Best Clean would you rather questions

Here is some great collection of best clean would you rather questions that makes you entertaining and happy. These questions help you to gain knowledge about someone in amazing way. You can use them in groups or among people.

I am sure that these questions will surely help you to know something interesting about people what they would like to do or how they would do something. You feel comfortable after follow up would you rather questions.

You can start your conversation in group with this list of questions. In case you want to start conversation with your friends you can take turns to ask questions just remember one thing ask why!

Best Clean would you rather questions

Would you rather live in region where weather is harsh or icy?

Would you rather eat your favorite dish for whole life or never be able to eat your favorite dish again?

Would you rather know everything or be perfect in any game that you played?

Would you rather have a three bed room flat in metropolitan city or a villa in foreign country or country where you at present live?

Would you rather control money or time?

Would you rather wear leather shoes daily or gloves daily?

Would you rather be an amazing lyricist or an amazing playback singer?

Would you rather live luxurious lifestyle and short life or have simple lifestyle and long life?

Would you rather able to read incredibly fast or type incredibly fast?

Would you rather be good in math or be in science?

Would you rather have lean muscles or bulky muscles?

Would you rather be dumb or disabled?

Would you rather not be able to stop listening or not stop watching?

Would you rather it be sunny all time or cloudy all time?

Would you rather not be able to listen or not be able to write?

Would you rather have a particular song of your choice that play for whole day repeatedly for a year or have a particular serial that play repeatedly for 24 hours a day for 365 days?

Would you rather have telephone or cell phone?

Would you rather be able to travel 15 hours alone in bus or be able to travel for 12 hours with crowd in bus?

Would you rather never be able to eat boiled vegetable or never be able to eat boiled meat?

Would you rather be educated with bad health or illiterate with good health?

Would you rather only be able to walk on planet or only be able to walk barefoot on fire?

This is our third post on would you rather question. I hope you enjoyed much after reading this for more conversation starters you can check out our Would you rather question for your Girlfriend or Boyfriend? Or Best 60 Would you rather questions  to get more questions on different topics. If you have any suggestion for this post please write us.

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