Sigma Male Traits Part 2

Sigma sees the flaws in the Alpha’s game, and can either exploit them, or make a quiet comment that draws laughter directed at the Alpha, which they really don’t care for..which is good, we don’t care if they care or not.

Sigma’s fill their time with production, it is not unusual for a Sigma to learn several languages just for the challenge.

Well read, it would be hard to find a unintellectual Sigma, they would tend to be autodidacts eschewing University studies of subjects but having a better grasp of the subject then those who do attend University.

A Sigma has an instinct for social spots that are likely to provide whatever they need, an Alpha will dominate a bar or club, the Sigma will dominate a bookstore or wine bar that an Alpha simply would never set foot into.

Sigmas can handle themselves in a fight, usually from a period of time in their lives when fighting was simply needed almost daily to survive. It would not be unusual to find a high number of Sigmas among post war Veterans, they do not want to dominant social scenes, they have seen combat and made it through.

A part of the Sigma mystery is they can be different people to different social situations, when two people compare notes on a Sigma the conversation will surprise both of them.

In Game, an Alpha would simply dominate via presence, a Sigma would simply notice everything at a glance and say something clever as an opener.

Can walk into a crowded room or place like no one is there if he consciously focuses on one thing in his mind and uses his peripheral vision to “scan” the area while being consciously aware he’s surrounded by people. He just ignores them and focuses his ATTENTION on his intended goal.

Generally exceptional in one or more regards be it a certain talent, skill or athletic ability (ISTP personality type) in sports or writing skills in academics.

Whatever a sigma likes doing he is usually very good at it. In personal growth goals for improvement such as body-building, writing prose, musical creations, architecture, inventions, or whatever interest he dedicates himself to.

Sigma’s introversion fuels his alpha dominance for MASTERY in his particular chosen field.  He’s good at what he does in DEPTH of knowledge and experience in 2-3 subjects, but may lack BREADTH of knowledge and experience in uninteresting, trivial subjects (like most pop culture b.s. not worth his time) and be blissfully ignorant of them. Not because he can’t do them or is dumb

He never knew or cared enough to learn all about it if it doesn’t suit his purpose or interest him.

Sigmas are generally “experts” on one topic/subject or another while Alphas are generally “well-rounded” and have a “surface” knowledge of many different subjects and topics.

Sigmas are universally about DEPTH of Knowledge and Power in their pursuits and endeavors while Alphas are universally about BREADTH of Knowledge and Power in their pursuitss and endeavors.

Have “private boundaries”, usually these are mental barriers of attention. Any unwanted disturbance to a silent sigma’s private boundaries can cause him to “snap” back suddenly and without warning to breaches on his privacy and exude his dominance if pushed in a corner.

Have a way of being “sneaky” and can drift in and out of social situations like a shadow, they reappear unexpectedly behind your back…a tendency to “catch people off guard”.

Girls would fancy them a “second best” if unable to nab the popular, powerful alpha. Sigma know this and resents this fact not out of pouty “she-hurt-my-feelings” kind of thing, but in the sense sigma feels devalued and disrespected. He could be just as good or better than alpha had he had a healthy “nurturing”, socially-conducive environment. It’s mostly social background, wealth and social connections that is his disadvantage.

Sigma may game girl and promptly leave as needed. He doesn’t willingly play “second banana”.

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