Best Android Keyboard

As we know Google is updating its own android operating system on timely basis with latest features, and more customization features. Along with this Google launched various applications for free on Google Play Store. Today in this post I am going to discuss about best android keyboard for your smartphone. These keyboards are faster and gives a new look to your phone.

Best Android Keyboard

Here is the list of top android keyboard with tons of features


The keyboard from SwiftKey is best android keyboard that uses artificial intelligence that automatically learn your writing styles how you type and make your typing hassle-free. It has been installed by more than 250 million people worldwide. Check out the details of SwiftKey android keyboard:

  • It completely overcomes the problem of typing error.
  • SwiftKey makes typing even faster using its inbuilt A.I. powered predictions.
  • It automatically learns your slangs, nicknames and phrases and types on screen before typing next word.
  • User can customize keyboard with 80+ colors, designs and themes provided by SwiftKey team.
  • It also supports emoji by which it automatically learns your favorite emoticons and predicts more emoticons according to your usage.
  • It supports 100+ language and bilingual autocorrect with more than 100 languages.
  • SwiftKey comes with Swipe to type by which user can type just by swiping over 2016 best android keyboard

Google Keyboard

Another best android keyboard is from Google available on Play Store for free. Google Keyboard is faster comes with tons of features. Here is the list of features of this keyboard

  • Gesture Typing feature enables user to type letter by sliding finger from letter to letter.
  • Use Voice Typing features to type text.
  • It automatically suggests words, complete words, automatic correction and prediction about next word according to previous words you have typed.
  • Huge collection of Emojis to enter.
  • Keyboard synchronizes your learned words to improve suggestion. To enable this feature click on Sync learned words.
  • With Gesture control user can move cursor by simply sliding your finger across space bar.
  • This keyboard also supports one handed mode that works well for large screen phone where user can pin keyboard in left or right direction.
  • User can customize its layout to give a new style to 2016 best android keyboard

Chrooma Keyboard

This keyboard comes in the category of favorite keyboard apps for android because of its light weight, fast response that automatically adapts itself to all the applications used by user. Main features of Chrooma Keyboard are:

  • It supports multiple gestures for different operations like to delete fast, movement of cursor, fast collection and many more.
  • User can write in multiple languages simultaneously without switching keyboard every time.
  • One hand mode enable user to use keyboard or type faster with thumb only.
  • There is facility of customize keyboard using different colors and fonts styles.
  • Night mode feature automatically adjusts color tone when used in low light.
  • It is packed with latest emojis collection.
  • It supports standard as well as lots of Indic 2016 best android keyboard

AI Type Keyboard

For excellent message experience AI type keyboard is best option. This AI type keyboard is smartest, highly personalized keyboard for all smartphones and tablets. Currently AI type keyboard is installed over more than 40 millions devices. Check out the list of feature that makes this keyboard best android keyboard:

  • Choose any theme from thousand of free themes to give excellent look to keyboard from Theme Market.
  • Huge collections of 800 different emoji and more than 1000 graphical characters to use.
  • It also supports typing by swipe, next word prediction, completion and auto-correction of word.
  • User can personalize keyboard with background image and can resize the size of keyboard according to need.
  • On-keyboard search enables user to find text instantly.
  • This keyboard ensures privacy and never shares your personal data or passwords.
  • It supports over 50+ 2016 best android keyboard

Swype Keyboard

Another 5th best android keyboard in this list is Swype keyboard that has lot of customizable options with new themes and hundreds of emoji.

  • Another various customizable features like long press delay, set duration for vibration, adjust keyboard height and landscape mode available in both right and left direction.
  • User can synchronize and backup personal dictionary that will never lose your words stored in personal dictionary.
  • This keyboard is available in 3 unique designs full screen mode, small, moveable and split screen mode.
  • It also supports next word prediction and bilingual support for typing words.
  • Supports gestures such as select all, cut, copy and paste for quick tasks for quick 2016 best android keyboard

For better typing speed , huge collection of new emojis and for more features these keyboards are best android keyboard. These 5 best android keyboard are available on Play Store for free with excellent star rating. Please share this post with all your friends who are looking for top android keyboards. For any other queries related to this post please write us directly.

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