Best Electronic Drum Set Reviews

What is electronic drum set? This is a kit or set of drum pads mounted on a rack or a stand. Each drum pad has an underneath one or many sensors, these generate an electronic signal when drum pad stuck. This electric signal transmitted to brain of drum (electronic drum module) through cables and sound module converted this signal into particular sound like sound of drum, cymbal or any prefixed sound effects. The sound module can also translate this signal into distinct louder or softer sounds.

Electronic Drum Set Components

Following we will discuss on some main components of electronic drum sets which are commonly available in most of best electronic drum set.

Electronic Drum Pads

As we told earlier that electronic drum set consists of main two part; drum pads and a module (trigger interface). On the base of surface material there are of following two types

Rubber Pads

These types of pads are mostly available in affordable electronic drum sets. Rubber pads have rebound and provide the feeling of traditional practice pads. These are best for sustained tones and triggering loops.

Mesh Heads

Mesh heads consists of firm woven surface. Most of the mesh heads can be tuned with a drum key.

Drum Triggers

An electronic transducer which controls an electronic drum is called drum trigger. This can be attached to a cymbal, drum or any other instrument of electronic drum set. Trigger transmits hits to a sound module.

Drum Module

This is also known as the brain of electronic drum set. This is a electronic device which takes input from drummer through triggers that hits regularly with drum sticks. Most of drum modules come with pre programmed settings of sound.

Electronic Cymbal Pads

Electronic cymbal pads looks like real traditional cymbals. Electronic cymbals can accommodate bell strikes, bow and for edge with realistic cymbal swells and choking capability.


Electronic drum sets consists of adjustable hardware as like in traditional acoustic sets. Electronic drum set consists of some main following hardware components; hi-hat stand, floor tom legs, cymbal stand, tom-tom drum, snare drum stand, bass drum pedal and drum keys etc. These all hardware components vary from model to model of electronic drum set.

Latest Features of Electronic Drum Set

Electronic drum set consists of various features. Each electronic drum set brand/type/model consists of some particular features. Some common features which are available in most of best electronic drum set are following

High Quality Digital Sounds

With the help of drum module many of electronic drum set provides digital sound effects. Even in some models provides hundreds of on board sounds.

Multiple Playing area

In latest electronic drum sets, some models have drum pads with multiple playing areas, by which we can enjoy as like from acoustic kit.

Realistic Cymbal Pad Playing Surface

The best electronic drum set consists of realistic cymbal pads. These type of pads can be tuned and often provides bounces and buzz rolls.


V-Drums is a complete set of best electronic drum set, with a variety of drum brain modules, electronic drums and other related to electronic percussion product. V-Drums sets are manufactured by Roland Corporation.

Realistic Electronic High-hat

Electronic high-hat is a type of stand and cymbal which is used in electronic drum sets by percussionists. This provides feeling of acoustic high-hat.

Bass Drum Pad

Some of best electronic drum set has a real bass drum pedal operated, freestanding bass drum pads. This provides acoustic and realistic feel.

Multiple Outputs and Inputs

The sound module of best electronic drums has multiple inputs and outputs to the sound board. Generally best electronic drum sets have headphone and speaker jacks output, and USB/midi inputs. Many drum sets have output for connecting computer system.

Benefits of having Electronics Drum Set

Best electronic drums provide endless variety of sounds, freedom of practice and recording facilities etc. Following we will discuss in briefs on important benefits of a best electronic drum set.

Freedom of Practice and Learning

An auxiliary and USB inputs help user to connect external devices like computer, mobile, music player etc. By which we can play while using best electronic drums. Many of best electronic drum sets comes with preinstalled learning tools and preset drum patterns which make easy, learning to play. Most of electronic drum sets consist of headphone, by this user can do practice freely without disturbing others.

Recording Facility

Today’s mostly electronic drum sets come with recording facility. By using recording facility user can record and play tracks on other device for improving individual skill.

Sonic Versatility

In best electronic drum set, user can stick with the setup which they like while producing the appropriate sounds for the gig, so no worry to collect different acoustic kits for different gigs.


Electronic drum sets are easy portable as compare to acoustic drums. These are light in weight and compact in size. These can be fold after use.

Live Gig Convenience

Electronic drum set eliminates sound produced from other instrument because of absence of mic; this is convenient for live gig.

Top Best Electronic Drum Set Reviews

After reading various best electronic drum set reviews and visiting various famous consumer websites we found some best electronic drum set, which are following

Yamaha DTX400K 10” Electronic Drum Set 

Yamaha Corporation is making drum sets from last 45 years so they well known, what drummers exactly like. Electronic drum sets, synthesizers and pianos of Yamaha are worldwide famous.

A number of best electronic drum set reviews declared that DTX400K is a best electronic drum set in today market. Yamaha DTX400K is a combination of features of percussion sounds, acoustic drum, electronic tones and modern rock drums.

This best electronic drum set 2016, consists of newly developed drum pads, new silent kick unit, larger size of cymbals and training functions.

In this model drum pads surface is made up of rubber which reduces the chance of sliding of sticks around on the head, so user can use single, double or triple techniques while practice.

This is compact size electronic drum set with headphone output for practice without disturbing others.

This drum set is easy to operate because of clear red LED indication which shows that which kit is working now, inbuilt drum kits require single touch for selection. A training mode button is also provided on this drum set.drum1

DTX400K comes with an inbuilt metronome, by which user can adjust volumes and tempo.

Allover dimensions of this Yamaha drum set box are 35.1 inches length, 12.4 inches height and 22.7 inches width. Weight of this drum set is 39 pounds allover.

This drum set comes with 10 inches large ride cymbal, 10 inches large crash cymbal, 10 inches large hi-hat cymbal, 7.5 inches drum pads (snare, tom and floor tom), one drum throne, one full size headphone of JVC and one pair of nylon drumsticks.

This electric drum set 2016, has inbuilt 10 professional drum kits, 10 training functions which also provides voice guidance, 10 play-along songs

Tone generator of this electronic drum set consists of 169 preinstalled drum sounds of kicks (21), hi-hats (16), tones (36), percussions (42) and snares (23). Trigger module of best electronic drums has 297 high quality instrument sounds.

Module/brain of this best electronic drum set 2016 consists of various mini stereo audio input connectors like; tom1, tom2, tom3, snare, hi-hat, hi-hat control, ride, crash and auxiliary. This drum set also has USB to host and headphone output connectors.

Electric power consumption of this drum set is only 5 watts. This electronic drum set work on PA-130 or equivalent power supply.

This set of best electronic drums, got 4.0 stars out of 5 stars from reviews of customers on a consumer popular website Amazon. We can buy this Yamaha DTX400K electronic drum set from Amazon on a very competitive rate of $500.00 and can also get free shipping benefit from Amazon. Check out the link Yamaha DTX400K 10” Electronic Drum Set 

Alesis DM6KITX110 5-Pcs. Electronic Drum Set 

Alesis is a worldwide leader in musical instrument manufacturers. Alesis started in 1980 and is making electronic drum sets from last 20 years. Alesis makes electronic drum sets with a number of latest and unique features.

Alesis DM6 is a top rated drum set by Alesis. Drum surface and cymbal surface is made up of natural rubber which reduces vibration feedback.

This drum set comes with inbuilt metronome and a sequencer (Store sounds and voices in a sequence). Kick pad of this drum set is with stand (with pedal). This drum set is made up of lightweight material which is easy for shipping.

DM6 drum set box dimensions are 33.8 inches of length, 22.4 inches of width and 13 inches of height approximately. Overall estimated weight of this electronic drum set is around 37 pounds.drum2

This set of best electronic drums comes with; one sound module, drum kick pad with stand, drum pedal single kick,   hi-hat pedal  (open/closed), one 8 inches dual-zone drum pad (snare), three 8 inches single zone drum pads (toms), three 12 inches large cymbals (ride, crash and hi-hat), complete rack system with mounting hardware, drum key and drum sticks.

DM6 sound module of this electronic drum set is with 10 preset drum kits, 40 preset patterns. User memory of this sound module is with 5 user kits and 1 user pattern. Sound module of this drum set also consists of 108 sounds (drum, cymbal and percussion sounds).

Sound module of this drum set has input 1/8” stereo mix-in (for CD players, MP3 players etc.) and 25-pin D-sub for cable snake. Sound module has two outputs for 1/8” headphone and 1/8” for stereo master. This also has a USB connector for trigger to MIDI interface.

This model has LED display for user comfort. This electronic drum set work on 9 volt AC voltage with 500mA. Adopter is included with this drum set.

Most of best electronic drum set reviews gives high priority to DM6KITX110 drum set because of high customer rating and high quality in very less price. On a famous website Amazon this electronic drum set got 4 stars out of 5 stars from above than 329 reviews of customers. We can buy this electronic drum set from Amazon, just at $320 and free shipping. Here is the link Alesis DM6KITX110 5-Pcs. Electronic Drum Set 

Spectrum AIL 602 7-Pad Electronic Drum Set 

Spectrum is well known name among best brands of electronic drum sets. Spectrum electronic drum sets are famous for their quality and features.

Spectrum AIL 602 is a set of best electric drums. This drum set is best for both standing and sitting play. This model is with angle adjustable stand which is double braced with rubber feet. This is best option for experienced drummer as well as new one.

This electronic drum set has digital sound quality which helps to produce rich, real tone and sound. The design of AIL 602 is very much attractive, all drum pads are constructed to look well and access well. This drum set is made up of very durable quality materials.

This drum set consists of a LED display which makes easy to view information. This model provide various control options, we can choose appropriate one. This drum set has pre installed demo song which helps user in starting this device.

Spectrum AIL 602 has dimensions of 25 inches length, 7 inches width and 21 inches height. Estimated weight of AIL 602 is around 18 pounds.drum3

This drum set consists of 7 drum pad digital drum set, two pieces of foot pedals and heavy duty height adjustable stand.

Sound module of this drum set consists of 215 voices, 10 user kit, 20 preset kits, 100 preset songs and a demo song. Sound module provide various control options like; pad assign, kit, power switch, hand percussion, song, volume, drum off, gain, pan, save start/stop, click, demo, record, play/stop and temp -/+ (increase / decrease).

This best electronic drum set includes drum sticks, instructional video download, bonus jam track and a compatible adaptor. This electronic drum set comes with one year limited manufacturer warranty on parts and 90 days limited manufacturer’s warranty on labor.

AIL 602 got 4.6 stars out of 5 stars from customer reviews on Amazon. Although this high quality electronic drum set is available on various consumer websites but after comparing prices of all, we found that some are taking high price or some are taking high shipping charges for this drum set. But Amazon is giving this product on very cheep price, just at $150 and also giving free shipping on this electronic drum set. Check out this link to know more Spectrum AIL 602 7-Pad Electronic Drum Set 

Ddrum DDBETA 5 Piece Electronic Drum Set 

ddrum is a Florida based company, which is worldwide famous for its electronic percussion, specially for electronic drum sets. They use latest techniques and features while manufacturing electronic drum sets. There each electronic drum set gives example of its good quality.

DD Beta got a sweet corner in hearts of number of customers worldwide. This drum set is also known as “first step in a journey of drummer”; this is best option for beginners because this drum set is designed to be easy to use. This model has compact design and this is perfect for use in small apartments and bedrooms for rehearsals and practice.

Dimensions of ddrum DD Beta are 13 inches of height, 22 inches of width and 46 inches of length. This drum set has an approximate weight of 40 pounds.

This set of best electronic drums consists of 4 pieces single zone 8 inches drum pads, 3 pieces of chokable 12 inches large cymbal pads, 1 piece bass pedal (bass drum foot controller), 1 piece hi-hat controller, 1 headphones set and a high quality compact size rack system.drum4

Sound module of this set consists of 1/8” line in, headphone input, 10 ¼” inputs, Midi out, metronome and reverb (produce artificial acoustics).

DD Beta module has 32 preset drum kits. It also consists of high sound quality, 168 audio with 11 categories.

This electronic drum set module consists of several connectors like; tom1, tom2, tom3, bass drum, cymbal1, cymbal2, hi-hat, bass control and hi-hat control. This drum set requires 5 volt DC with 500mA for working.

ddrum DD Beta is the best for beginners. This got 4.5 stars out of 5 stars from reviews of customers on a consumer favorite website Amazon. We can buy this electronic drum set from Amazon at just $300 and free shipping. Here is the link to buy this drum set Ddrum DDBETA 5 Piece Electronic Drum Set 


This review will definitely help you in selecting the right electronic drum set according to your needs whether you are an experienced drummer or a new user/buyer. Now there are various models of electronic drum sets available in the market, it is difficult to select best one, we tried our best to simplify the selection process, and so after reading this review, there is no need to hesitate while purchasing a new best electronic drum set 2016. After visiting various consumer websites and reading various best electronic drum set reviews, we found some top drum sets, you can easily find your best drum set among them. According to you if any important edition or amendment is required in this review don’t hesitate to write us. Your feedback is valuable.


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