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To give a new look to android phone there are lots of applications available on Google Play Store in free and paid versions. User can select that is best for android phone.Now days to give different look everyone pick android launcher from play store that are designed by developers to give a unique and excellent look without changing system files.

With android launcher user can customize their android phone by changing icons, fonts, icon size, different transition effects, dock style, grid and many more features provided by developers in android launchers.

There is huge variety of android launcher available on Play Store and through this post I will give complete description on best android launcher for your Smartphone and using different customization options you can completely give new look to your Smartphone.

Best Android Launcher

Here is the list of Top 2016 best Android launcher for your android phone

Launcher Lab

Launcher Lab is best 2016 android launcher to replace your ordinary screen with highly customized home screen. There are various options by which we can customize our home screen using various editing elements like wallpaper, widgets, music, text, image, time and weather.

Launcher Lab developers provides huge collection of creative themes from people all around the world in theme store. This launcher is user friendly with easy and simple gestures and user will experience ultimate Lollipop android O.S. Style on phone after downloading.

This launcher got 4.3 stars rating from users and available on Play Store for free.top2016bestandroidlauncher

Microsoft Arrow Launcher

This arrow launcher is designed by well known brand i.e. Microsoft with tons of powerful and excellent features. This launcher is also winner of 10 best android launchers.

This launcher is very light but fast and efficient performance wise. This launcher is designed with new technology that saves both battery and memory. Here is the list of features

  • This launcher automatically arranges your apps on your home screen based on the usage of application and there is no need to waste time in finding applications.
  • With wunderlist integration no need to worry about reminders. With this feature user can synchronize and access reminders everywhere on PC, Web and on phone.
  • User get quick access on recent download files, photos, installed apps, and even on missed calls.
  • This launcher is compatible with all kinds of widgets and arranged them on single page.
  • User can give new look to their icons using 3rd party icon pack.top2016bestandroidlauncher

Action Launcher 3

If you are looking for more powerful and flexible launcher with excellent material design then action launcher 3 is best option for you. This launcher replaces homescreen of your phone with colorful, customized applications quickly. Here are some of the standout features of this launcher

  • Quicktheme feature automatically customize and give new look to items available on your home screen.
  • Quickbar feature place Google search bar at the top of your screen for your convenience to search anything with ease.
  • Quick edit feature eliminate the problem of downloading extra theme pack for icons design, presents instant icons suggestion for user to select for apps.
  • This launcher automatically resizes the icon size and confirms Material designs standards.
  • There is a unique feature i.e. Covers feature for traditional folders. If user tap on cover, cover will launch the app and if swiping is performed on cover it will opens hidden folders customized by user.
  • User can hide apps on this launcher that user is not using apps on daily basis.
  • User can import its favorite layout from other launchers like Apex, Google, Samsung Touchwiz and many more.
  • It supports full phone, phablets and tablets.top2016bestandroidlauncher

LINE Launcher

To get rid from dull android homescreen or to give new life to your Smartphone Line Launcher is the best option for you. Let’s have a look on various features of Line Launcher

  • User can completely change the style of phone with 3000+ trendy themes, with 100 new wallpapers daily, stickers that makes your homescreen creative.
  • It provides best way to optimize your A to Z applications that boost phone performance and increase battery life.
  • With searching function user can find apps, contacts, pictures, and other information with ease.top2016bestandroidlauncher

Go Launcher

Go launcher is liked by around 200 million users worldwide because of its features and performance on android phone. This launcher is very smart, slim and gives perfect look to your phone. Its new interface gives excellent personalized mobile operating experience. Here is the list of features of this launcher

  • Go launcher comes with more than 10000 mobile themes and user can customize screen by installing these themes and gives a unique look to your phone.
  • 3D engine developed by developers it provides super fast operating experience and provides high level security to the android user.
  • This launcher smartly optimizes applications and clean up unnecessary programs and in turns increase your mobile operating speed.
  • The menu of Go launcher combines useful features into your screen that includes 25 different transition effects, 15 free app widgets and many more.
  • Security point of view user can hide and lock application on phone.top2016bestandroidlauncher

Apex Launcher

Apex launcher has power to give an excellent look to your phone. Apex launcher is very fast and comes with lots of customization options. Please check the list of features offered by Apex Launcher:

  • It has customizable homescreen grid size and user can customize up to 9 homscreens.
  • The Apex launcher dock is scrollable dock and can scroll up to 5 pages with 7 icons on each page.
  • It has wonderful transition effects like Tablet, Cube and, many more.
  • User can hide elements on screen according to need. User can hide search bar, stats bar and dock also.
  • User can give different styles and background to folders and even there is facility of different drawer styles like transparent, horizontal, vertical, paginated and even more.
  • This launcher automatically sort apps based on Title, Installation date, and most used apps.
  • User can lock desktop that protect your homescreen from any accidental change.
  • There is facility of backup and restore of data and settings if there is any failure on phone.top2016bestandroidlauncher

Launcher 8

If you need different style from android then this launcher is best option to select. This launcher will give a new style to your phone like Window phone. This is best application to experience Window interface on android phone. Let’s have a look on various features of Launcher 8

  • User can customize tile by changing its size, color and icons of tiles.
  • There is facility of featured tile where user can add special tiles like time, LED light, Live Gallery and Contact.
  • User can customize LockScreen and Status bar with different styles.
  • Super Search technique helps user to search faster and bigger from web.
  • Huge variety of excellent wallpapers and themes for background, lockscreen.top2016bestandroidlauncher

Hola Launcher

If you want to feel unprecedented experience on your android phone then hola launcher is best. This launcher takes less memory and in turn makes your phone fast and responsive. Let’s take look on the Hola launcher features

  • Open smart menu of frequently used applications and settings by swiping from bottom corner.
  • In single tap user can free up memory and speeds up phone performance.
  • With voice search user can easily find apps, contacts and many more things on web.
  • User can install themes from collection of 10,000 themes to customize looks of smartphone.
  • User can lock phone screen by double tapping on screen and this will enhance your battery performance.
  • With weather forecast information user will get details of weather for next 6 days.
  • User can arrange all the installed apps on Hola launcher category wise.top2016bestandroidlauncher

C Launcher

C launcher is best known for its speed, smartness, clean, battery saving and highly customizable nature. C launcher is contextual launcher that comes with user friendly interface and provides security from third parties apps. Check out the list of main features:

  • User can find apps, uninstall apps, themes and more from search bar in single click.
  • Stretching gesture enables user to hide apps and maintains your privacy.
  • It supports pattern lock, iOS lock screens and Passcode.
  • User can unhide apps anytime in single tap.
  • It displays unread notification count on each application.
  • Huge collection of live wallpapers, themes and home screen icons.
  • User can create and share own theme by joining wallpapers in just 3 steps.
  • There are still lots of features user can find after downloading.top2016bestandroidlauncher

Here is the complete description on best android launcher for your android smartphones that will completely gives new look to your phone. After reading this you can easily get rid from boring look. If you like this post please share post for others.

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