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Table saw is not a small item it is big equipment so before buying a table saw you need to check various things. So while buying a table saw please consider some important parameters which we will discuss in this Best Table Saw Reviews guide. It will certainly help you to find a most efficient model. Here we will review features of different type of saws from different makers and will compare with each other.

DEWALT DW745 10-Inch Compact Job-Site Table Saw with 20-Inch Max Rip Capacity - 120V$2994.7
DEWALT DWE7491RS 10-Inch Jobsite Table Saw with 32-1/2-Inch Rip Capacity and Rolling Stand$5794.7
Jet 708493K JPS-10TS, 10-inch Proshop Tablesaw with 52-inch Fence, Steel Wings and With Riving Knife$13504.4
Bosch 4100-09 10-Inch Worksite Table Saw with Gravity-Rise Stand$5694.6
Shop Fox W1819 3 HP 10-Inch Table Saw with Riving Knife$16644.8
DEWALT DWE7490X 10-Inch Job Site Table Saw with Scissor Stand$4994.6
SawStop PCS175-PFA30 1.75-HP Professional Cabinet Saw Assembly with 30-Inch Premium Fence System, Rails and Extension Table$25494.4
Grizzly G1023RLWX Cabinet Left-Tilting Table Saw, 10-Inch$1767.534.5

Types Of Table Saws

In today’s market various type of table saws are available. Some basic table saws which are commonly used are as follows:

Cabinet Table Saws

These types of saws are especially designed for professional wood workers. Cabinet table saws are most effective but often big in size and heavy in weight than other types of saws. 10” blade commonly used in cabinet table saws which is safer than others.

This type of saws are costly than others. To pay good to buy good product is not a wrong decision for professionals. The cabinet saw is used in professional woodwork like for making long and straight cut both in metal and wood.  The main problem with Cabinet saw is that it requires more space than others.

Contractor Table Saws

These types of saws are best for people who do woodwork as hobby.. This type of saw is best in terms of price and function. As name describes this type is also mainly liked by mid range contractors because they can move this type of saw with a vehicle which have ample space.

Mostly contractor saws are directly driven by motor but the some models are belt driven. One more advantage of contractor table saws is that this can operate on normal household phase. Only one main problem of this type is that this is not idle for harder and thick wood.

Portable (Bench top)Table Saws

These types of saws are easily transportable and light in weight. This is mostly liked by contractors because this works effectively on on-site construction. This is very useful for those who want to cut wood at different locations. Generally these are directly driven by motor.

Power consumption of this type of saw is less than other types. Its noise is louder than other types. Portable table saws vibrate while working because of its light weight. This saw is medium in size so it takes less space than other table saws. Main disadvantage of this type of table saw is that this is not good for cutting hard wood.

Hybrid Table Saws

The features of hybrid table saw are between contractor and portable saw. Mostly people are confused because of difference in performance and price between cabinet saws and contractor saws. Hybrid Table Saws is a best option for them. This type of table saw has reasonable price and more features.

Important features of Table Saws

There are a lot of features available in table saws. But some common features should be considered while choosing best table saws are:

Easy To Use

Table saw which we are buying should be easy to use. If we are going to purchase    table saw first time than we should look after a model which is easy to use.

Motor Power

The working of table saw mainly depends on power of the motor. 1 to 2 horsepower motor is used for hobbyist’s woodworkers while 3 to 5 hp motor is for commercial saw. The motor below 3 hp motors can work on normal household power phase.


Whenever we have to use any power tool, safety should be considered first. So before purchasing a table saw we should check all features which are related to safety.

Dust Collection

When we use table saw it produces a lot of dust. So dust collection system is different in different models. So please check appropriate model which meets dust collection requirements.

Tips for Buying Best Table Saw in 2016

This helps you in finding best table saws, for this you have to check following   parameters which helps in choosing best table saw.

Safety Features

As we discussed above safety feature is a necessary part while buying a table saw. Today a number of safety features are provided by companies. Some of them are:

Auto Stop

Whenever there is any power failure the saw remains in “on” position and when power restores the saw start working back without any warning. Because of this any miss happening can occur. In most of best table saw a magnetic switch is provided which will turn off the saw whenever power fails.

Prevent Kickback

When wood hit the saw blade it kickbacks the wood. The moving blade velocity lifts the wood and it may hit you. We should check that which features are provided to prevent Kickback.

Flesh Sensors

One of the Latest safety features is the invention of flesh sensors. Flesh sensors are designed to stop the table saw within 0.01 seconds because of flash. The flesh is generated when any hard substance touches the saw blade thus stopping the saw.

Kick Switch

A new technique is kick switch is used in table saw, by which user can switch off the saw immediately with the foot, hip or knee.

Size of Blade 

In table saw reviews blade size is a main point to be considered. There are different sizes of blades available in the market. Mostly it comes in two main sizes which are 10” and 12”. The size of 12” blade size is big. This is often used for cutting of bigger size wood. Generally the blade of 10” size is used.

Blade Quality 

Quality of blade is also an important parameter. The main part of saw is blade so quality of blade should be very fine for safety purpose as well as for good job work. We can use blade also for cutting Plastic, Metal and plywood. Saw blades made of carbide (Carbon compounded with a non-metal or metal) and with cutting edges {teeth shaped} are mostly preferred.

Adjustable  Blade Angles 

Generally for simple and straight cutting no need to adjust blade angle. But when we rips wood for fancy wood work or moldings, bevel cuts are required. For this purpose we need blade with adjustable angles. So we can adjust blade angles as per requirements.

Drive Configuration (Direct Driven or Belt Driven)

Different people have different requirements and different opinions. Some people like direct driven motor table saws and some people like belt driven table saws. Direct driven motors require more maintenance as compared to belt driven.

Because belt driven motor is far from the dust produced by saw that’s why it lasts longer. Some people say that belt driven motor is much safer than direct driven because when saw stops immediate because of  hard material than it affects directly to the motor which may also cause burning of motor , on the other hand in belt driven belt slips so this will not affect the motor. So while purchasing table saw check your suitability of direct driven motor or belt driven motor.

 Table Saw Top 

For making the most accurate cut, the tabletop should be fully flat. Mostly the top of table saw is made of cast iron which is milled to make the top flat. So check the top saw before purchasing. Make sure that the flatness of top is as per normal standard.

Quality of Fence 

Mostly table saw comes with fence. But now a day some table saws are available without fence. For a best table saws a good fence is must. The Fence is also called as “Rip Fence” because while making a rip cut this guides the work piece.

In most table saws a fence run from front to back of the table, parallel to saw blade. Distance between blade and fence can be adjusted. Cuts will not be fine if it is not aligned properly. So fence should be of very good quality because it provides accuracy in cuts.

Top Table Saws Reviews 2016

 By this best table saw reviews we try to find out best table saws. Some best table saw 2016 are following: –

Bosch 4100-09 Table Saw 


 Bosch 4100-09 table saw is one of the best products from Bosch. Robert Bosch Tool Corporation established in January 2003 in North America. This group is a leading worldwide supplier of services and technology. Bosch manufactures power tools are best for industry and craftsmen that are high in performance and of best quality for efficient job work. Bosch tools are powerful, reliable, robust and fulfill the most requirements and thus making work easier.

Product Specifications

This is a 10” on site work table saw. The weight of saw is 124.2 pounds. This table saw has 4 horse power motor with 3650 RPM. Stand Included. Cutting table is made up of aluminum. A 25 inch wide wood can be cut on this table. Square lock Rip Fence is very durable. In built blade guard, riving knife and anti kickback pawls.

Significant Benefits

This is a very durable, easy to use and high performing table saw. The blade guard is with new split-guarding technique that offers maximum protection and optimal line of sight. The riving knife prevents pinching the material on the blade.

This is with integrated carrying handles for easy transport. It has t-slot miter system for measurement and has enhanced dust collection feature. In this table saw arbor lock system is used by which blade can be changed quickly. User can place accessories On-board.

For moving between jobs it is easy because of Smart Guard System. It features a 5/8” arbor size which is compatible with all type of medium blades that will make bevel cuts between 2 to 47 degrees. This table saw features soft-start

Price and Rating

This full featured best table saws can be bought from Amazon at just $569.00 and free shipping. This table saw got 4.6 star rating out of 5 in customer rating from more than 340 customers on Amazon.

DEWALT DWE7491RS Table Saw table2

Raymond E. DeWalt is known as father of electric wood cutter, because in 1922 he made first electric wood cutter. DeWalt Company was formed in 1924 in Leola, Pennsylvania. The company made electric woodworking machine named “Wonder-Worker.

DeWalt is a fortune 500 Company and also Fortune Magazine’s ranked this as one the most admired company. “DEWALT is the world’s leading power tools and equipment Manufacturer and Marketing Company for the tradesmen and professionals.

Above company overviews describes itself that how old and famous brand it is. Good brand always makes best quality products. DeWalt DWE7491RS table saw is one of them.

Product Specifications

This is a jobsite table saw with 10” cutting diameter blade. Its weight is 110 pounds. The color of saw is Yellow. Power source: AC current. Number of teeth in each inch of blade is: 24 teeth per inch. Rip capacity: 82.5 cm. Fence pinion system is used because of this fence adjustment is accurate and fast. Power motor: 15 Amp. Dust collection port: 2”.

Significant Benefits

The 32-1/2” rip capacity cuts trimmed materials easily. The patented material is used. Powerful motor quickly rips with ease through hardwoods. This saw at 90 degrees makes cut of 3-1/8” deep and at 45 degree makes cut of 2-1/4”deep.

The rolling stand has large and heavy duty wheels which easily roll over curbs, steps, and jobsite debris. This table saw comes with three year limited warranty.

Price and Rating:

You have no need to go anywhere for buying this table saw because this is easily available on Amazon at just $579.00 and free shipping. If you really want to buy this best table saws than, place your order now.

On Amazon from more than 210 customers rating this table saw got 4.7 stars out of 5 stars.

Makita 2705 Contractor Table Saw table3

Makita Corporation was founded in March 21, 1915. Company incorporated on December 10, 1938.In 1958, Makita Corporation, became the 1st company in Japan for manufacturing and selling electric planers.

As Company main business is production and sale of power tools. Company is famous for production in some specific fields like woodworking machines, household equipments and gardening equipments.

Makita 2705 contractor table saw is a best table saws in the world. After research from a number of best table saws reviews we find that this is the only product which is discussed every time. Now we will see why this is a best table saw:-

Product Specifications

Makita 2705 is a 10-Inch Contractor Table Saw. Table saw has only 85 pounds of weight which is easy for transportation. This table saw is of teal color which looks attractive. Powerful 15 amp motor has 4800 rpm. It has large capacity of cutting, at 90° it can cut 3-9/16″ deep and at 45° it can cut 2-1/2″ deep.

This table saw can rip four times of material in one pass as compared to other table saws. Ripping capacity is up to 25 inches. Aluminum die cast material is used in tabletop with precision machined that assuring true flat top surface.

On/off switch is of large size which is easy to operate. This table saw has easy to read scale which helps in easy adjustment. For lowering and raising blade, two pole slide type system is used that helps in smoother adjustment of blade.

Significant Benefits

In Makita 2705 table saw Modular Tool Less Blade Guard System with cam lock is used which is easy to remove and install. This guard allows user to view the blade when it contacts with the material. This table saw has 2 Independent Anti Kickback Pawls.

For more flexibility in cutting T-slot meter gauge is used. This table saw has high capacity of ripping and high volume of material can easily pass through this in just single pass. This has Electric brake which provides maximum productivity.

Price and Rating

This full featured table saw is available on Amazon at just $527.99 and free shipping. This product got 4.3 stars out of 5 stars from customer rating on Amazon.

Delta 36-5000 Contractor Table Saw 


Delta Power Equipment Corporation has experience of 90 years in woodworking business. Black and Decker, in 2005 purchased DELTA Machinery and PORTER CABLE. Black and Decker is already known as leader in the power tools. Delta has become the most favorite brand in woodworking tools among people. It is also known as premium brand in woodworking power tools.

Delta 36-5000 is a contractor table saw by Delta Power and Equipment Corporation. We will discuss main features and important details below related to these best table saws: –

Product Specifications

DELTA 36-5000 is a 10” left tilt table saw. Blade can rip right hand 30 inches and left hand 15 inch.

This table saw weighs 260 pound. Powerful 15 Amp induction motor works on dual voltage 120V/240V. At 90° angle blade can cut maximum 3.5” inch deep and at 45° angle blade can cut 2.25 inch deep. Table size is 50 inch wide and 27 inch in height including wings.

Significant Benefits

This table saw has maximum stability and support and Unique Tubular Stand is used. This stand consist 1 swivel wheel and 2 fixed wheels which helps in easy transportation. Heavy fence used in this table saw provides more accuracy in job work. Break of Blade stops the blade immediately whenever power turned off.

Price and Rating

We can easily buy this table saw on Amazon at just $895.00and free shipping. This table saw got 4.3 stars out of 5 stars from customer rating on Amazon.

Final Thoughts on Best Table Saw Reviews

Table saw is a big item in both size and money. So while choosing best table saws we have to check several parameters. It should be cost effective, provide quality work and safety also. By our table saws reviews you can easily choose best table saw. If you think any other information is also important for this review please write us. Your feedback is precious for us always.


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