Best Artificial Christmas Trees

Before Christmas Season everyone is enjoying holidays and most of the people are busy in decorating their Christmas tree and home with lights and other kind of decorated items.

For decorating Christmas tree everyone works together and also enjoys the previous year Christmas celebrations while decorating with ornaments and lights for upcoming Christmas. Check our ultimate comparison chart below.

Best Choice Products Pre-Lit Fiber Optic 7' Green Artificial Christmas Tree with LED Multicolor Lights and Stand$99.954.0
National Tree (PEFG3-308-75) "Feel-Real" Frasier Grande Hinged Tree with 1000 Clear Lights, 7-1/2-Feet$389.494.7
National Tree Company 7-1/2-Feet Kingswood Fir Pencil Tree$85.494.4
Vickerman 45' Salem Pencil Pine Artificial Christmas Tree with 150 Multi-colored LED lights$76.294.5
Green 4 Ft Indiana Spruce Artificial Tree Pre Lit Multi Color Lights$594.0
GKI/Bethlehem Lighting 7-1/2-Foot PE/PVC Christmas Tree with Clear Mini Lights, Full Green River Spruce$2994.9
National Tree (KWW7-300-70) Kingswood White Fir Hinged Pencil Tree with 300 Clear Lights, 7-Feet$117.444.0
Treetopia Basics - Orange Artificial Christmas Tree, 4 Feet, Clear Lights$885.0
King Of Christmas 6 Foot Prince Flock Artificial Christmas Tree Unlit, Flocked Snow$1295.0
National Tree 9' "Feel-Real" Tiffany Fir Slim Tree, Hinged, 800 Clear Lights (PETF3-304-90)$3434.3
GKI Bethlehem Lighting Pre-Lit 5-Foot PE/PVC Christmas Tree in Square Metal Pot with 150 Clear Mini , Green River Spruce$125.474.3
National Tree Company 4-1/2-Feet Dunhill Fir Tree$81.695.0
Holiday Time 12ft Pre Lit Williams Slim Pine Quick Set Tree w/1100 Clear Lights$3954.7
Treetopia Basics - Silver Artificial Christmas Tree, 6 Feet, Clear Lights$1385.0

From last few years mostly families have adopted artificial Christmas trees over cut Christmas trees. As these artificial trees are cheaper, environment friendly and many reason of adopting these artificial trees is no need to buy new tree every year and also these trees overcome the problem of leaving needles all over the floor.

Another best thing about these trees is that we can adjust them according to our fit or space. It becomes too easy for everyone to decorate them easily even in overfilled areas or gaps.

Now there is huge variety of artificial Christmas trees available in market. Most of companies designed these trees like real trees and it is too difficult to guess whether these trees are real or artificial.

Additional cost of these trees is not too much and can be afforded easily by everyone. Before writing reviews on best artificial Christmas tree I am going to add artificial Christmas tree buying guide below in this post.

Buying Guide on Artificial Christmas tree

First artificial Christmas tree was designed in Germany and was made from goose feathers and now mostly all trees are made from PVC material and looks like real thing. Before buying the Christmas tree please consider these points

Tree Size

The most important factor before buying the Christmas tree is its size. Larger the size of your tree the more magnificent it looks in your house. The size of Christmas tree should be less than height of your ceiling which is near about eight feet in almost all homes. That leaves some space for tree topper.

In case of Cathedral Ceilings, the height of ceiling is very high and a taller tree looks very beautiful but in high ceiling usually tall tree looks shorter that its actual height. The most appropriate height of Christmas tree is 8 or 9 foot tall and it will fill your area better.

Number of Points

One of the most important thing that gives realistic look to trees are “points”. These points are sprigs or twigs that are used to hung on ornaments on these twigs.

Few manufactures gives more than 1000 points on a tree by which there is ample space to decorate the tree with different ornaments. Check out the details about how many points these trees have before buying Christmas tree.

The main reason for considering this factor is that you can give different look with your decorating style. This factor is considerable for those families who have great collection of ornaments to put on tree for decoration.


Find out the best shape that fits best well according to your space but also take care of your décor and visual grace. Generally there are 3 shapes i.e. Regular also called as Full, Extra Full and Slender.


This is one of the most popular shape because of its regular shape and this shape is not full like extra full tree and is not very slim. But its shapes gives feel of real tree. The traditional looks of this tree makes it easy to fit in any space and style. Best Artificial Christmas Trees

Extra Full

If you want to give natural look then choose an extra full tree. The height of these tress ranges from 7 to 7.5 feet and base width of these trees ranges from 55 to 65 inches.

But before buying this extra full tree, make sure you have appropriate space for tree. The wider space of your area gives excellent look to your tree. Don’t forget to consider extra ornaments to fill out the body of your tree.Best Artificial Christmas Trees


The slender tree is available in different heights and is one of the most versatile option that can be decorated with few ornaments. We can group more trees of different heights together and create a forest.Best Artificial Christmas Trees

Different Style

In market there are different styles available ranges from Traditional to upside down. Check out the list of different styles of Artificial Christmas Tree


Traditional style Christmas trees have classic look and we can decorate them with different styles to give modern look. Basically these trees and unlit we can decorate them with colored lights, ornaments, glitters, and other kind of decorative materials of red and green color.Best Artificial Christmas Trees

Upside Down

As Upside down tree has some useful benefits but look wise it may be quirky. The main reason behind the popularity of these trees because of its narrow base and saves lot of floor space and along with this it also enhances the visibility of ornaments hanged on tree.

We can easily hang these trees from ceiling or can be placed on the floor with the help of stand.  As upside down trees are just like our traditional trees and branches are pulled down because of gravity.

Large ornaments used to decorate Christmas tree are more appealing as compared to small ornaments. So decorate your tree with large colorful ornamentsBest Artificial Christmas TreesTabletop

Tabletop Christmas trees are best suitable for small space and normally height of these tress ranges from 2.5 feet to 4.5 feet. The trends of these Tabletop Christmas trees are increasingly day by day because of their stylish look and used in all homes for holiday decors and one of the most space-efficient option that can fit anywhere.Best Artificial Christmas Trees


Pre-Lit Christmas trees are easy to assemble and disassemble as compare to other unlit trees. The Pre-Lit Christmas trees completely overcome the problem of untangling and re-stringing lights every year.

There are different colors of lights available in market to decorate tree i.e. single colored, multiple colored, white lights and even long-lasting led lights. While buying please make sure that you are 100% about the style because in some cases string lights attached to the tree can’t be changed easily.Best Artificial Christmas Trees


Flocked derives from Flocking i.e. an artificial Snow which gives frosted of snowy appearance to sprigs. Use excellent quality flocking enhances holiday mood into conventional winter style. For warm climate habitants this is best option who always dreams for white Christmas.Best Artificial Christmas Trees


Colored Christmas trees are gaining popularity day by day. Dark colors like pink, purple, gold, and black trees can refurbish your seasonal decoration for Christmas parties. These colors of these Christmas trees are best suited for all traditional holiday interiors.Best Artificial Christmas Trees

Best Artificial Christmas Trees

I am going to add reviews on best rated artificial Christmas trees

National Tree 7 ½-Feet, 750 Clear Lights   

National Tree makes the widest range of artificial Christmas trees that looks like real tree and is available in different size. I am going to review best artificial prelit Christmas tree from National that is 7 ½ feet long and 59” in diameter.

The design of this Christmas tree is very authentic and the branches and needles used in this tree look real. This tree comes with 750 UL listed clear lights and has 2514 branch tips and these lights are already wired on the tree.Best Artificial Christmas Trees

The bulbs used on this tree are attached to socket with holder that protects the bulb from falling on floor. The tree has metal hinged construction i.e. the branches of this tree are attached properly to centre of the pole and comes in three sections that make it easy to set up.

The material used in this pre-lit tree is non-allergic and is resistant to fire. This tree has various sizes ranges from 4.5 feet and goes up to 12 feet. Check out the link to buy and know more about National artificial Christmas tree National Tree 7 ½-Feet, 750 Clear Lights

Balsam Hill Blue Spruce 9 Feet Artificial Christmas Tree

This Christmas tree from Balsam Hill is very sleek and has conical shape. Its PVC thick classical needles and rigid horizontal branches make this tree ideal for hanging ornaments.

The height of this tree is 9 feet and it has diameter of around 64 inches. The tree consists of 4632 branches and loaded with 1500 heavenly lights that add sparkling glow to Christmas tree.

The UL-lights used in this tree remains lit if one bulb suddenly burns out. The needles used in this tree are velvety that are much softer as compared to other needles used in traditional trees.Best Artificial Christmas Trees

Balsam Hill tree available in different sizes starts from 4.5 Feet and goes up to 9 feet. Company is providing 5 years limited warranty on tree and foliage and 3 year warranty on lights.

Company provides tree stand, storage bag, cotton gloves, extra bulbs and fuses and along with this provides on/off foot pedal with tree. This tree got 4.6 star rating from different customers on Amazon. All sizes are available on Amazon. To buy and know more about this tree check out this link Balsam Hill Blue Spruce 9 Feet Artificial Christmas Tree

Vickerman Flocked 7.5 Feet Slim Unlit Christmas tree 

Artificial Christmas tree from Vickerman is known for its quality and design. This Vickerman Flocked model is 7.5 foot tall and has base that is 43 inches in diameter that is approximate two feet less than other in this range. The tree is covered with heavy flocked on its green tips and giving appearance of real snow.

The snow flocks gives elegant look to this tree besides of any kind of ornaments attached to the tree. The branches of this tree are hinged in a way that is easy to set up and the entire base of this tree is made from metal.Best Artificial Christmas Trees

This tree is styled with Utica fir and has 1019 PVC tips to hang your ornaments for decoration. The company is providing 10 year limited warranty on this tree. This Unlit Christmas tree is available in 6.5’, 7.5’ and 9’ at Amazon with brilliant star rating.

Click on the link to know more and buy this Christmas tree Vickerman Flocked 7.5 Feet Slim Unlit Christmas tree

Treetopia Artificial Prelit Upside Down Christmas Tree 

Bring out your quirky, creative side of yours by placing this Upside down best artificial Christmas tree in your home. Due to its tapered base hanging ornaments on this tree looks amazing.

Due to its inverted space it provides sufficient shape to place Christmas present around the tree. It has 1062 mix of pine and spruce type PVC needles for hanging ornaments and also contains 500 pre-installed clear lights that spread brilliant sparkling light.Best Artificial Christmas Trees

The material used to craft this tree is non-allergic and flame retardant. This tree is 7 feet long and 50 inches wide. Customer can claim for warranty on Foliage within time period of 5 years from its date of purchase and on lights for 2 years.

Click on this link to buy this product from Amazon Treetopia Artificial Prelit Upside Down Christmas Tree

Tree Classic 6.5 Feet Artificial Christmas Tree with LED Lights 

This Classic Fraser Fir artificial Christmas tree is just like Fraser Fir, a kind of Christmas tree grown in Carolina and considered as one of the best Christmas tree. This tree has LED color changing technology by which we can adjust LED colors according to our choice with 4 different options.

The needles in this tree are specially designed and made from PE that has same quality as of original evergreen foliage and excellent quality PVC material is used in needles towards the inside of tree for fullness.

This is one of the best artificial Christmas tree with color changing LED lights that has narrow shape, 6.5 feet tall having diameter of 46 inches. There are 1,223 branch tips over this tree to hang ornaments along with that it has 550 color changing LED lights that are professionally strung on tree to hide wires.Best Artificial Christmas Trees

All the material used to craft this tree is flame proof and the LED bulbs used in this tree are energy-efficient and also UL approved lights means in case if one bulb runs out rest of bulbs stays lit.

The company is covering warranty of 5 years on Foliage and 2 years on LED lights. You can select different size according to your requirement and space on Amazon. Here is the direct link to know more and buy this Christmas tree. Tree Classic 6.5 Feet Artificial Christmas Tree with LED Lights


Here is the complete discussion on best artificial Christmas trees by which after reading the complete guide you can easily pick your Christmas tree for your home according to space. Please share this post with your friends who are looking for artificial Christmas tree this season.


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