51 small business ideas with low investment

Having a secondary income or taking baby steps towards creating your own business is something pretty important, given the economic turmoil that we all face. So, below mentioned are some of the best small business ideas that you can come up with for the least amount of money invested.

  1. Gift store: – Customization is pretty much the vein of today’s thoughts, and more and more people are looking at personalization of the gifts that they purchase. A gift store that provides customization is a wonderful idea of a business.
  2. Fitness center: – With everybody bothered about the proper fitness, one could start a very small gymnasium that a limited amount of money and get a personal trainer on a monthly basis.
  3. Organizing events: – Organizing small parties and occasions does not take up a lot of time, and provides handsome profits in return to the invested amount.
  4. Interior decoration: – becoming an interior designer is pretty easy, and you can start with virtually no money but only your skills for your interior design business.
  5. Grocery shop: – you can easily start a grocery shop with a limited amount of money, particularly when you purchase from the retailers at a credit. That way, you need not have to invest your own money into the shop.
  6. Wedding planner: – A wedding planner does not require any kind of money, but simply connections and proper planning. This way, one will be able to go about this business with the least amount of investment.
  7. Provide tuitions: – education is very important, and hence providing tuitions is something that can provide a lot of money to the interested people.
  8. Mobile recharge shop: – In developing countries like India, the prospect of having a mobile recharge shop with the minimum amount of investment is pretty lucrative.
  9. Mobile phones shop: – with the demand of mobile phones ever increasing, you can easily make it a small business opportunity with a handsome profit in return.
  10. Ice cream parlor: – ice cream parlor works pretty well, particularly during the summer time when there is a lot of demand for such a product.
  11. Xerox machines: – you can rent or lease Xerox machines and provide Xerox facilities near educational institutions. A lot of customers are generally students that require notes to be copied.
  12. Mobile food truck: – this is a relatively medium investment scheme, but the returns of the mobile food truck are enormous.
  13. Artificial jewelry maker: – The ever increasing prices of gold and silver have left a lot of people going for artificial jewelry. You can become a jewelry maker to cash into this particular demand of artificial jewelry.
  14. Tax returns filing expert:– most people do not know how to file their own taxes. By doing that on their behalf, you can make a steady stream of money, particularly during the tax filing months.
  15. Insurance consultancy: – You can provide insurance consultancy as well as the insurance policies at a handsome commission.
  16. Freelancing: – With multiple websites providing opportunities for freelancers, you can make money through various methods over the Internet.
  17. Second-hand bookstore: – With people requiring rare as well as books that they would not have to spend a lot of money on, the second-hand bookstore is a lucrative business opportunity.
  18. Catering services: – Any kind of parties or occasions require catering services, and this is a business that can give you rich dividends.
  19. Computer training: – If you happen to be good in computers, and can teach people, then that can actually be a wonderful way for you to make your own business.
  20. Yoga Centre: – With the craze of yoga, you will be able to teach people with minimum investment and a lot of profit.
  21. Educational Bookstore: – granted that bookstores are going out of place, but if you purchase necessary educational books, then you can end up making a handsome profit on every sale.
  22. Babysitting: – this is a business opportunity for women that are looking for a lucrative way to make money while not having to do any physical labor.
  23. Consultancy for real estate: – otherwise known as the broker, you could also end up selling real estate to the people that are in need of it. You would be able to get automatic listings and use them to get clients on your own.
  24. Gaming parlor: – with the addition of a bowling center, the gaming parlor will be able to attract a lot of youngsters, thereby giving you a good profits.
  25. Photography: – If you have a decent camera and have a knack for photographic, then you can start your own photography business at a very low amount of investment.
  26. Travel agency: – hire a person to act as a guide, and open up your own travel agency with the minimum amount of investment necessary.
  27. Motivational speaker: – if you can talk fluently and convince a lot of people, then you can take on the business of becoming a motivational speaker.
  28. Computer hardware store: – with the ever increasing demand for computer hardware, opening up a store of computer hardware is pretty profitable.
  29. Relaxation clinic: – in this stressful life, people look out for ways in which they can relax after a hard week. You can open up the relaxation clinic with various massages as options to get proper relaxation.
  30. Delivery Company: – you can open up a delivery company for couriers and other important documents, and start a very small business.
  31. Auto dealership: – The requirement of people to go for second-hand automobiles is immense, and you can cash in on that avenue.
  32. Recruitment consultancy: – With a lot of jobs on offer with minimum amount of people interested in it, you can open up a recruitment consultancy to help people get good jobs.
  33. Detective agency: – With cheating rampant in relationships, as well as a lot of untrustworthy people, opening up a detective agency is pretty good business.
  34. Small hoarding advertisement: – advertising agencies that specifically work on billboards and acquired a low amount of investment, and that is something which can be done as well.
  35. Hosting solutions: – with a lot of people requiring proper hosting solutions with 99. 9% uptime, you can get into this game as well.
  36. Antique shop: – the everlasting demand for antiques ensures that you would always have a lot of people venturing out into your shop.
  37. Websites: – the demand for knowledge is immense in the online world, and you can open up a website in that regard.
  38. Fast food joint: – With the need for people to consume fast food, you can create a food stall to cater to that public.
  39. Data entry services: – You can make a steady amount of money through providing data entry services at minimum cost.
  40. Packers and movers: – If you have a lot of burly men under your wing, then you can start Packers and movers business for a low invested amount.
  41. SEO consultancy: – ranking a website is good business, and this is also a lucrative business.
  42. Resume writer: -With people requiring specialist resumes for job interviews, this is a lucrative profession.
  43. Social media services: -the ever increasing demand for people to get popular in social media platforms is the result of this business.
  44. Translation services: – translating text into your native language and vice versa is a good business.
  45. Diet consultation: -If you have immense knowledge about diet that can be customized according to the user, then that is a good business opportunity.
  46. Car parking: – if you have some real estate, then convert it into car parking services. You can make a steady income.
  47. Cooking classes: – if you are good at cooking, then you can start your own cooking classes.
  48. Sports coaching: – parents want their children to become good at sports, and you can fill the void that is normally found in schools and colleges by providing specialist sports coaching.
  49. Boutique: – you can sell your own home-made boutique items to make a steady stream of money.
  50. Repair services: – if you are good at repairing household appliances, then this is a business opportunity for you.
  51. IT security: – You can provide security services for any IT applications for single users as well as for companies.

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