Best Interesting Conversation Starters Topics

This is our second post on Conversation Starters. This post will cover wide topic of conversation like beauty to personality.Check this post and find best interesting conversation starters topics in which you are interested and in future we will add more to this. For more questions you can visit our first post i.e. Conversation Starters that contains more than 200 questions on different topics.

Beauty Conversation Starters

Everyone loves beauty and truth is that no one can live without beauty. Can anybody define beauty? If yes how? Sometimes it is difficult to define beauty but discussing with these beauty conversation starters questions we can discuss and share our idea and can explore more about beauty.

  • How the standards of beauty have been changed in past years?
  • Can beauty product make a person beautiful? What product is the best beauty product? Have you owned any beauty product for yourself?
  • Have you visited any beautiful place yet? Where is this?
  • Why do people always search for beautiful things that can replace humans? How can this assist us?
  • Do you remember the most beautiful song you’ve heard? What is that?
  • What thing makes our surrounding more beautiful?
  • Do you remember any example of beauty in art?
  • Do you agree beauty affects people? How?
  • What is the most beautiful moment of your life?

Dieting Conversation Starters

Dieting is very difficult. Most of your friend might have done dieting. Here is the various questions on dieting that are interesting to start conversation.

  • What is the craziest diet according to you? What is that?
  • Have you tried different diets? What are they?
  • Is dieting well for health? How?
  • What are the most popular diets now?
  • Is dieting helps in reducing weight?  Is it just an effort?
  • Why there are so many diet trends in our society? What is the best diet trend for all age groups?
  • DO you know any of your friends who have lost maximum weight after dieting? Have they maintained their weight with dieting?
  • What is your opinion on weight losing advertisements? Should be banned on television? Or still these weight loosing products are effective?
  • Do you know any best ever solution that can reduce weight in short span of time?

Massage Conversation Starters

Good massage gives relief to your body and mind that’s why everyone loves massage. So here is the little bit discussion on massage.

  • DO you remember your last professional massage? How was your experience?
  • Do you like hard massage or gentle massage? Why/ Why not?
  • Do you know different type of body massage? Which one is best that gives maximum relief?
  • What are the health benefits of massage?
  • What do you think about being a masseur and their professional status in society?
  • What is your opinion on getting message will become popular as times goes by?
  • Do you remember your best massage? Where did you get it?
  • How was your worst and best experience with a masseur while massaging?

Family Conversation Starters

This section covers various questions on family. It is very difficult to pick family. These are general questions and will not responsible for any arguments.

  • Who is the person in your family do you like most?
  • Who is the most benevolent person of your family?
  • Do you remember your last family gatherings? How was your experience?
  • How often do you see your entire family together?
  • Do you like to spend your free time with your family or with your friends? How?
  • What is the importance of family in your life? Are family affects your life or friendship? How?
  • Who is the most lovable person of your family? Why?
  • What is your opinion on ideal family environment? Can anybody easily grow up in idea family?
  • What is the role of your family in shaping your personality?
  • What things do you like and hate most about your family?

Challenges conversation starter

This section will cover various challenges faced by you, by your friends and family. Here are some questions on challenges.

  • Have you faced some biggest challenges ever? What are they?
  • What do you prefer first challenges or things to be easy?
  • What is most difficult challenge you can’t face?
  • Are you facing any kind of challenge right now? What are they?
  • Can you tell us what’s the most challenging job in your life is?
  • Do you remember the most challenging thing you did in your childhood? What are they?
  • What kind of challenges that your region is facing right now?
  • Have you heard about some biggest challenges that other faced but you didn’t? What are they?
  • Have you faced any challenges? Are these challenges made your life easier or hard?
  • Could challenges are helpful to improve person’s character? How?

Journalism Conversation Starters

Journalism plays an interesting role in society. Journalism gives a new shape to world and represents things that help people to differentiate good and worse things. Have a look on various question related to journalists, journalism etc.

  • What is the status of journalism around us? Is it growing or dying?
  • What is the role of journalist in serving society?
  • What do you think about a job as a journalist? Is it respectable or not? Why or Why not?
  • What is the platform that next generation of journalists will use?
  • What are the important characteristics that are must for journalist?
  • What is the best way which can improve journalism?
  • How accurately journalists are reporting their news today? Should they punish hard for reporting false and misleading news?

Personality Conversation Starters

Personality means how people judge you. Here is the conversation about personality on form of questions.

  • How would you define your personality? How would other define your personality? Do you agree with others or not?
  • What is the best and worst side of your personality?
  • What personality symptoms do you hate in others?
  • What personality symptoms makes a person good human being?
  • Is it possible for a person to change their personality? How?
  • Where our personality is came from? Can you identify how much of personality is hereditary and how much is from surroundings?
  • What are the personality aspects (good, bad and unique) of your friends and family?
  • Do you know anyone who influenced you most by their personality? Why?

Success and Failure Conversation Starters

Everyone passes through successes and failures in their life. They give us strength to enjoy good and bad time of our life. By following these questions we can start conversation on Success and Failures.

  • Do you know the best way to measure success? What is that?
  • Have you faced any failure that changed your life completely? Share your experience.
  • What are the successes you have achieved in your life?
  • What are the failures you have achieved in your life?
  • Did you got any chance to change your failure into victory? If Yes? What was that?
  • Do you agree usually people learn from failures? Yes / No. How?
  • What is your point of view about a successful person? Which successful person influenced you most?
  • Do you remember your recent success? At what age did you got success?
  • What is your next success of your life for which you are dreaming?

Friendship conversation starter

Friendship is most crucial part of our life. It’s very difficult to make good friends. You can find various friendship conversation questions about friends and friendship in general.

  •  What kind of quality do you like in your friends?
  • How you make new friends? Is that easy for you or not?
  • What qualities of your friends are similar or completely opposite to you?
  • What are the common reasons that make distance between friends?
  • DO you remember your first strangest friend? What quality makes your friend strange?
  • Do you find yourself a good friend? Why or why not?
  • Which way is the best to meet new friends?
  • Who is your weird friend? What action makes your friend weird?
  • Who is your best childhood friend? Do you remember your first day of meeting? Share your memories with us.
  • What thing of your friend that annoys you most?
  • Have you done something good for your friend? How?

Gift conversation starters

Gift are token of love. People give or get gift from others to express their feelings. It is popular among all community of people. There are list of questions which are arise during the conversation on gift. I hope you enjoy them.

  • Have you ever got strange gift from anyone? What was that?
  • What kind of good gift you received from your family?
  • Which gift is common among all human culture?
  • Would you like to receive money or gift? Why?
  • Which gift you like most homemade or ready made gift?
  • Did you purchase any creative gift for your friend? What was that gift?
  • Have you ever received or given an animal gift? Which animal is your first preference?

This post covered various Conversation Starters questions on different topics like beauty, dieting, challenges, successes and failures and many more. If you need any rectification on this please write us. Your feedback means a lot to us.


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