Best Way to crack WIFI Password and Gain Access in a minute

Hey friends, today I am going to discuss an easy and best way to crack down WiFi password in just 60 seconds. Through this post I will help you in hacking or cracking down WiFi password with ease. We are all today totally dependent on internet I think life hacks without internet. Sometime there is diehard need of WiFi and cracking down WiFi is essential. With this useful technique it is easy for you to do this. I just want to make one thing clear that this method is spam free you can use it without any fear of intruding anyone.

There is a need of good and high quality softwares to crack WiFi password. Through this post I am going to discuss about the best and useful software to crack WiFi password. It is very difficult for a non-technical person to Hack/Crack WiFi Password because it requires lot of high level technical knowledge. So for technical and non-technical persons this technique works well. The outcomes from this technique is positive sometime doesn’t work in few cases.

How to gain access by Crack/Hack down WiFi Password

There are two ways via which we can crack/hack down WiFi password either with the help of excellent coding skills or via using intelligent softwares that works efficiently. Through this post I will discuss how to crack/hack WiFi password using softwares.

Steps to Crack/Hack WiFi Password

I am going to give detail information on two methods that are useful and working to crack/hack WiFi password.

  • Open Vpn
  • PD-Proxy

Open Vpn Method

  • First of all Download Vpn and download it on your PC.
  • There are two types of accounts available on this website i.e. PPTP and Open. PPTP stands for point to point tunneling and I recommend you to use open VPN account. Open VPN have lot of servers like EURO, US, and UK. You can choose any of one and can easily get access to internet. Here is the link to visit website and screen shoot from where you can select server.Hack/Crack Wifi to get access
  • Next step is How to download Open VPN software. For this first visit at this link. Click on Community Button and then Click on download button available at left side. Check last two links and install according to your window configuration. Here is the screenshot for your reference.Hack/Crack Wifi to get access
  • After installation click on the OpenVPN GUI button available on your desktop to run this application.
  • Next the most important step is that download certificate bundle files available on this link. Click on one link and soon a new file will be downloaded. Click on this file.Hack/Crack Wifi to get access
  • Then use right button of your mouse and use Extract All option to extract all files then move these files in your c:/drive. Just follow this step where you have to copy these files. C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config Hack/Crack Wifi to get access
  • Then click on right side of your desktop notification bar you will see a new logo.Hack/Crack Wifi to get access
  • Right click on this logo will show you files you have copied in C:/ drive of your computer. Then click on any of the file to start this application that will help you to crack WiFi password to get internet access. Then click on connect button. Hack/Crack Wifi to get access
  • The next window will ask you to enter your Username and Password to start this service and then press ok. Login credentials are available at vpn7
  • After connecting to this service you will get notification that you are connected with new assigned IP address. Now you are free to use full internet access.


Sometime if you found that Open-VPN is not working then there is another option for you and this will work surely for you. But we can  use this till 100 Mb per day.

  • First of all visit and register yourself using any of your email account and Pd-Proxy team will send an activation link on your email id to activate your account.
  • Next step is to download application on your computer to start this service. Here is the link where you can download this application. Wifi to get access
  • After installation a new window will come on your screen that needs username and password to start this service and then click on connect button. Hack/Crack Wifi to get access
  • You will get notification after connecting successfully.
  • After login on pdproxy website you can check your monthly usage, change password and can pause your account if you don’t want to use your account.vpn10

These two applications helps you a lot to get access of block WiFi. Even school/college students can use these applications to unblock/hack WiFi. Generally Hacking of WiFi via programming skills is very tough and it is impossible for non-programmer to hack/unblock WiFi. In this situation we have to stick to these applications and help you to get access of block WiFi. If you have any queries on this please write us directly we will surely help you on this.

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