Apple iPhone 7

For iPhone lovers company has hit the market with new Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. As the looks of these two phones are similar to their last two predecessors but company is giving new and improved cameras.

In Apple iPhone 7 Plus Company is giving dual camera and new home button with lots of functionality. Company has introduced new wireless air pods by removing headphone jack.

The purpose of writing this post is to give clear and concise information on these two trend setter phones. Let’s have a look on what is new in these two phones i.e. Apple iPhone 7 and Apple iPhone 7 Plus
Apple iPhone 7

Apple iPhone 7/ 7 Plus

In this post I will discuss about its design, camera quality, new air pods, Home Button, Display, Speakers, performance and iOS10 in detail


There is no big difference in look between iPhone 7,7 Plus and iPhone 6, 6S as they look more or less exactly. But this time apple has made these two giants water resistant but they are not completely waterproof. Besides water resistant still there are 3 more difference in these two new phones.

First difference is the camera bump or lens on the rear side of the case has been enlarged as compared to previous models that look handsome on a smaller iPhone 7

Second difference is Apple has removed headphone jacks from these two models.

Third and a new improvement in the antenna lines on the back have been modified and well colored that completely fits into the body on all models.

After putting the iPhone 7 into case you can’t easily identify whether it is iPhone7 or iPhone 6. If you would go for jet black model then don’t forget to buy case immediately it is prone to scratches instantly.

Home Button

Apple has completely improved the home button and being replaced with touch sensitive button. There is a Taptic engine a kind of vibrating motor system located at the bottom of button by which this button send feedback through this engine when it is pressed not moved.

When you will click on Home Button it will look like that the bottom of the phone is clicking. There is option for adjusting the intensity of home button response on settings.

This feature works well when you want to use your phone quietly means without any sound. By setting the home button to “1” it means home button click becomes quick and iPhone 7

By applying setting of “3” to home button a nice strike or thump to home button. This functionality is not possible in physical home button. The “2” setting on home button is for repair.

Some time home button due to any kind of damage need repair and this feature of home button preserve the home button and avoid any kind of overpriced repair.

Now company has replaced the home button with volume down button for hard restart and restores any kind of mode functions.

Water Resistance

Apple iPhone is not completely waterproof, but it is more water resistant as compared to other models. Company is claiming that both models are IP67 rated means they are resistant to water and dust but we can’t submerged them completely.

But I have tested my demo model by placing in water for a bit and pulled out and then shake it well. It still works well and I don’t have noticed any kind of complication in my phone. This means that average apple users can live without fear as these are water iPhone 7


Now company has improved the display and 3d touch is still available in these two models. The Apple 7/7 Plus contains LED display and the display is very sharp and bright and displays wider range of colors in few apps more accurately.

The retina HD screen displays color in P3 space which means the colors on the screen are more sharp and clear. The maximum brightness of this display is 625 cd/m2 and is also resistant to fingerprint because of its oleophobic coating.

Apple iPhone 7/7 Plus has display size of 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch.Apple iPhone 7


Apart from change In camera, home button display there is notable change in the stereo speakers of Apple iPhone 7. As there is one speaker at the bottom of the phone and other one is integrated into earpiece.

The sound quality is very decent and much louder and powerful as compared to previous speakers. But you can’t say that these can replace the real speakers but these are best to watch Youtube videos or Snapchats and will never let you down and did major improvement in conference calls also. Apple iPhone 7


As now company has removed the earphone jack from Apple iPhone 7. But company is providing new AirPods headphones with lightning connector as well as dongle lightening to 3.5mm by which it enables us to use traditional headphones.

Apple cost $9 for headphone dongle that is one of the cheapest hardware from Apple. In each pods of Apple 7/7 Plus there is battery, and new wireless chip which is called with name i.e. W1.

Along with this each Airpod contains accelerometer and optical sensor that detects whether EarPods are inserted into ear by touching your concha and tragus.

We can charge these AirPods using Lightning port. As these AirPods are still not available in marked I am giving reviews on pre-production models. The Smart W1 chip is very fast and properly regulates power and keeping the AirPods works longer.

We can also connect these wireless AirPods to other non-Apple devices also. Now come to its sound quality as the sound quality is very brilliant. Excellent bass and crispy highs produce excellent sound and along with this they automatically cancel the outside noise also.

Apple claimed that it gives battery life of 5 hrs and by placing them in case we can constantly charge them in the case. These airpods automatically turn off when out of our ears that in turn conserves battery.Apple iPhone 7

There is one more feature by which taking out one bud from ear will pause the audio and reinserting them again will again start your audio automatically.

I would like to share one thing with you about airpods that we can give commands to these pods via Siri. Just simply tap the air pods twice and activate the Siri and by tapping twice it will automatically answer your call if phone is ringing. Few important things about AirPods:

  • I have discussed above that taking out AirPod will automatically pause your audio but you can continue your audio by holding airpod in hand and covers the proximity sensor in your hand.
  • We can connect our AirPods up to 5 iCloud accounts. The benefit is that we can share AirPods between phones that are signed in to different accounts.
  • We can also connect two pairs of AirPods on same device. There is also facility of switching between them but we cannot use them at the same time.Apple iPhone 7


Now Apple 7/7 Plus comes with new A10 fusion chip that has 4 cores two cores are for high performance and rest of 2 cores are less power cores that consumes less battery power during usage.

A10 fusion chip is very fast as compared to its previous chips. You can determine only if you will push the processor enough to use its 2 high performance cores. Both phones have large battery that enables them to run for more hours as compared to iPhone 6/6S.Apple iPhone 7


After a long time this is one of the best and nicest iOS update and it becomes too easy for you to move between operations and new visual design.

Company has featured a new version of iMessage with tons of new features, new and improved version of Siri that works well with third-party apps also, new apps, refined control center, better music and lot of other new features in iOS10.Apple iPhone 7

One new thing I would like to share with you about iOS10 is that company has withdrawn the slide to unlock feature because of powerful Touch ID sensor because this sensor is too fast.

Now sliding to the right on your touch screen will show you widget screen. Now we can unlock our phone with new home button by pressing the button.


Apple has introduced new camera in Apple 7/7 Plus with new camera sensor, new optical image stabilization, and new and improved image processing chip. In Apple 7 phone camera has same optical image stabilization that was in iPhone 6 plus model only.

This helps us in taking images in low light and even due to shaking of hand and other kind of factors that affects the quality of image. Now Apple has added special kind of element in the camera that added more sharpness at the edges of your images.

Mostly smartphones don’t add sharpness at the edges. The new sensor in the rear camera add more colors accurately even in low light. This new improved gamut camera sensor helps in capturing images contain red, green and blue objects.

The Apple iPhone 7 has large aperture i.e. f/1.8 that brings 50% more light onto camera lens as compared to its predecessors. This aperture combined with six-element lens that delivers brighter shots.

Apple iPhone 7 has new Quad-LED true tone flash that is 50% brighter than 6S that automatically adjust according to color temperature of environment that result in more sharp and bright photos.

Now about the video shots of Apple iPhone 7 with new optical image stabilization and large f/1.8 aperture completely enhanced the video shoot and make your footage far better even in low light also.

With 8 millions pixels we can shoot videos up to 4K resolutions and shoot best moments of life in slow-motion in 1080 and 720 HD. Both models has 12- megapixel rear camera.

As for selfie lovers the front facing camera of iPhone 7 is brilliant. I am sure you will love your selfie. With FaceTime HD camera it enables us to take more vibrant and sharper selfies with this camera.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus has two cameras that shoot as a single camera and has facility of optical zoom up to 2x and digital zoom up to 10x. The camera contains two lens i.e. wide-angle lens and telephoto lens that helps in taking sharp and extra bright close-up photos. The camera of Apple 7 plus will never let you down in terms of quality and features.Apple iPhone 7


Here is the complete discussion on Apple iPhone 7. The camera quality, new iOS10, performance, battery of this phone is brilliant. If you like the post please share this post with your all friends.


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