Best Personal questions to ask a guy

It is sometime hard to know about someone by asking everyday questions that everyone asks. So I am going to add list of best personal questions to ask a guy. These questions will help you a lot if you have found right guy and you want to know more about him.

There are lots of questions in this post from which you can easily choose and will surely work for you. Try to choose question for your guy that will help you to know more about the behavior, nature, personality of your guy.

So here is the list of question for your guy that you like most and let’s start the conversation.

Best Personal questions to ask a guy

Would you prefer to spend quality time with your friends, family, or girlfriend? Why?

What activity gives you peace and makes you relax? Why?

What thing or activity makes you upset? Why?

How often have you helped unsheltered person with money or food?

Have you done any adventurous thing yet? What was that?

Who inspire you most in your family? Do you want to be like them and why?

Do you know anything in yourself that needs to be improved? (Attitude, Personality)Why?

What do you think about politics? Does it need any improvement? If yes how is it possible?

Which thing scares you most? Why?

Where is your favorite place where do you want to go alone?

What memories of your life you don’t want to think again? Why?

Do you remember last ugly conversation you had with someone? What was that?

Do you have any pictures of your first trip with your family when you were in your childhood? If yes, Share your picture and if you remember any incident also share with us.

Would you rather spend your night in Casino, Disco or bar?

What thing in your family seems weird to you and needs improvement? Why?

What is your favorite movie you watched maximum?

Do you have any controversial opinion? What is that?

What fact of your life do you hate most?

How often do you become anxious? Why?

Who is in your life help you to come out from stress and who do you trust most and share everything of your life?

This is all about Best Personal questions to ask a guy. I think you enjoyed a lot after reading this. This is our first post on questions to ask a guy and in future we will update you more on this topic. Please share this post for others.

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