Best Fun Question to Ask a Girl

Here is the list of kind-hearted, best fun questions to ask a girl. I hope you will get some funny and interesting answer from a girl you are asking and these questions will make your conversation more interesting.

As we titled this page as best fun questions to ask a girl, even you can use most of these questions to ask a guy. You can check our Best fun question to ask a guy for more questions and can be used for both guy and girl. You can easily pick some of the questions from both posts and can start conversation freely.

Let’s have a look on these questions and start the conversation.

Best Fun Question to Ask a Girl

What is the new silliest fashion trend?

What part of technology do you wish existed from science fiction?

What is the most silly concert having you seen before?

If you survive after apocalypse, what will your next step be?

What task would be completely horrible for you?

How would you like to spend your Saturday perfectly?

How could you save yourself from a hacker frightening you to release your web browsing history to your colleagues or to your family and friends?

Do you believe in mascot, if yes what would your mascot be?

What are the worst ingredients that can be used to fill the burrito?

If you get an opportunity to disappear celebrity instantly from spotlight, which celebrity do you choose and why?

If you have to replace your foot with something else like paws, what would you put at the end of your legs?

What is the thing that has adverse effect on people but people think makes them cool?

What do you wish an innovative thing from your clothes and accessories could do in future?

Which movie sequel do you hate most and needs to be removed from history?

If someone informed you that your inner monologue for the last week was audible by all, how could you handle this situation?

What is the funniest doomsday device by which you can threaten the whole world?

Have you heard about any dumb invention yet? What is that?

Do you wish people curse with mildly annoying wish? Why?

How often do you screw up easy things?

The purpose of writing this post is to make your conversation more interesting and funny. After reading this Best Fun Questions to Ask a Girl post write your reviews on this and share your views with us so that we can make this post more informative for others.

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