Sigma Male

Sigma Males

If alpha’s are the top of the heirarchical world, then sigmas are masters of the underworld. Black, red, and a tinge of white are the colors that marks their banner. They are masters of the dark arts.They are not like the alpha – bright, shiny, good looking — but instead possess a handsome vibe similar to the wolf.
There is always something mysterious about them, a tinge of sorrow, a tinge of humanity.
Tyler is Sigma, not Alpha.

At their core lies an alpha soul; however, this alpha has been transmuted by the sigma’s usually darker and less than vibrant past.

Their lives had not been rosy cookie-cutter but rather it had taught them morbid lessons and a sense of distrust.
But do not mistake the sigmas as negative-thinking introspective sulkers for they are not. They just operate in a way congruent with mother nature, closer to ground where the creatures lay.
Sigma is a gamer. He knows game.
A sigma often realizes that his play will always be different, that the card he was dealt needs a master-hand to play it.
He turns his weakness, his never-belongingness, and enhances his deck to make plays that alphas cannot play , that betas are too lazy to execute, and that the deltas never think of.
He is master of the dark arts. His power attracts at the base level.

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