Enhance your safety with best gun safes

There are several reasons why you should invest money into a best gun safe and while they may not all apply to you right at the moment, if you are a gun owner, you should factor in each of them when navigating this site.

Children – Now, it does not matter if you have children of your own, but only if you have children that are in your house on a somewhat regular basis. One of the great things about a young child is their curiosity, but that can also turn into a negative as well. If every gun owner was responsible in how they stored their firearms, we wouldn’t experience the Sandyhook incidents.

Safeguard your collection – Some of you may be high end gun collectors who invest several thousands of dollars into their collection, and honestly, the last thing you want to happen is to either have them stolen, or have them damaged.

One of the biggest threats to the integrity of your gun is humidity, and because of that, you need a controlled environment to store your guns. When you combine a gun safe and a dehumidifier, you get a controlled environment to make sure that you don’t experience any rusting on the metal components of your firearm.

Rust can detract from the value of the gun, but most importantly, they can cause structural integrity issues that would make your firearm dangerous to use. Worst of all, you may not even be aware of the issue until it’s too late.

Most Important Aspects of a Gun Safe Reviews

The design of the safe should be able to comfortably hold all the guns in a collection, and the best size safe will have the capacity to hold additional firearms as they are purchased. The size of the area should also be taken into consideration before purchasing a new biometric gun safe.

Some of the larger 24 capacity gun safes will not fit into many of the smaller apartments, so choosing a model that slides easily under the bed, may be a better option. On important thing to consider is that experts recommend that the height of the safe should be six inches or higher than the longest rifle.

The security of the firearms depends on the safe, and there are several different models and features to choose from. One of the most important features on the fingerprint safe is the design of the locking mechanisms, and many insurance adjustors recommend investing in a mechanical lock instead of a digitally locking mechanism.

When the digital locks were compared to the manual ones, it was discovered that almost 90% of the computerized locks were prone to failure. If a digital lock is the only option, then a biometric gun safe is the best option and can work effectively for up to ten years. Most gun safes provides some degree of fire protection, but it is recommended that the safe have at least a UL rating of 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 60 minutes.

After design and security, the other important aspect to consider in a gun safe is the construction of the body and other features that might be important to meet your needs. It is common for the walls of the safe to be noticeably thinner than the door, but the walls should be constructed from a 10 gauge steel, with the door made from a 5/16″ solid plate. Some smaller safes are made from 16 gauge steel, but all safes should have a protective shield over the lock.

Fire Protection
Fire protection is important in order to safeguard your collection from the always possible situation of a fire taking place at the home. Every year there are several hundred thousand house fires each year and aside from preparing yourself and your family, it’s important to also prepare your valuable gun collection so they aren’t ruined. You can get anywhere from 30 minute fire protection for an entry gun safe, or up to over 2 hours of fire protection on some of the higher end and more expensive gun safes.

Other Features:

Some other features to consider when buying a gun safe can include whether the safe has a built in drawer for storing smaller handguns, or rotary racks which are useful for storing larger collections of rifles. Inside lightening and even a dehumidifier are other options to consider when deciding on which gun safe is best suited to safely store your gun collection.

Owning a gun safe is an important part of being a responsible gun owner, and choosing the right safe is just as important as choosing the right firearm. The gun safe should not only help safely and securely store your gun collection, it should also help to protect the precious firearms from threats other than theft. With research and planning, you can choose the right gun safe that meets all of your needs.

What is the best gun safe to buy in 2016?

Out of all the gun safes that I have looked up, it’s hard to say there is one clear cut winner. Honestly, it is going to come down to which gun safe is the best for YOU. Below I’ve picked 4 gun safes that are very solid choices and are for different users.

American Security BF6030

Amsec BF6039The BF Series from American Security is one of the most sought after high end gun safes on the market. I’ve chosen the BF6030 because it is not only of very high quality, being it’s from Amsec, but also because it is reasonably priced for the features that it provides.

It has a 30 long gun capacity and it provides 90 minute fire protection for fires up to 1275 Degrees, and this is backed by Mercury ratings.

It has a total wall thickness of 7 gauge which is far and above most safes on the market that only provide normally 10-14 gauge wall thickness. Then you combine the PDO which adds even more storage space to your gun safe, it becomes a storage unit for ammo and pistols as well.

Security features included on this model include a U.L. Listed Group II Lock with two re locking devices, spy-proof key-locking dial with a five-spoke handle, and 11 1 1/2″ chrome-plated bolts.

All in all this safe will provide the security you need to provide protection for your investments. It offers superior wall thickness, a high fire rating, and a Group II lock for a very reasonable price. If you’re serious about guns and gun safety, this is the way to go. If you’re looking for a budget level safe from AMSEC, you can check that out here American Security BF6030

GunVault GVB2000 Pistol Safe

While the other safes listed are all long gun safes, I wanted to highlight another type of safe for all of you. Pistol safes, while not nearly as glamorous or large as many of the long gun safes on the market, still provide a very real and necessary security option for those that own hand guns.

A pistol safe can provide you a means to keep your hand guns out of the reach of those that would like to harm you, and also allow you to protect your children from harming themselves.

The GVB2000 biometric pistol safe, manufactured by GunVault, uses a 16 gauge steel housing with a foam lining. One of the nice features of this pistol safe is it include mounting gear if you would like to mount it somewhere specific, be it under your bed, or in a closet.

It’s compact enough to keep it near your bedside unmounted as well. A 9V battery, which should last up to a year, is the primary power supply for the safe, but also includes a power connection jack for an external AC or DC power supply.

For security features, it includes a biometric finger print gun safe which uses a high-performance algorithm with a low False Reject Rate (FRR) for a given False Accept Rate(FAR). If, for whatever reason, the biometrics fail on the safe, it also includes a backup override key that would allow you to unlock the safe. Once you include the tamper-proof, sprint loaded door, this is a very secure pistol safe.

If you’re a pistol owner and you are looking for a way to secure your firearms effectively, the GVB2000 will certainly provide that security along with mobility because of it’s size. If you need to transport your pistol with you for a trip to the gun range to fire off a few, you can bring this safe with you to provide safe. Here is the link to buy and know more about this safe GunVault GVB2000 Pistol Safe

Browning BR16 Gun Safe

Browning BR16The Browning BR16, from the Bronze line of Browning gun safes, is a 12-gauge steel body safe with a fire rating of 60 minutes @ 1200 Degrees Fahrenheit.

The company calls it it’s value line safe, but this safe still comes with plenty of great features including a Group II lock with key lock dial, pry-stop end bolts, fully reinforced integrated door frame, and a full DPX storage system allowing you to get even more bang for your buck on this safe.

The DPX storage system allows for long gun storage on the door backside as well as various pouches and pockets to store either gun clips, or other smaller valuables. In addition, it has two handgun loops to store handguns along side your long gun rifles.

Security features include a Force Deflector locking system, hardened steel pin lock protection, and the previously mentioned Group II lock. That means it will be pretty difficult for most run of the mill burglars to get those guns!

More importantly, it will keep children from inadvertently getting into your firearms and causing potential harm upon themselves or others. The fire rating is pretty much standard for most safes in this category.

So, while Browning categorizes this safe as the top end of their value series, you can see it has many good security features to keep both burglars and children out of your safe while also keeping your valuables, both guns and other smaller items, safe from fire.

The DPX storage system allows you to use this safe as more than just a gun safe, but also to store smaller valuables such as jewelry. If you’re looking to upgrade because of an expanding collection, or just looking to the future with the thought you may expand your collection, this is a good option for you.

Stack-On SS-10-MG-C Gun Safe

For those gun enthusiasts who may just be starting off in the gun collection scene, you may not want all the flare and fluff that some of the mid and upper tiered safes offer. With that being said, you are still going to want your guns safe and out of the reach of burglars and other unwanted hands.

For that, I would suggest an entry level safe such as the SS-10-MG-C from Stack-On. While Stack-On may not offer all of the add-ons that a company such as Browning or Amsec, it can still offer enough security and storage for those that may not be quite as hard core about collecting.

This safe comes with 10 long gun capacity, a removable interior shelf, and a hunter green matte finish. Compared to the other two safes listed above, this is a fairly small safe with dimensions of 15 7/8″Wx15 1/8″Dx55 1/8″H and only weights 146 pounds.

As for security, there is a 2-way lock with 3 1″ steel locking bolts and 2 dead bolts, and it also comes with a 3-number combination, drill resistant lock with a hardened steel plate to prove extra security.

While this model from Stack-On does not have fire resistance, there are some lines offered by the company that have fire resistance and still very reasonably priced.

If you’re wanting a gun safe with all the bells and whistles, and a top end fire rating, then this is not for you. But, if you are looking for a good solid safe to store your small gun collection, then look no further than this Stack-On gun safe. It will keep your guns safe from burglars and children and provide enough storage for your small collection. Check out this link to know more about this safe Stack-On SS-10-MG-C Gun Safe

Final Thoughts on Best Fingerprint Gun Safe

So, if you are a gun owner who does not presently own a high quality biometric gun safe in which to store your valuable and/or rare firearms, you owe it to yourself and your community to check out the many fine manufactures of best gun safes listed on this web site.

Not only will the added security of owning a gun safe provide you with peace of mind knowing that your firearms are safely secured from theft by criminals and unauthorized access by children, they will also be protected from damage in the event of a house fire.

Plus, for those of you who own non-stainless steel firearms, the micro environment that can be maintained inside of quality biometric gun safe will help to protect those firearms from damage due to corrosion that inevitably comes with living in a humid environment. Please make sure you do your due diligence and check gun safe reviews to make sure you’re purchasing the correct safe for you.


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