Best 21 Questions Game

The Best 21 question game post is literally designed to know about someone better by asking and answering the number of questions to them.

So if you are looking for questions that you would like to ask and answer the questions then here is list of best 21 questions below. You can check them and choose your desire question. You can play with these questions in different ways and enjoy your conversation.

How to play the Best 21 questions game

If you want to play to this game you need two or more people.  There is no condition on how many people can play this game. You can play this game according to your wish but for better results I would like to suggest you to not to play that game with more than eight persons as it might be boring if not asking and answering the questions.

The classic

To start up this game the first person is randomly selected by group of persons to answer the 21 questions.

After that the rest of the group members can turn wise ask the questions to selected person.

There are different ways to select the person to answer the 21 questions. The person who finished answering the questions can select the next one, to carry on the game or can randomly select the person.

In case if there are only three persons, person X will answer the questions of person Y and person Z and same criteria for rest of persons.


To start the game person X select the question and asks to person Y. And person Y gives reply. OPTIONAL: The rest of the members in the group can also ask follow up questions to person Y about their answers.

Then person Y can ask the question to person besides X. The question asking round carries on till every member asks their new question including person X has answered the question.

No group member can ask the question twice until every person has answered the question.  After completion of first round the last one who answered a question can start next round with new question to ask someone.

Perhaps, if there are only two persons to play this game then they can enjoy this to ask and answer the questions to each other.

Round and Round

If there are only two persons to play then you can sit face to face more than two people otherwise can sit in a circle. Person X selects the question, the person to the left of person X answers the question and the next person in row answers and this process is move on until it come back to  person X. After that when person X turns come they answer the question. OPTIONAL: Distribute time for follow questions to answer.

The person X completes answer then the next person asks a question to whole circle and one by one every person of the group answers.

OPTIONAL: Every person of this group can pass their questions if they don’t want to answer the questions. No. Of passes for each group member is two.

If only two people then they can ask and answer their question to each other.

Things to remember

If you think this game breaks into conversation then you don’t need worry about it. Actually 21 question game is best way to start the conversation between two or more people and will assist you to know new things about people.

Best 21 Questions Game

What do almost all think about you that is absolutely false?

What is TLDR version of your success?

Do you think the privilege of social networking is wastage of time?

Is it fine to sacrifice two to save entire world? If yes, would you change your answer when you come to know that two lives are from your family? If no, why not?

What are the results if every person in country faced immediate disturbance at their fingertips?

What should they teach during your school time but don't?

Which movie or book do you think is boring?

Would you like travel to on a 12 different countries with friends or family? Why?

What are two things you can easily do but people think can't?

If you have one million dollar and you have to spend it in one day without friends or family, where would you like to spend them?

What thing of yours makes you ashamed when you look in your past?

How beneficial would you be in world destruction? What efforts would you do to save yourself and others?

What kind of flowers do you want to put on your grave?

What is something you can never learn?

If you born again and what would you choose on first nationality, gender, race? Why?

If you get a change to live your life again what would you like to change that is necessary for entire human race?

How much do you transform yourself when you know you are alone?

How much do you know about the wildlife in your country?

What work of your life would you like to dedicate to your family?

What should biological parents start teaching their kids?

What have you done wrong in past that now you wish you can reverse?

Here is the complete discussion on Best 21 Question Game. Now it depends on you and your group you will use these questions as a game or turn these questions in to serious discussion.  Have fun and enjoy your game.

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