Sigma Game: Not All Sigmas Are Created Equal

Some Sigmas are more socially-adept and dominant than others. Some Sigmas may be more “politically socially-conscious and active” than others. Although the standard character traits of Alpha are more commonly and clearly known the standard character traits of Sigma have a more broader “self-creating” definition dependent on the social-upbringing conditioning and self-improvement of an individual Sigma male. Just as not all Alphas are created equal with low and high Alphas; not all Sigmas are created equal with low and high Sigmas.
Sigmas usually grow into their Alpha dominance into their late adulthood. Alpha males often spring to the top of their game and social popularity in their young adulthood in high school and then plateau out once they get out into the real world dealing with real people. Sigmas usually blossom later in their adulthood as they mature as men and get used to earning , owning and expressing their alpha dominance. A Sigma’s youth in early adolescence is (often) mostly about coming to terms with their “identity” (i.e. Sigma) on the socio-sexual hierarchy and “newfound” confusion over social isolation, rejection and loneliness in different forms (in high school) which leads him to seek answers for why he is so “different” to most people he meets and treated differently.

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