with common peoples and one with celebrities. But there is no official news from Bigg Boss 10 about list of contestants.Bigg Boss 10 2016 Contestants Name List, Show Time, Start Date, Host Name

But I am going to add first raw list of celebrity contestants that may take part in this popular reality show. But this is not the official list and this is released by another entertainment site on Internet. Check out the list of name of celebrities revealed by an entertainment website i.e.

Kajol Tyagi

Kajol Tyagi is 23 year old actor and Youtube Fan basically from Kashmir but now lives in Mumbai. She loves dancing and love to relax and chill. bigg boss 10

Ruchika Singh

Ruchika Singh is 39 year old movie lover and party animal loves to read and travel. Ruchika Singh is basically from Delhi and is self-proclaimed selfie queen. She owns channel at Youtube where we can check out her selfie videos and has been shortlisted for BiggBoss 10

bigg boss 10

Priyanka Jagga

Priyanka Jagga is marketing recruiter and is basically from Delhi and 32 year old. She loves playing badminton and travelling. You will see this beautiful lady with 13 other non-celebrity participants.

bigg boss 10

Lokesh Kumari Sharma

Lokesh Kumari Sharma is a student from Delhi a 25 years old, foodie at heart and along with this loves to dance, travel,  and sing. You will see this simple girl entertaining you in Bigg Boss house.

bigg boss 10

Nitibha Kaul

Nitibha Kaul is 23-year old beautiful accountant strategic from Delhi who loves dancing, reading, singing and swimming. Nitibha Kaul is very pretty will she win hearts in Bigg Boss 10?

Bigg Boss 10

Mandira Chauhan

Mandir Chauhan is known as Mandy and works in pune at radio station. She loves going on road trips with friends and along with this loves house parties. Mandira is an army brand and is married to an army man and has reserved its place in Bigg Boss 10 house.

bigg boss 10

Manoj Manu Punjabi

Manoj is basically from Jaipur and businessman by profession and romeo by nature and always enjoys talking with ladies. Manoj also loves watching cartoons and can also do mimicry. Will this help him to stay longer in Bigg Boss 10 house?

bigg boss 10

Manveer Gujjar 

Manveer is 29-year old man from Haryana and an owner of dairy farm. He loves gyming , playing wrestling and kabaddi. Will this handsome hunk will win hearts of ladies in Bigg Boss 10?Bigg Boss 10

Navin Parkash

Navin is 26 year old man a teacher by profession and basically from Bihar and always ready to help needy students. He loves enjoying reading, music, and writing. He is one of the most educated person among others shortlisted candidates.Bigg Boss 10

Parmod Dahiya

Parmod is basically from Haryana but now lives in Mumbai. He is multifaceted boy who is a writer, sports lover,  and actor. He loves reading books and listening to old music.

bigg boss 10

Nikhil Mehta

Nikhil is 24-year old actor and singer from mumbai and is wonderful entertainer. He is music and cricket lover and has been shortlisted for the Salman Khan Show Bigg Boss house. Let’s see how he becomes the center of attention in housebigg boss 10

Dev Devgan

Dev is 30 year old businessman from Ludhiana, Punjab is very energetic and boisterous. He loves dancing especially bhangra as he is punjabi. Let’ see how he impress people with his energetic nature

Bigg Boss 10

I will try to update the official list of Bigg Boss 10 Contestants on our site ASAP. These contestants will live together in house and entertain people and they have a chance to win fame and money via this reality show.

The producer of show has already opened the line to participate in this show. So upload your three minutes video on bigg boss 10 official site. The one thing about this show is that anyone from any religion, profession, caste, and from any country can take part in this show.

The main thing is entertainment how entertaining you are. The makers of this show has already started search for contestants and they are trying their best to make this show more popular and successful this season.

Bigg Boss 10 Host

As along with the name of contestants people are curious about the name of person who will host the bigg boss tv show. I am also big fan of this show from last few years because of Salman Khan.

He has been hosting this show more last seven years and again Bigg Boss 10 would be the hosting by Salman Khan. His way of representation and feel always work well and automatically increases the TRP.Bigg Boss 10 2016 Contestants Name List, Show Time, Start Date, Host Name

That’s why every time makers of this show always approach Salman Khan as the host of this show. As I have watched other seasons hosted by different hosts but the magic reflected by Salman Khan is different from others.

That’s why people always like Salman Khan as host of show. Every week Salman Khan takes class of contestants and scolds them if they are doing wrong inside the house and even boosts the confidence of other contestants in house.

Salman always try to remain friendly with all contestants and I am eagerly waiting to watch the show this time. Check Out the trailer of Bigg Boss 10 Reality show

Start time and Date of Bigg Boss 10

This season 2016 Bigg Boss 10 may be broadcasted in the month of September or in October.

As everyone is waiting eagerly for the final list of contestants of Bigg Boss 10 and maker of this show would be soon declaring the official names of contestants. The show timings are expected to be in between 9 pm to 10 pm every day.

Check out the promo of show10 in Sultan Style

Bigg Boss old and 10 Seasons Winners

On our website viewers from all around the world will get information on Bigg Boss 10 winner. So for this we have to wait till the finale episode of the show. In every season finale night was awesome. There were various performances performed by many performers to end this episode.

In the end host of this show announced the winner of show and will get cheque of handsome money and fame. Check out the list of winner contestants in previous season of TV reality show

  1. For the winner of Bigg Boss TV show we have to wait till end and we will announce the winner of season 10 on our website. Again this time it is being hosted by our all time favorite host Salman Khan. This time Salman Khan would host this show for the eighth time on Colors TV channel.

9. The ninth season of the Big Boss was also hosted by Salman Khan. The winner of the show was Prince                Narula a well known personality for winning reality shows. Rishabh Sinha was the first runner up of                    season.

8. Salman Khan and Farah Khan together hosted the Season 8 of Bigg Boss TV reality show. The Halla Boll               section was hosted by Farah Khan. Gautam Gulati was the winner of Bigg Boss Season 8 and the first                  runner up of the show was Karishma Tanna.

7. Salman Khan alone hosted the season 7 and the winner of this show was Gauhar Khan. Tanisha                      Mukherjee stood as first runner up of season 7.

6.  Star Plus famous celebrity Urvashi Dholakia was the winner of Bigg Boss Season 6 and at that time Salman       Khan was hosting this show.

5.  The Bigg Boss season 5 was hosted by both Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt together. The chemistry of these        two stars was awesome. Juhi Parmar a famous TV actress won the title and Mahek Chahal stood as first              runner up.

4.  Bigg Boss Season 4 was won by Shweta Tiwari a very famous TV daily soap actress. One more thing she              became first female winner of Bigg Boss reality TV show and got prize money of 1 Crore and in the history          of Bigg Boss Salman Khan hosted first time season.

3.  All time favorite Amitabh Bachchan was hosted 3rd season of Bigg Boss TV show and this time Vindu Dara          Singh son of Dara Singh won the title.

2.  Big Boss season 2nd was hosted by Shilpa Shetty and this was won by Ashutosh Rana who also won title         of  MTV Roadies.

  1. Rahul Roy a very famous yesteryear actor was the winner of very 1st season of Big Boss TV show. This show was hosted by Arshad Warsi.

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On our website Bigg Boss readers will get latest updates on bigg boss news, facts, final list of bigg boss 10 contestants. No need to go anywhere just bookmarked our website and get news of your all time favorite reality show i.e. Big Boss 10. So stay tuned with us for more updates.


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