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When buying a new toilet, you should be investing enough effort and time in conducting a sound research to come up with the right decision, as in a good and rewarding decision. As you know, buying a new toilet is one, but finding the best toilet is another.

Here is a guide to help you go through the shopping process. Brace yourself for a wide range of options and prepare for entirely different features to look for when shopping around. Some of the toilets that you can choose from would offer comfort while would boast off innovative technology.

Either way, you should make the right decision, and that starts here. What is good about the toilets today is that they are eco-friendly and efficient as compared to how they worked back in the old days. Most of the toilets that you can see in the market today offer and present different features that make things even more confusing for you.

Now, to help you make a wise decision in choosing that toilet, here are the top five toilets that have been selling making noise on the online world as well as in local retail stores.

Top Five Best Toilet Reviews

With all the brands available on the market right now, and to ease out the hard part in choosing one, here are the five best toilet brands:

It is by far one of the most reliable toilet models proving to be one of the top choicesBest toilet among hotel owners, spa operators, offices and homes around the world.

The American Standard Champion-4 has the widest and the biggest 2-3/8 inch trap-way as well as a 4-inch flush valve. Amazing, isn’t it?

What it does is that it eliminates plungers for homeowners. It virtually gets rids of clogged toilets that may be the very reason to call a plumber. Check out its specifications below:

  • Champion 4 Flushing System features the largest of its kind on flush valve as well as trap-way. It can produce a more powerful, faster and quieter flush. It effectively achieves a bulk removal rating of about 1,000 grams.
  • Engineered for Maximum Performance has the flush system of this toilet is well known in the business. It receives high and positive ratings on Amazon and other reselling sites.
  • It features a 4-inch Accelerator Flush Valve for plenty of water into the bowl quicker and more powerfully.
  • More Volume Out with the siphon trap-way to move 40% larger mass than a 2-1/8inch. It is up to 70% larger than the usual 2-inch trap-way.

The American Standard Brand made a name for itself over the past decade. It has been established itself as a world leader for toilet making.

If you are looking for a high-performing toilet, you can go for this brand model. Buy it today!

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Being the best for its great vision, innovation and products, it leads the way inBest toilet engineering, refining, designing and delivering innovation for the latest technology to enhance daily living.

The Toto C744EG-01 has a great design for the best toilet appearance and function. Designers ensure they embrace a holistic design as a main principle.

In addition, they have also ensured their customers get the best performance, functionality and quality from their products.

That is why this brand is chosen by homeowners and business owners from around the world.

Backed by accuracy and global manufacturing standards, their design addresses performance, functionality and elegance. Here are the technical aspects of this toilet:

  • Efficient on consumption siphon jet-flushing of about 6Lpf/1.6Gpf
  • Combination Bowl, along with the ST7435s-O1 Tank and SS114-01 Seat (*Seat not included)
  • Advanced Close Coupled Toilet with a 12-inch rough-in
  • Tank with Fittings, Lid, trip-lever, less seat
  • SanaGloss Super smooth ion barrier glazing that cleans your toilet bowl in every single flush
  • Wide 3inch flush valve that is 125% larger than the normal 2-inch conventional flush valve, G-Max
  • Commercial grade, powerful and quiet flush performance
  • Wide 2-1/8 inch fully-glazed trap way using a computer aided design tool

Toto has over 90 years of experience in the toilet business, so they offer peace of mind.

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With the Ultramax II’s innovation and vision towards design, refining, engineeringToTo MS604114CEFG Ultramax II and delivering innovation in toilet technology, any consumer looking to improve way of life can depend on this toilet.

Toto has presented it in a way that translates ecology and performance into the world of plumbing. The brand did not leave anything to chance on how a superior toilet should work due to its years of collaboration with designers and engineers.

The Ultramax II from Toto brings a holistic design principle. It makes performance, functionality, customer satisfaction and quality possible.

If you buy this toilet, your investment is backed up by modern engineering and high global manufacturing standards to address performance, functionality, appearance and elegance.

Ultramax II paid close attention to details and ongoing improvement for all its products. Here are the technical specifications of the Ultramax II:

  • High Efficiency Rating from the Double Cyclone Flushing Action (4.8Lpf/1.28Gpf)
  • Chrome plated trip lever, tank cover and fittings and SoftClose seat
  • WaterSense Approved High-Efficiency Rating Toilet (1.28Gpf/4.8Lpf)
  • 16 1/8inch rim height
  • 17 1/4inch seat height
  • Tank width of 16 9/16inch and 28 3/8inch tank height
  • Double Cyclone Elongated Bowl Flushing Technology
  • Quiet and powerful flush system
  • Super Smooth SanaGloss Ion Barrier Glazing for easier cleaning

All these features and functions make this model a top choice. Consumers put high regard on the brand for its best quality and performance.

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Toto has proven itself once more with a model that surpasses all others on the Best Toiletmarket for its striking appearance, rigid built and outstanding function.

If you are looking for a toilet that delivers a great design, engineering and innovative technology, the Toto CST744S-12 deserves a second look. It comes with superb appearance and functionality everyone deserves for their home or business premise.

This product is backed up by global manufacturing standards and precise engineering for bringing customer satisfaction, quality and functionality altogether.

Aesthetics and necessities are important components of the toilet. Check out below to find out its technical specifications:

  • A Combo Bowl with the ST743S-12 Tank
  • A 12inch high profile elongated and close coupled toilet
  • Siphon jet flushing jet action that is low in consumption (6Lpf/1.6Gpf)
  • Chrome plated trip lever with tank lid and fittings
  • G-max Flush System to provide a commercial grade, powerful and quiet flushing performance
  • Wide 3inch flush valve 125% larger than the conventional 2-inch flush valves
  • Fully glazed trap-way, 2 1/8inch, computer designed
  • Larger water surface

Toto provides unmatched durability, reliability and performance for customer satisfaction! They are successful in proving they are a top brand with over 90 years of experience. Buy it today!

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You might not have seen all the best from the American Standard. Today, find out Best Toiletabout this Champion-4 that makes it 100% different.

Its innovative features include getting rid of clogging issues that will avoid you from calling a plumber.  This model is yet another achievement for the brand for its appearance, design and function. You can check it out online to compare prices from seller to seller.

Based from consumer reviews, the model is one of the best they ever bought. It has all the compact features and functions to look for saving money and utility bill. To find out why, check out below:

  • Accelerator Flush Valve of 4-inch Piston Action for pushing the water into the bowl for about three times faster than a conventional 2-inch flush valve
  • A fully glazed 2 3/8 inch trap-way, the largest of all that allows the toilet for moving up to 40% larger mass than a 2 1/8 inch trap-way and 70% larger mass than the standard 2-inch trap-way
  • Permanent EverClean Surface frees cleaning and maintenance
  • It comes with 10-Year Warranty

With all these features and functions, there is nothing else to look for, don’t you think? It is the better choice for replacement. Buy it to become a happy customer, too! Check it out online today!

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Factors to Look for the Best Toilets

If you are choosing the best toilet for your home or office, you can consider the following tips for that smart decision.

There are certain factors to think about to avoid making a wrong decision. If you are ready, check out below and find out:

  • Compare flush ratings.
  • As much as possible, you should look for rebates to get with high-efficiency brands or models.
  • A top priority is to buy a toilet with a pressure-assist to keep your toilet clean. It means you would save money on your water consumption—a great news for consumers looking to save on their utility bill.
  • Buy an easy to clean toilet so that you do not have to worry about performing such a task with your busy schedule.
  • For added comfort, consider buying a toilet with a taller throne if you are willing to invest more money.
  • You should be able to measure and compare the rough in of the toilet you are buying.
  • Avoid buying toilets with bigger bowls, but buy one with a dual flush system to save water.

Tips on Choosing High-Quality Best Toilets

Aside from the above-said factors, you should also consider the value of what you are buying. Having this said does not mean you should buy a cheap toilet; instead, compare and find the best deals. Look for average pricing based from your target brand.  In short, stay away from non-proven brands.

As you may know, a toilet is a serious investment to take a big chunk of your budget if you do not decide well. Therefore, do not only look into the pricing, but also compare the quality.

Avoid those with a noisy flushing system, one that may be bothering; instead, look for high efficiency toilets with quieter flush system.

Check if the toilet is pressure-assisted to ensure it works and saves you money off your water bill. It also helps in virtually eliminating clogs so that you do will not need a plumbing service.

Buying a new toilet can be a bothersome task. On the other hand, shopping around with enough knowledge will change the game. If you equip yourself with information, you will sure find the right one for your business or for your family.

Final Thoughts on best toilet reviews

Buy a proven-tested and consumer-trusted toilet. You should look for reviews online. These will help you find a good rated toilet loved by consumers.

Go for a model that suits your budget. Do not just go for cheap toilets. Choose well by comparing the best deals around.

It should also possess the features and functions you are looking for. Do not settle for something less than your expectations.

Spend enough time to research and do not rush. If you are in a hurry, you might fall into the trap of finding the wrong one. This might cause regrets in the end.

Go for a TRUSTED BRAND that fits your budget, expectations and needs. There are good brands available at lower prices.

Do not settle for anything second best. Be sure to maximize your investment by comparing toilet brands mentioned above. Find the best toilet to accommodate your requirements and usage.

Buy a toilet to match your home decoration or design. This will help you get one that suits the existing theme of your home or office. If you need help, consult the toilet experts to help in finding the right one.

In short, do not just buy a toilet for the sake of having one installed; instead, shop for one to accommodate your budget, meet your expectations and complement your theme.

Finally, do not rush in making this important decision. Find time in researching so that you do not make a rushed decision. There you have your complete guide to buying a dependable, efficient and quality toilet that may work as it is supposed to.

Check out the factors mentioned and see top brands and models featured here for a guide. Read and compare reviews of the best brands online.

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