Best Antivirus for Apple iPhone, iPad

There are two smartphones giants i.e. Android and iOS that are continuously giving tough competition to each other in terms of new and innovative features, excellent camera quality, and other various security features.

The most important thing about Apple devices are security and company never compromise with providing security in their devices. But it doesn’t mean that iOS users are safe from any kind of malicious attacks on their iPhone and iPad.

Thus to protect our devices from these malicious attacks antivirus for iPhone is must. So you have to choose best antivirus for iPhone which always protect your iPhone from all malicious attacks.

For your convenience we have made a list of most effective and best antivirus for iPhone and iPad.  Because of malicious attacks people take more safety measures while using internet or installing new apps/softwares on PC and Laptop.

Some of the people think before installing new things or apps in their smartphones. Today hackers are very active that’s why smartphones also need protection against attacks.

Due to advancement in technology it is possible to access things via iPhone that are accessible only by PC or Laptops in past. So we can say that iPhone are also defenseless against virus attacks.

If you are iPhone user you have to take care of these attacks and keep things in right manner. Let’s have a look on list of best antivirus for your iPhone.

Best Antivirus for Apple iPhone

Here is the list of all time top and best antivirus for your iPhone that will never let you down in terms of security, and features

Avast SecureMe

Avast has been in market from long time as is best known for providing security solutions against malicious attacks.  Avast SecureMe is kind of VPN services that use virtual encryption tunnel and protect your data from theft and also make your internet connection secure.

However Avast SecureMe keep track of online activities like messaging, shopping, banking and facebooking and makes your login details and private information secure over internet and prevent from stealing and immediately inform you against any kind of attack or threat over internet.

This app is available on iTunes for free for all iOS users. Here is the direct link to download Avast SecureMeBest Antivirus for Apple iPhone, iPad

McAfee Mobile Security

Due to advancement in technology and daily use of internet we don’t want to lose internet at any cost. Sometime near your proximity someone can access or steal your personal data with ease.

So to avoid these kinds of attack McAfee Mobile Security always protects you and keeps your data always safe. It always keep your personal data, pictures, and videos under secure PIN and warn you if someone forcefully tries to access your personal data by capturing photo of intruder and send device location and photo on your email address.

There is facility of backup and restore contacts according to requirement and along with this we can remotely wipe contacts before any kind of misuse from our device.

One of the most best and useful feature of this app is Secure Snap that automatically capture your photos and videos and stored directly into secured vault.  Here is the iTunes link to download this app McAfee Mobile SecurityBest Antivirus for Apple iPhone, iPad

Lookout Security

Lookout Security is one of the best all in one security app that has been trusted by more than 80 millions user because of its various security features like find lost phone, back up contacts automatically, protect your phone from critical attacks, and protect your data from loss.

Along with this Lookout Security app automatically save your last device location before battery runs out. It has a beautiful feature by which we can call on our missing device via web browser if we don’t have phone nearby and can easily find our lost phone but this feature is available only if there is no Passcode applied on your phone.

By using Lookout Security app we can easily manage more than one device from single account with ease.  Even we can search our lost device by sounding alarm if you kept your phone at silent mode. Here is the direct link to download this app Lookout SecurityBest Antivirus for Apple iPhone, iPad

Norton Mobile Security

If you are looking for powerful and effective solution for your iPhone then Norton Mobile Security is one of the best option for your device. This app always keeps tracking your device against any kind of threat and notifies you after detection.

On regular basis Norton take backup of your device data and in case of any lose you can easily restore your data with ease. With remote locate feature we can easily find our lost phone easily and even can blow alarm to find your lost iPhone or iPad.

So we can say that this is also one of the best antivirus application for iPhone users. On iTunes we can download this app without paying single penny Norton Mobile Security.Best Antivirus for Apple iPhone, iPad

Avira Mobile Security

Avira mobile security is known as a best ideal tool in the field of Antivirus that never compromise with security. This app always maintains privacy by tracking your email accounts via Identity checker feature.

There is a smart dashboard on this app by which we can easily control our iPhone. It has address book scanner that scan your contacts and keep your contact identities safe.

We can easily locate or track up to 5 devices at a time using Avira Mobile Security. There is large Avira Community where you can get help or can help others by posting or answering questions. To download this app check out this link Avira Mobile SecurityBest Antivirus for Apple iPhone, iPad

F-Secure Safe

Most of the iPhone users use their iPhone to spend their whole time on internet. So the most important factor while browsing on internet is that whether your phone is secured or not.

F-secure Safe is one of the best app that always keep your personal information secure on your apple devices while browsing. It maintains security by keeping you away from malicious websites and with protection indicator we can access our banking site safely without any fear and ensures that your connection is secure.

With parental control we can track your children activities and warn you before accessing unsuitable web contents for your children. With control finder feature we can easily find our lost phone and this app is available in more than 20 languages.

Because of its excellent features this app proves to be best antivirus for iPhone.  Click on the link to download this app for free F-Secure Safe.Best Antivirus for Apple iPhone, iPad

360 Security

iPhone run over long time there is huge collection of duplicate photos, pictures, compressed and filtered photos, and screenshots in the photo album. These unwanted contents can slow down the speed of your iPhone but with Photo Optimizer it is too easy to for you to search duplicate photos in album by which you can easily remove them and free up your device memory.

This Optimizer then automatically grouped photos according to its possible processing method and overcome the problem of finding these contents manually. 360 Security has Battery saver that saves your phone battery by automatically optimizing your apps and according to usage it automatically calculates the remaining time of your battery.

Check out this link to view and download this app in iTunes 360 Securityanti7


Here is the complete discussion on list of best antivirus for iPhone. As now these antivirus not only scan for viruses or malicious attacks along with this it also provides tons of other useful features. I hope after reading this post you can easily find your best antivirus for your iPhone that ensures maximum protection. Besides this list if you are currently using any other antivirus please share the name with us so that we can add another best antivirus in this post. If you like post please share with your iPhone friends on social networking sites.


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