50 One dollar hosting companies

If you are going to establish business on small scale, or wants to start your own private blog, or website to make it popular the best web hosting companies will help you a lot to handle your contents, professional images, and most important to handle daily increased traffic on your website. These top web hosting companies will provide you space, bandwidth, multiple features and at last but not least 24/7 customer online support to their customers. All these things come in affordable price.

Today there are lots of top Web Hosting Companies available in market and all the above mention features are available in just paying few dollars per month. The reason for low price is increasing competition day by day. This means you have lot of options to select that suits you and easy to afford.

In this article I am going to discuss various types of web hosting, best 50 one dollar hosting companies and discuss various things related to web hosting. I hope you will enjoy it.

50 One dollar hosting companies

Now first of all I will discuss various types of web hosting available right now.

Types of Web Hosting Plans

Basically there are different types of web hosting plans available in market.

Shared Web Hosting:

Shared web hosting is best and most popular option for small business because it is affordable and can easily be understandable.  In this hosting your website is getting place on same server as there are lots of others websites are already placed on server. It range can be hundreds or thousands. Here all the websites share common resources like Ram and CPU. Sometime you website may face slowdown or downtime because resources are sharable.

VPS or virtual private server web hosting:

In this hosting we can say that it is combined version of shares web hosting and dedicated hosting. When you opt VPS hosting your site is hosted on same server where all others sites are hosted but the server area is divided into number of sections this will overcome the problem of affecting sites from others. This technique divides server resources into virtual servers where in smart way resources are allocated to sites placed on server that does not affect the main hardware.  We can say that in this hosting user has more control over their site but for this user have to pay more as compared to Shared one.

Dedicated hosting

In this technique user gets their own physical server for website/blog and now user have full control over site. Now you don’t have to worry about that some other user is using the server resources now it’s totally up to you how to use. Now you have maximum control over how to customize things with this server and user have to take care of security and maintenance of their own dedicated server.

Cloud hosting

This is new type of hosting in which large number of servers works together to host websites. It is easier for Cloud hosts to add resources and it is also easier for them to keep track of sites that need more resources and other things without affecting others. Cloud hosting is less affected by natural disasters and power interruption.

Free Web Hosting

Sometime for small business people always looking for free web hosting companies but experts never suggest not go with free web hosting. There are several reasons behind this. I am going to discuss right now.

  • Weak Customer Support: Some of free web host companies don’t provide full customers support as your website come to crash.
  • Advertising: Free web hosting companies might make money by sticking add on your website and you can’t remove these ads until you get upgraded services or choose another provider.
  • Low Space and Bandwidth: Free hosting companies provide very small range of storage space and bandwidth for your website or blog. A paid provider offers unlimited space to store your data.
  • Not Reliable: Free web hosting companies don’t have too much concern that their servers are handling heavy load or not. On the other hand paid providers always take care of this thing because their customers are paying for this. So be careful before trying to use free hosting services. Now days companies had already provided best ever services in less than $10 dollars/month.

How to Choose Best Web Hosting Companies

There are lots of things that should be kept in mind before shopping for the best web hosting provider.  Now I am going to add the list of most important things that must be considered while shopping best web hosting providers.

  • CMS Compatible: This thing will make your content management system easy to install. As we can say that every host should be compatible with WordPress, Drupal and Joomla.
  • 24/7 Customer Supports
  • Excellent Uptime: The meaning of uptime is single metric that is used to measure the performance of your host. This thing shows the percentage or time the hosting service is up and operational.
  • Add-On Domains: Options for Add on domains without charging anything.
  • Money-back Guarantee: This thing ensures about the quality of service provided by hosting companies. Some companies offer 60 days money back guarantee so that you can check quality of service offered by hosting company.
  • Affordable Renewal Price: This is the most important factor that must be kept in mind before buying any hosting service. Because some companies offer low price for first time and then hike the price too much when there is need to renew service.
  • Automatic Backup
  • Proper e-commerce support

I will consider all the above factors and will add the list of top 50 one dollar hosting companies in this post. There are different types of plans available on all best hosting sites. Start for basic plans for small businesses that includes various features that are good for small business and corporate plans for large business that includes unlimited space, unlimited add on domains and sub domains, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited database, email accounts, site transfer, daily site backups, shared or private SSL for e-commerce websites, private domains etc.

By considering all these factors it is easy for everyone to select best hosting company according to their requirements. We can say that more options make it easy for everyone to choose.  Now it is the right time to add list of best 50 one dollar hosting companies in this post.

www.1and1.com74.208.255.1330.99/month1 GB 20Unlimited
www.3ix.org/$1/month40 GB20
www.123systems.net/$12/year10 GBUnlimitedUnlimited
www.hobohost.com/$0.92/month3 GB1010
www.linkalone.com209.188.81.182$1.29/month1 GBUnlimited5
www.hostica.com52.88.139.246$1/monthNo InformationNo Information0
www.hostso.com67.23.226.217$1/month200 GB10 0
www.aicheapwebhosting.com/$12/year1 GB51
www.hostbudget.com173.198.202.115$0.75/month1 GB50
www.serverwala.org104.156.62.126$1.19/month10 GBUnlimited0
www.namecheap.com104.16.99.56$9.88/year20 GB503
www.azhosty.com209.200.233.99$1.50/month30 GBUnlimitedUnlimited
www.myresellerhome.com65.60.24.6$1/monthUnlimitedNo Information0
www.1dollarhosting.com209.134.25.160$1/month10 MBNo0
www.1dollar-webhosting.com/$1/month50 GB154
www.whw1.com192.185.114.200$1/month500 MByesOptional
www.adollarhosting.com63.142.248.154$0.99/month1 GB50
www.bigrock.in104.20.71.23$1/month500 MBNo0
www.zonedhost.com104.28.6.23$1.08 /month2.5 GB1010
www.t1hosting.com66.55.138.42$1.75/month3 GB5Unlimited
www.hetrixbyte.com217.23.6.219$1.66/month1 GBUnlimitedUnlimited
www.ipxcore.com162.218.232.15$1/month2 GBUnlimited0
www.reliablecore.com198.50.241.238$19.99/year500 MB22
www.hostdingle.com104.245.16.80$0.95/month500 MB22
www.hostmastered.net216.158.95.16$0.99/month100 MByes0
www.ideastackhosting.com103.240.215.199$0.80/month1 GBUnlimitedUnlimited
www.hosthex.com64.22.89.228$10/year500 MBUnlimitedUnlimited
www.hostabulous.com198.100.154.130$10/year1 GB20
www.dewlance.com184.171.243.78$9/year1 GB40No
www.quickclickhosting.com104.28.24.100$0.58/month5 GB2Unlimited
www.hostgoon.com192.185.3.85$12/year1 GBUnlimitedUnlimited
www.mycustomhosting.net198.50.227.23$10/year3 GB99912
www.asurahosting.com/$0.83/month5 GB1515
www.st-georgehosting.com/$1/month1 GB55
www.ramhost.us/$0.75/month1 GB12
www.aviarhost.com209.133.219.186$0.80/month1 GBUnlimited1
www.hostmayo.com104.152.168.28$1/month1 GB100
www.hostdens.com192.99.205.115$1/month40 GB51
www.mohamedrashad.com/$1/monthUnlimitedNo InformationNo Information
www.obiztek.com/$10/year100 MB10
www.asternetwork.com/$0.99/month500 MBUnlimited0
www.hostdepartment.com/$0.99/month500 MB10
2 GB
10 GB
1 GB
2 GBUnlimited
15 Gb
10 GB
1 GB
5 GB
5 GB
1 GB
$9/year1 GB
40 GB
1 GB
3 GB
200 MB
100 MB

Here is the complete discussion on Best 50 one dollar hosting companies. This post includes detailed information on different types of web hosting, how to choose best web hosting companies, and list of 50 one dollar hosting companies. I tried to add the valuable information that is required before buying any best and cheap web hosting services. After reading this post if you have any kind of query please write us. Keep sharing this post for others.

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