Best Fun questions to ask a guy

It could be difficult to ask fun questions to a guy. That’s why I have created list of fun questions by which you will get some really funny answer on this.

I designed this post i.e. Best Fun questions to ask a guy to help others who always hesitate to ask question to a guy. So, go for it and pick the question you like the most and start conversation and I hope you will enjoy the conversation

Best  Fun questions to ask a guy

  • Do you remember the funniest way you have been injured? What was that?
  • If your life is based on serial, what character from serial seems resemble with you?
  • What is your favorite scene from TV serial do you like most?
  • What movie scene annoys you most?
  • What would be the name of your cafe if coffee is illegal?
  • Do you use any TV famous phrase in daily life? What is that?
  • What is your favorite horror movie do you like most?
  • What song do you always sing along with when you heard it on TV or on radio?
  • If you get a chance to become a lifeless object for a year, what object would be your first choice?
  • If an artist draws a portrait of you, what else would be part of your sketch (Family, Friends, and Girlfriend)?
  • In what game you are best?
  • If you were a musician, what would the name of your band be?
  • Which movie sequel do you like most?
  • What reality TV shows that you like the most and want to watch for 24 hours? Why?
  • Do you remember most annoying thing you have seen on TV or at public place? What is that?
  • If you got anything by chance that can destroy the world. What will you do with that thing?
  • What songs from WWE superstar comes in your mind if you are about to fight with someone?
  • If you like to represent yourself with the help of logo, how would it look like?

Here is the complete discussion on best fun questions to ask a guy.  These questions are general questions and will surely work well and you both will really enjoy your entire conversation. If you have any suggestions for this post please send your suggestions to us and we will work on this and improve our post.

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