Guide on Pomeranian Husky

If you are looking for hottest pup this year then Pomsky puppy is best option for dog lovers. This is Hybrid or designer dog breed that is cross between Siberian husky and Pomeranian and also known with the name of Pomeranian Husky.

Crossing process is usually between Husky female and Pomeranian male. As to avoid complications that may occur if crossing is done between Pomeranian female and Large Siberian Husky male.

Welcome to this Guide on Pomsky Puppies that will give you crystal clear information on this breed i.e. Pomsky. To design this post we have had discussion with various experts and owners about this breed and will later on add valuable information that is sufficient for you to be owner of POMSKY Puppies.

Guide on Pomsky Puppies

As there is not so much information available on Internet about this breed so after doing lot of research I am going to add information on origin, physical characteristics, Diet, training, weight, size, cost, Temperament/Behavior, Life Expectancy, Coat, Games and many more.


We already know one thing about Pomsky that this is new designer breed that is rapidly gaining popularity in North America and Europe Since 2013.As this bred has been in society from last few years and the puppies of this breed is cute, fluffy and cuddly and people would like to own.

Physical Characteristics


Now we know that Pomsky is bred that came in to existence after crossing between Pomeranian and Siberian Husky so we can easy estimate this thing that the weight of this breed is average weight of its parents. So its weight can be between 15 to 30 pounds.


As lot of people have different opinion on the size of Pomsky as this is hybrid dog so it is not easy to predict its physical appearance.

Its size depends upon its parents as if Pomsky puppy is 50% Husky and 50% Pomeranian then you will get large dog if there is ratio of 25 % Husky and 75 % Pomeranian then the dog is smaller in size.


Pomsky Puppies are known for their Playful nature and along with this they are very energetic according to this they need food with full of vitamins and proteins that are best for their long life.

As with this high nutritional diet we have to take care of their weight related problems and to maintain their weight with this diet proper exercise is must for these puppies.

Don’t buy poor quality food for your dog this leads to sickness. Mostly people provide good quality dry kibbles that are rich in protein. Don’t forget to add these 3 things in your dog diet i.e. Vegetables, Meat and Whole Grains for balanced diet. As these three things provides plenty of fibers, protein, vitamin and energy to your dog.

I would like to discuss one thing with you please buy natural foods for your dog that is free from preservatives and chemicals because natural products will be best option in maintaining health of your dog. You can add fresh fruits, vegetables, carrots, blueberry and even apple slices.


After visiting from various Pomsky owners I came to know that these dogs respond well if they undergo training session. Because these dogs are very intelligent and inherits some good quality from their parents and sometime the problem of high aggressiveness has been noticed if they were not trained well.


If you are Pomsky lover then to buy this puppy you have to lose your pocket with amount starts from $1000 and can goes up to $3000.

This cost not only includes the actual price of dog it includes other expenses that you have to handle. The reason behind the expensive price of this bred is that because there are not much breeders around us and the breeding process between large dog and small dog is very tough and costly.

There are still various physical features if you want in your Pomsky like its eye color, coat color, these thing automatically increase the price of Pomsky Puppies in market. Now a days the demand of Pomsky Puppies is continuously increasing and the breeders provides services like shipping of dog at your door step and other kind of inspection then you have to pay additionally cost up to $300-$500.

Besides from actual purchasing cost you have to pay some extra money on various dog accessories like dog straps, collars, dog toys and many more. As purchasing of dog toys is must for your Pomsky it helps in keeping your dog busy and best way to train your dog using toys.

As I have discussed above about diet of Pomsky it need high protein diet so food can cost up to $500/year. For grooming of Pomeranian Husky puppies coat you need a groomer to clean the fur from dirt and dust. This is another kind of cost to clean your dog.

As some Pomsky owners notice some health issues so for proper vaccination, dental cleaning and many more other health check up you have to pay medical bill from $40 to $400/ Year.

Life Expectancy

Expected life of this designer special breed is approximately 13-15 years.


As the coat of Pomsky dog is very beautiful, soft and thick and it coat need extra care and it sheds large amount of hair like its father i.e. Pomeranian.

Pomeranian Husky dog sheds twice in a year and shedding process period lasts for 90 days in each stage. As Pomsky puppy coat need proper brushing and maintenance for that gives good health and look to your puppy.

As its parents have curved tail Pomsky also has curved tail but with double coat that will protect your dog from cold in winters as you are residing in extreme cold area.

Visit Pomsky Puppy Breeder Mills

If you are searching for new Pomsky puppy then visit once in Pomsky breeder mill once if possible. The breeder mill is dog factory in which mill owner just believe in one thing i.e. about profit and churn out puppies quickly without taking care of dogs.

Be careful before buying this designer puppy about few things that I am going to mention right now. The quality of Pomsky Puppy depends upon how healthy parents are, how big they are. So a reputed breeder will allow you to meet puppy parents without any interruption.

A good breeder also allows you to visit their kennel where puppies are bred and you can check out various facilities, kind of food and their living condition.

Don’t forget to check whether the environment around puppies is clean or not and don’t buy puppies from that breeder who stops you to see dogs kennel before buying Pomeranian Husky.


Again behavior of Pomsky Puppy is difficult to determine from their physical characteristics and mainly the behavior of this puppy depends upon the parents.

After discussing about behavior of Pomsky from lots of people that not all the puppies get same kind of traits from Pomeranian and Siberian husky.  But normally these puppies are very intelligent, fun loving, energetic and playful in nature.

So buy good toys for Pomsky puppy and trained them using different methods. These puppies are very protective in nature and bark if anything is wrong or any stranger around you. This behavior makes sure that they are best safety guard for your family.

Top 6 Best Games to Play with Pomsky

As I have mentioned above that Pomsky is very energetic, intelligent and playful in nature. Every owner of Pomsky dog loves to spend time with them by playing with this designer dog. Sometime situation is that you can’t go outside due to cold and gloomy day, due to heavy rain, and the weather is not suitable for your dog to go outside.

There are different ways by which you can spend wonderful time with your Pomeranian Husky by playing different games that can be played from home to entertain yourself or your Pomsky. In this post I will write on Top 5 Best Games to play with Pomsky that will never getting your puppy bored.

Here is the list of 6 best Pomsky games:

Hide and Seek

While every child in their childhood play this game with full enthusiasm. But this game is not only for kids only we can play this game with our Pomsky puppy.

To play this game first of all take some toy or treat and then hide it. This game can be played only if your puppy know or understand commands to find something or hidden items. Basic commands like “Find” after concealing the object that will automatically push your puppy to find the object you have already hidden.

You can also use term i.e. “Good Job” if your pet is near the item and offer the item to your dog as a reward after finding the item. This game enables your dog to find your hidden thing faster.

Tug of War

As we are already familiar with this game this game has also benefits if it is being played with our Pomsky. With this game we can teach our dogs two commands like, “let go” or “get it” while playing  game. When you will say get it your dog will grab the toy and doesn’t play until you say Go.

Just take small piece of rope or gentle toy pull the item back and forth with your dog.


If you have stairs in your house then this is best game to play with your pet. As this game provides lots of exercise, entertainment and burn lots of energy. Simply place your dog to the bottom of your stairs and give a command to stay here.

Then place a toy at the top of stairs and allow you dog to grab this toy and your Pomsky run after this toy by running on stairs and it could be both fun and exercise for your pet.

Another option is throw ball from bottom of stairs to top side and let your dog chase after the toy or ball. This game is the best possible way if you are not able to go outside with your Pomsky.

Obstacle Fun 

This is all time best game to play with your pet. But this game is possible only if you have large space for your Pomsky to play and then set up some obstacles where do you want to play.

Join two boxes or chairs and teach your dog to jump over and run under these obstacles. You can also use ball to play with your dog and teach him to catch the ball.


This is another best way to entertain your Pomsky by PlayDate. First of all find friend in your neighbor who has Pomsky or other Small dog and organize playdate for them. It could also a fun activity to enjoy for you with your friends. By this your Pomsky will learn new games; activities and enjoy quality time with fellow Pomsky dog.

Learn Commands

By using different commands you can play this game with your Pomsky. Just use commands like Paw, Sit, Catch, stay and many more other commands that are recognizable by your pet. If your Pomsky puppy recognizes your command then reward him with some treats

Here is the complete Guide on Pomsky Puppies that help you in buying best Pomeranian Husky with ease. This bred is getting popular day by day because of its features and other qualities that is being loved by all. For more updates in future please stay with us and don’t forget to share this post with all Pomsky Puppies lover.


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