Animal Spirits: The Alpha Lion and The Sigma Wolf

Which animal do you identify with most? The lion or the wolf? What do they mean anyway?

Men look at spirit animals to define their masculine energy. There are many animal spirit to choose from, but there are two animals that men overwhelmingly use to represent their masculine energy. The lion and the wolf.

The lion is a symbol of kings, conquest, and of dominance. The lion is the symbol of the throne. This animal represents strength. It has a powerful roar that intimidates. The kings of old will always have a lion in their banner. Using these as symbols is to represent dominion over a territory. The lion is fierce and confrontational. They do not hide, they are out on the open, always seen and ready to be challenged


The lone wolf is dark. There is a sense of mystery, and sense of magic in the wolf. Wolves are not viewed as particularly powerful, but they have a bite, a feral snarl, and known to put a fight. There is even a sense of pain in their howls. The lone wolf captures the imagination of the sigmas. It is always the LONE wolf that they identify with. The wolf is not about exerting force, and it is never about power. It is a handsome vibe. The wolf represents independence, cunning, and killer-instinct.

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