Best Truth or Dare Questions

There are number of games which are played in groups. The truth or dare game is one of them or we can say game of embarrassment. A group of people asking questions turn wise to each member of group “Truth or dare”?

When turn comes for a specific member then other members asks to choose “truth or dare”. If someone choosing “truth”, they must give truthful answers to questions and the questions might be related to embarrassment moment or about your secrets.

It is the best way to know the secrets of your friends and you can laugh on them. If they forcefully want to know your remaining secrets and you don’t want to share with them, you should choose dare and entertain them but you might be face some disgraceful dares by them.

Here is the list on best truth or dare questions which may ask by group members and you can modify these questions according to the situation. Don’t forget that it is game of embarrassment and enjoyment and you can know about your friend’s past if you want to and can do some craziness with them. Sometimes this “truth or dare” game may cause serious fights in group and your party will be spoiled so be aware of this and try to maintain peace among your group.

So choose the best truth or dares questions from this list and do modification which you want to ask. I hope you will get your question easily and enjoy them.

Best Truth or Dare Questions: Truth 

What are you most self-careful about?

What is most embarrassing moment you have faced recently?

How would you face the world if for two weeks you were the opposite sex?

How many times did you steal money from your dad wallet?

What is the funniest thing from your childhood you still do?

Have you ever let anyone in your life take the guilt for something you did?

Who here would you like to go on date with?

Have you ever cheated to your parents?

What mendacity have you told that someone feel it is true?

What is the mean thing you have done with something that didn't deserve it?

What is the precious thing you have but people think you had stolen that?

For which crime police kept you in custody for 10 days you have not done?

Tell me about your first date.

What is the idiotic thing for which you have attached emotionally?

What is your awful secret?

Tell me about your first movie that you have watched with your girlfriend.

Where is the public place you have peed?

Who is the person you wanted to kiss?

Did you ever crap any of your shirt since you were a child?

What is the worst thing you have but your parents don't know about it?

What dark secret of your close friend did you tell to everyone?

What is the horror dream you ever had?

When was the last time you farted loudly publicly?

Why did you leave your ex boyfriend or girlfriend?

What is the silliest thing you have done ever?

How many times you have done piss in your bed when you were child?

How your tummy has come out?

What terrible thing have you done by mistake that you lied to hide from your family?

What do you expect from others who have special place in your life?

What precious gadget did you bought secretly but you never told to anyone about it?

What is the bad habit in you?

What was the bad joke of yours with which you hurt badly someone?

What is most embarrassing comment you have written on someone picture?

What embarrassing thing you have done that no one ever not try to do this?

What was the most embarrassing loving meeting you have had?

What plump thing have you ever tasted?

What embarrassing moment you have ever faced that you can't forget throughout your life?

What is the dark secret of your life you have not shared with anyone?

Best Truth or Dare: Dare

For a guy put on skirt. For a girl take off your skirt.

Dance on table without music.

Drink a glass of spicy water in 10 seconds.

Let your friends pose you in shameful posture and take a selfie with you.

 Stand like statue of liberty for 10 minutes without any movement.

Do six cartwheels without any pause.

Define song to someone with weird body posture.

Give someone your phone and let them send one video to anyone in your WhatsApp contacts.

Describe a human life through interpretive painting.

Lick the wall.

Drink a glass of juice makes by your friends that contain worms, insects, and ants and you have to remain this juice in your mouth for 10 minutes.

Write something embarrassing on shirt and wear it for whole month.

Eat four spoonfuls of chilli powder.

Let the group give you awkward hairstyle.

Make every person cry in the group, carry on until everyone has cried.

Sniff the bad breath of everyone in the room.

Let the person to draw shameful sketch on your face.

Make up a 15 minutes skit on disabled person or for disabled group and perform it publicly.

Serenade the person beside you.

Beg and supplicate the person beside you to adopt as real child for whole life. Shed tears, and grinding of teeth.

Attempt to one leg dance for 30 seconds.

Smooch the person to your left.

Eat the worm.

Do chin ups until you can’t do any more, stop for 4 second and then do two more.

Prove your best salesman skill by selling a piece of garbage to anyone in a group.

Take off your clothes in front of group.

Let the group access your phone and e-mail accounts for whole day.

Imitate like a beggar every time you talk with someone.

Try to juggle 5 things without drop for 2 minutes.

Walk on your hands from one side of the road to the other.You can take help from someoneto hold your legs if necessary.

Gargle anything that shouldn't be suitable for your throat,but without hurting your throat.

Get punch on the face by the person of your selection.

Copy popular Dailymotion videos until anyone can guess the video you are copying.

Dance to a song you hate the most.

Seduce an old person of same sex around you.

That is all about Best truth or dare questions post. I tried to put best ever question in this post that can make your conversations exciting and funny. If you like post please share this for others who are looking for best truth or dare questions to start conversation in groups.

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