How Beta Males Can Turn Sigma

The Covenant

To understand the path of the Sigma, your path, is to undergo the process, which is the covenant you take, that allows you to reach towards your full potential as a man. Want to live a life under your terms? Want to finally make that lifestyle independent move? Or do you want to just get away?

The covenant you seek to improve yourself is mired in pain and sacrifice. There are no shortcuts. Most people dabble in self-development, seeking opportunities to improve themselves; although admirable, most cannot keep promises they made to improve their lives; they are forever beta. The path of Sigma, on the other hand, enters the covenant agreement and executes it fully.


A typical path to sigma scenario follows. Man sees society, his role in it, and is unsatisfied. Rationally, he decides to gain his freedom. Can this be done? Yes. So he starts searching for ways – a way to get out. One of the way he discovers is outside income, another source of life blood.  He dabbles in one arena, but he fails. Lord knows I dabbled in many things before being able to leave the USA to be able to sustain myself.

He dabbles again, and fails again. Does he give up?

The Sigma process is first of all, a self-development process. Failure is a necessary component of the process. So the answer is no, he does not succumb to failure.

And with all processes, it needs time to work. You don’t buy your freedom overnight from whatever ills you. You pay your dues. You buy your way out.

So how exactly you become a Sigma male?

Wrestle the idea of your independence to the top of your priority. Then, don’t quit until you are free from whatever it is that ills you. That’s it.

I’d like to say that there is more to it, but I won’t. Whatever path to get there is up to you, just as long as you prioritize your independence.

The only thing that’s stopping you is yourself. Once you realize this, and once you’ve adopted a sigma mindset, and made it your own, you are unstoppable.

Now that we’ve handled that. What are the reason to turn Sigma?

  • – Ladies love the lone wolf type.
  • – Freedom allows you to dictate life in your own terms
  • – Did I mention that the ladies love the wolf types?

I hope this motivates somebody out there. I’m writing a new book and again taking to another level. Sharpening my fangs, so to speak.

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