Best 60 Would you rather questions

Here is the great collection of best 60 would you rather questions to start conversation. Some questions are little bit longer instead other are short in length. There are all type of would you rather questions which may help you to answer the difficult questions.

Would you rather question is the best way to start the conversation without any hesitation. This will help you to make conversation more interesting by just asking “why” in the end. I am sure you will get amazing answer and you can know more about person.

If you are member of any group you can start conversation by selecting any would you rather question and asking questions to each member of the group. In case your group members are less in number like two or three then you can ask questions to each other.

For practice, you can ask questions to yourself by use of these listed questions and I hope you will enjoy them.

This best 60 would you rather questions post will help you in all over the place and pick the question in which you are interested and let’s start experimenting on our friends or in groups.

Best 60 Would you Rather Questions

Would you rather be a renowned film producer or renowned dancer?

Would you rather have perennially runny eyes or perennially runny nose?

Would you rather be a reverse vampire or a reverse alien?

Would you rather know the saga of all places you visited or remember the history of haunted place have you visited last?

Would you rather have surprisingly fast reading or typing speed?

Would you rather not at all be able to drink fizzy drink or only be able to drink fizzy drink and not anything else?

Would you rather like to marry to a 5 with bad persona or a 1 with a marvelous persona?

Would you rather be a cardiologist or a physiatrist?

Would you rather excellent sensitive smell or excellent sense of hearing?

Would you rather give up drinking/smoking for a year or give up traveling for a year?

Would you rather like to live in time where you are strong or live in the reality but not be able to make friends and family?

Would you rather never be able to drink champagne or never be able to drink Water?

Would you rather see what was behind every closed door or be able to guess the combination of every safe on the first try?

Would you rather have an unlimited world tour or never have to pay at casinos?

Would you rather be away from junk/spam mails or away from official mails for the rest of your life?

Would you rather like to be bald with good looks or obese with hair on head?

Would you rather get free international family trip twice in a year or be able to travel in business class free anytime?

Would you rather be good-looking but coward or brave but unattractive?

Would you rather never have to walk again or never have to eat again?(but take care of your health)

Would you rather be famous in history books or be a famous celebrity after your demise?

Would you rather forgot all of your memories from your childhood or lose your power to build new memories?

Would you rather donate your organs to help needy person or sell all your belongings?

Would you rather all of sudden be a CEO of Software company or be selected a legislator?(both fields are new for you)

Would you rather be skillful to control entire world with your mind or control machines with your mind?

Would you rather have a golden car or a better family?

Would you rather eat same food for whole year or lose eating habit of your life?

Would you rather go back to your childhood period with all you know or move forward with no knowledge?

Would you rather donate your body organs to individual person or donate your body for medical research?

Would you rather abandon brush for a month or abandon phone for a month?

Would you rather be incapable to use internet banking or incapable to use e-mail service?

Would you rather have free cocktail for life or free meat/vegetable for life?

Would you rather have arms that kept growing as you became older or head that kept growing as you became older?

Would you rather always be on time or late?

Would you rather be able to control air or temperature?

Would you rather never be able to drive car or never be able to drive scooter?

Would you rather like to shift forever for 200 years into future or 200 years into past?

Would you rather lose all memorable photographs you have taken or gifts that were given by your family and friends?

Would you rather be able to see 15minutes into future of your family or 15 minutes into the future of someone special?

Would you rather be not known when you are alive but popular after your death or be famous when you are alive and but forgotten by all when you die?

Would you rather spent your rest of life in jail by something you have done or live in fear of being caught you did something wrong?

Would you rather unintentionally be responsible for fracture of your son arm or unintentionally be responsible for the fracture of your son’s friend arm?

Would you rather live in the forest as a hunter or live in the slum as a beggar person?

Would you rather the society think you are a smuggler but your kin is proud of your work or your kin think you are a smuggler but the society is proud of your work?

Would you rather live your whole life in dream world or in the actual world?

Would you rather live without your family or live without friends?

Would you rather like to live alone or live in bad relation?

Would you rather never watch TV serials again or never use of facebook, Whats App, Instagram etc?

Would you rather like to an easy work in someone’s organization or hard work in your own organization?

Would you rather live without television or live without computer?

Would you rather be able to prime minister for one day or president for one day?

Would you rather have long term memory ability or short term memory ability?

Would you rather be the first to find out dwarf planet or be the originator of remedy that increases human life by 15 years?

 Would you rather be stuck up in a cave that is constantly dark for week or a cave that is constantly bright for week?

 Would you rather become famous personality by helping poor people or become rich by joining politics?

 Would you rather have a full time job, but you will get retire comfortably in 15 years or have a half time job, but you have to work your whole life?

 Would you rather to find your true friend or briefcase with precious things inside?

Would you rather be able to read articles or be able to write articles?

 Would you rather die in 30 years with no tensions or die in 60 years with many tensions?

Would you rather be teased by everyone or liked by everyone?

Would you rather know when someone is going to die or how someone is going to die? (We can’t predict anyone death time and date)

This is all about best 60 would you rather questions for all age groups. We can start conversation easily with friends even in group also. If you like this post please share this post for others and keep supporting.


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