Best Remote Administration Tool

Remote Administration Tool

Remote administration is kind of software by which remote operator get access to control the system only if remote operator has physical access to that system. As there are lots of legal issues associated with desktop sharing and remote administration because these tools are used to do criminal or malicious activities.

As normal person don’t know about these tools and these softwares are installed without target knowledge to whom hackers are targeting. The RAT tools are controlled by network connection. After successful installation of RAT on user device person can control screen/camera, access your files, automatically turn on/off your computer, can modify registry files, even can destroy your hardware, and make your device useless.

RAT gives complete control of your device like they are operating device physically.

Don’t be afraid of these tools as there are various ways by which we can protect our system from being infected by these RAT tools. Please follow the below tips to avoid installation of RAT on your system

  • Be aware about all links you click and download contents from these links
  • Always be aware from P2P file- sharing.
  • Proper installation or upgradation of your security software.

By following these tips we can stop intruders to take physical control of our system.

Best Remote Administration Tool

The purpose of this post is not to give ideas on how to take complete control of others system by installing RAT tools and collect sensitive information. Some time these tools are beneficial for us according to that point of view I am going to add list of top remote administration tool:


DarkComet is best and most powerful administration tool and is available for free. This tool has excellent graphical user interface that helps user to control the system. Other features are used maliciously to get sensitive information from other systems after installation. DarkComet works as detective tool and control victims screen, crack password and key-logging. DarkComet is just like VNC enables user to connect and control systems, wherever you are.

Download Link: DarkComet

Password: thankyou


NJRat is remote access Trojan that has been continuously used from last 10 years. NJRat is completely written in .NET and it is very difficult to decode who wants to know what is going on. After installation of Malware it copies itself to temporary files and starts sending different information to the end user and takes complete control of infected device.

NJRat is used to attack on government systems. The NJRat malware is able of logging keystrokes; execute shell commands, read/write registry keys, and access victim webcam and screen. NJRat spreads via infected USB keys and network drives.

But in some cases it spreads via spam mail with link of professional NFSW car changer game and after downloading this game the entire malware start spreading into your system.

Download Link: NJRat


AndroRat is combination of Android and Rat i.e. Remote Access Tool. This app is developed using JAVA Android on client side and in server side JAVA/Swing. The main purpose behind the development of this app is to control the android system remotely and gather information from android device. By using thus app user can easily get control on victim phonebook, call logs, GPS control, messages, camera control, and many more.


SUB-7 is another remote administration tool and also called as Trojan program. This tool is used for unauthorized access on other system without detecting. This tool is compatible on Windows 9x and Windows NT family and also includes Window 8.1. It consists of two parts i.e. server and client.

The server is that kind of program that must be run on victim computer to control the system remotely and the user on client side run its own machine to control server or we can say that control host PC. With this tool user can completely get virtual control of victim computer. By using this hacking tool on server side/victim computer there is possibility

  • Recording of sound files, images and screen shots of computer
  • Easily retrieval of recorded and cache passwords.
  • Changing desktop colors, opening/closing of optical drives automatically, change mouse buttons, and enable remote controller by which computer talk to its user and many more other features.

Download Link: SUB-7


Here is the list of features that makes Novalite best remote administrative tool

  • Works well on windows 32/64 bit architecture and also supports multiple languages.
  • Support Multithread transfer system at same time.
  • Single Port workable
  • Not dependent on plugins.
  • It size on server side is just 129k
  • Excellent interface that is easy to use
  • Fast data transfer
  • Supports Unicode.

jRat Lite

jRAt is java based remote administrative tool with user friendly interface and compatible with multiple platforms. Due to lots of features this tool is becoming popular worldwide.

Pandora RAT

Pandora RAT designing is based on client/server architecture and configured with latest technology. This tool is designed basically for operating systems like Windows. Because of its static structure and excellent features this tool is mostly preferred by all. Because of its clean interface and excellent file manager it is easy for everyone to use Pandora RAT.

That’s all about the best remote administration tool that are mostly preferred tool by all because of its features and user friendly interface. After reading reviews from tons of website I made list of these 7 top remote administration tools that works well on Windows operating system. After reading this post if you know another best tools please share with us and we will surely add description of that tool in our post. Please share this list with all your friends who need good remote administrative tool.


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