4 Tips On Dealing With Alpha Male Types

The Alpha male ego will be his downfall. If reader has met any of these Alpha male types, they have one unifying trait: their enormous ego. The Alpha is always about dominating another person to maintain their position of power; learn to deal with the Alpha male insecurities and use them to your advantage.

Being Alpha is to maintain the Alpha ego. To be Alpha is to demonstrate dominance, and lordship over everything, and everyone.

It is my belief that there really are not many natural Alpha males, but many Alpha male wannabes. Meaning males who have adopted the Alpha male ego. It is fun to poke at the Alpha male. I would argue that Alpha males are easier to manipulate than the humble beta.

Here are some of the fun ways to destroy an Alpha male

  1. Build his ego by compliments and acts of submissiveness until he thinks you are part of his team, then do a quick 180 reversal
  2. (my fave) use females against him, destroy his balls in front of females, get a female to work in league with you.
  3. Appear more stupid and less accomplished the you really are and watch him brag about his Alphaness (they need to vocalize the alpha ego) then drop subtle one-liners that challenges his social value
  4. Alpha male will always want to fight (to maintain their position). Condition the alpha to think that you will not fight, train, then suddenly challenge him directly in front of everyone or just unleash at one go.

Remember that it is always better not to fight than to fight. Let their ego destroy themselves, while you work on bettering yourself.

Additional Tip: The Alpha males are good to have as allies but always build a value based relationship with them (ie. I will help you maintain your position if you agree to spend your energy in helping me)

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