Different ways to protect from EMF Radiations

Today time is time of technology and without technology it is impossible to live in the modern world. Mobile phones, Computers, Laptop, microwave, cars and other kind of electronic devices emits electromagnetic frequency.

What is EMF?

EMF is combination of both electric field and magnetic field. The electric field is produced by static charges and magnetic field is produced by magnetic field. These Electromagnetic waves can easily travel through air, empty space and from other substances.

I would like to share the effects of EMF waves/radiation to human being and also like to share different ways to protect from EMF.

As we know there are two kinds of electromagnetic waves i.e. natural and human-made. The electric and magnetic fields exists naturally in all living things and in our environment.

Like gravity, EMF is also part of our nature. Natural EMF has no side effects but our main concern is on Human made EMF. The molecules inside human body are held together by electric fields. The human made products that release huge amount of EMF waves can break down bonds between molecules.

These rays are called as ionizing radiations. These ionization radiations easily disassemble electrons from molecules and then become ionized and this breakage results in genetic damage, genetic mutation, and other deadly disease like cancer. These kinds of radiations are released by radioactive substances, nuclear weapon and reactors.

The other kind of EMF radiation is non-ionized radiations are high frequency waves that are originated from cell phones, Cell phone towers, wireless modems/routers, Laptop, Bluetooth devices, Hotspots in cell phones and walkie-talkies and has very deadly effects on our body tissues.

Effects of EMF Rays

These high frequency waves can easily pierce into our body results in various health problems. Here is the list of health problems that are caused when exposed for long time in EMF radiations:

  • Migraine and Headache Problem,
  • Leukemia,
  • Brain tumour,
  • Alzheimer,
  • High blood pressure,
  • Lower sperm counts,
  • Cardiac effects etc.

Different ways to protect from EMF Radiations

Here is the list of EMF protection devices that can be used to protect ourselves from EMF rays

Q-Link EMF Pendant

There are many beliefs in wearing gemstones and crystal necklaces. Some people believed in power of these gemstones and crystals. Now days some companies has designed emf protection necklace/pendant that is basically designed for EMF protection.

I have heard about this pendant from several people and everyone is giving positive response about this pedant. We can say that this pendant is worth to wear. The color of this pendant is black and is powered by new SRT-3 technology.

Now have you heard about SRT? If no then don’t worry I am going to discuss this in details


SRT stands for Sympathetic Resonance Technology. SRT is based on fundamental scientific discovery and states that every kind of physical system consists of field of energy and surround that system.

In layman language we can say that when any system starts vibrating at their optimum level of frequency they are able to function properly and performed well and deliver enhanced performance.

SRT is collection of identified frequencies that enhance performance and efficiency of various organic and inorganic systems.

SRT-3 is version of Sympathetic Resonance technology and these devices are ideal for those who always remains in stress, low in performance, and many more other problems.

Q-link SRT-3 EMF Protection Pendant is very stylish and sleek and can be worn by both men and women as signature piece. It has dual tone design and beveled edges with two distinct sides i.e. one side contains trendy copper coil and other side has embedded signature on face means both sides has unique style statement.

This master piece pendant is designed by international designer Neville Brody that is combination of both function and fashion. In nutshell we can say that this pendant is helpful in these conditions like

  • Protect your body from negative effects of EMF
  • Increase level of energy
  • Enhances your physical and mental performance.
  • Increase your sleeping time.
  • Increase your stamina and vitality

This EMF pendant is available on Amazon.com with 1 year manufacturing warranty and 3 months money back guarantee. Here is the link to buy this EMF protection device Q-Link EMF Pendant.Different ways to protect from EMF exposure,EMF Protection Pendant,Emf Protection device

Aulterra EMF Protection Plug

The next emf protection device in this list is EMF protection plug that completely neutralize the damaging effects of EMF on human DNA. This plug efficiently invert the bio-electrical patterns emitted by wireless devices and protect us from deadly effects of EMF on human body.

This whole house neutralizer EMF protection plug can be easily used both in our office or home. The main purpose of this EMF protection device is to overcome the effects of EMF comings from all electronic devices installed in your house or office.

It can be easily fitted into any AC electrical outlet and it may take up to 3 days to tune the entire wiring in the building and main thing is that it doesn’t consume electricity and has no bad effect on your health.

Here is the list of features of this EMF protection device

  • It can cover 5000 sq ft or 1524 sq meter area.
  • Show results in few days
  • No consumption of electricity
  • No bad affect
  • Completely neutralize all EMF emitting devices

This EMF plug is available on Amazon.com with affordable price. Here is the link to know more and buy this product Aulterra EMF protection Whole House PlugDifferent ways to protect from EMF exposure,Emf Protection device

Aulterra EMF Protection Sticker

Another best EMF protection device in the form of sticker that can be easily stick on Cell Phones, Computer, Wireless devices, Television who emits EMF rays. As I have discussed above that Manmade EMF has adverse effect as compared to Natural EMF and completely disrupt the human DNA and lower down your cellular metabolism.

This sticker consists of paramagnetic and diamagnetic elements that completely neutralize the effect of harmful manmade EMF on DNA.Different ways to protect from EMF exposure,,Emf Protection device

Features of this EMF sticker

  • Protection from harmful EMF that affects DNA in brain
  • Works well with all cell phones without affecting your phone signal
  • Provide safety and peace to your brain

This EMF protection sticker is available on Amazon.com. If you want to know more and to buy this product here is the link Aulterra EMF Protection StickerDifferent ways to protect from EMF exposure,Emf Protection device

DefenderPad Laptop EMF Protection Pad

This EMF protection pad protects us from harmful rays and heat emitted by Laptop. It completely blocks the high frequency Electromagnetic Radiation from 0-10 GHz, WiFi radiation, Bluetooth Radiation, and Heat Radiation.

It has stylish design and protective technology which make this DefenderPad shield best in category of other laptop trays and pads.

This pad is ultraportable so it is easy to carry this pad anywhere. This pad can easily slip in to your bag, briefcase and backpack. This pad minimizes the health risk caused by direct exposure to high frequency waves released by wired and wireless devices on daily basis.

Just simply place this bad between your laptop and lap and feel secure from harmful radiations and heat.  This pad is available now on Amazon.com with good star rating. Here is the link to buy and know more about this EMF protection device i.e. DefenderPad Laptop EMF Protection PadDifferent ways to protect from EMF exposure,,Emf Protection device

Here is the complete discussion on Different ways to protect from EMF radiation. These EMF protection devices are safe to use and completely protect you from harmful and deadly man-made EMF radiations that disrupt human DNA. If you have list of any other EMF protection devices please share with us and don’t forget to share this post with your friends.


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