Alpha Male vs. Sigma Male

There can only be one Alpha. He is the leader of the pack, the taker of all.

Sigmas prefer not to rule, but rules himself often valuing freedom highly. Alphas crave power.
Sigmas do not conform to society’s Alpha image. Alphas conform to societal image of the Alpha in their tribes.
Sigmas are masters of complexities, often smarter than Alphas. Alphas are usually more socially adept than sigmas but it comes at a cost.
Sigmas often have a disability, which caused him to look deeper at life. Alphas have lived a relatively good life.
Sigmas are masters of the rules of power.. Robert Greene, a sigma. Alpha becomes a user of power accumulated through social rank.
Sigmas are not overly concerned about social standing, but rather the completion of their mission. Alphas are overly concerned about their status as the “top”
Sigmas bang hot girls as they appeal to a broader more base female instinct Alphas have girls flock to them through social rank
Sigma learns game psychology, knows game Alphas do not need much game
Sigmas exist at the periphery and challenges the norm. Alphas want stability of existing social orders

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