Sigma Male Traits

Sigmas are all around you. They cook your meals, they haul your trash, they connect your calls, they drive your ambulances. They guard you while you sleep.Sounds familiar? Here are some common traits of the Sigma in game, life, and dominance.


Determination to not be dragged into a system where they are either ruler, or servant.

These books you must read

The Sigma Male: What Women Really Want$104.134.9
The Sigma Chronicles: Emotional Control (Volume 1)$125.0
Man 2.0 Engineering the Alpha: A Real World Guide to an Unreal Life: Build More Muscle. Burn More Fat. Have More Sex$20.603.9
Alpha Male Syndrome$25.544.7
Alpha by Jasinda Wilder (2015-05-28)$82.734.2
ALPHA MALES by Henning von Berg (2007-10-04)$87.104.1

Unique experiences that changed them both for the good and the bad, it motivates and informs but never warps

Success at something obscure, but valuable

Always sort a room full of people who will raise their hands in approval of something the Sigma is the one who will raise their hand against it and not care what the others think.

Odd sexual successes, the pretty girl gets down in the stair case with the Sigma then moves on and never talks about it again.

Walking in cold, the Sigma tends to draw eyes to them, instead of returning eye contact, we do what we came to do without the whole backslapping “hey how ya doing” BS that a Beta will do, we may nod a head to the eye contact but not be troubled by it either way.

Sigma knows instinctively that a Beta will roll up, we ignore them and bother with the Alpha if we feel like it

Will also have fun, oddball, but true stories to tell the women eat up like chocolate to the point they often say “tell me more”..which of course..we won’

Important difference b/t Alpha and Sigma is empathy, we won’t put up with someone punking someone weak out. Sigma knows this and thus avoids social situations where that is likely to occur

In general a good test of Sigma is how many places a Sigma male is invited to, or events to go to, how good she looks that does the invite, that we turn down not out of fear..we have better things to do then put up with that bullshit.

Have an on/off switch, when a Sigma wants to, we can charm any women, we know it, but why bother?

Common saying among women about a Sigma is “..there is something about him..” ie “I tried to throw him some pussy and he turned me down”

A high sense of perception on social dynamics.

Sigmas also tend to attract beta male followers, as if he could also build an army. Tyler.

The Sigma always reads the group environment, and will seldom put himself in a social situation where he does not possess leverage.

Ejection, sigma will quickly vanish if he doesnt get what he wants
Charismatic, I think this is a defining quality

Sigmas are darker on whole, they are not happy chirpy individuals, unless it is needed to gain something.

Shock factor, there is always a shock factor and inability for people to read them

Not mainstream, they will never reflect an ideal, they are fringe members, but situated at the top of the fringe

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