Sigma Silence: Why The Silent Type Wins

Sigma Submarine

always present yourself poorer and stupider than you are” – personal motto

In social interactions, there seems to always be a power play going on. Men, the Alpha male types (seemingly), will often try to dominate the conversation. They are screaming, “Me! Me! Me!” and would often throw a barrage of words to demarcate their boundaries. I am sure the reader has met them.

Then there are the silent Sigma types. They are usually “silent but deadly” where they appear as wallflowers for the most part, but have an increasing aura of people wanting to actually get to know more about them.

The Sigma is often scarce with providing their information. They like talking about ideas and perspectives, but they keep things pithy and logical. Unlike the constant barrages of the other types, the Sigma silence always makes them objects of curiosity.

People are usually information hungry. Men will often paint an image of themselves through words. The more information about yourself that you share, the less interesting you become. You might be a word-smith, a clever conversationalist, but sooner or later people will figure you out.

The Sigma is comfortable with the silence. He is mostly silent thus his words carry more weight.

They never seem to brag. Nor talk bad about others. They do not want to play the games of the endless chatter of social interactions. Silence is their weapon and they use it masterfully.

The Sigma increases his power by staying a mystery, an unknown. They are not trying to be Alpha so there is no need to be loud and socially domineering.  The Sigma ego keeps them in check.


People love the mysterious, and they will constantly try to figure you out. When a Sigma starts sharing their lives, which often has a quirk to it, it makes the person want to know more. Then the person realizes that this guy is an “iceberg”, what lies beneath has astounding depth. Little by little attraction builds… organically.

The Sigmas tend to be analytic so you may find them silently blanking off and just observing. This is normal. They are acquiring knowledge and witnessing the events. When they get home, they will replay the events that occurred, and make adjustments as they see fit. They are analytic and will use experiences derived from memories to make logical assumption.

You will find that when a Sigma moves it often is powerful. Because nobody saw it coming. It’s like a submarine that emerges. People stand in awe at the power behind it.

This is not to say that the Sigma is not a social creature. They are. But every interaction has a purpose. The word-smithing prowess of a developed Sigma becomes legendary on one on one conversation. They prefer these types than groups.

Males will often protect their Alpha male egos and procure more words than is necessary, but the Sigma can hold conversation and keep things directed and purposeful. They will engage in controversial topic to just hint that he has a bite behind him. Just like the controversial topic that is personal to me that I talk in my ebook (free download)

With women, the Sigma can really showcase their conversational skills. A sigma3developed Sigma will often have a great handle on the conversations with women. They can guide the interactions to a close provided they have gone through the task of dating and acquiring experience. It is mathematical to talk to a woman on a date.

However, in office settings, at least in my experience, The Sigma can be quite at a disadvantage. The office is a political breeding ground. These are Betas that are playing to gain the upper-hand with each other. The Sigma does not want any part of these politics so they usually shut down and retreat to their solace. Instead of networking lunch, I would rather play Tetris. It is enough to know that the office people are all political and it never stops.  Appearances must be met.

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